Title: The Young Ones
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 2
Episodes: 12
First Transmission: 1982-1984

The crazy comedic adventures of four students in Thatcher’s Britain.


Best Episode [ S2 Ep1 ]

Bambi – The reprobates from Scumbag College test their mental dexterity against Footlights College on a TV quiz show – but not before Vivian loses his head.
8 May 1984


Worst Episode [ S1 Ep1 ]

Demolition – Rick, Neil, Mike and Vyvyan learn that the council plans to rip down their home. Vyvyan tries to demolish it himself from the inside and Neil wants to commit suicide.
8 November 1982


Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Demolition (1982) [34m]-
Mike, Neil, Vyvyan and Rick learn that the council intends to demolish the house.
#2 Oil (1982) [34m]-
Oil is found in the basement of the boys new house.
#3 Boring (1982) [34m]-
The boys are so bored that they go down the pub.
#4 Bomb (1982)[34m]-
An A-bomb is found in the kitchen.
#5 Interesting (1982) [34m]-
The boys throw a party for all their friends.
#6 Flood (1982) [34m]-
London has flooded and the boys are stuck in the house with an ax-wielding maniac.

Series Two

#7 Bambi (1984) [34m]-
The boys go on “University Challenge.”
#8 Cash (1984) [34m]-
The boys are broke, so Neil has to get a job.
#9 Nasty (1984) [34m]-
The boys get a video player.
#10 Time (1984) [34m]-
Neil awakens to find that Rick has been sleeping with an ax murderess.
#11 Sick (1984) [34m]-
The boys re all sick and Neil’s parents are coming to tea.
#12 Summer Holiday (1984) [34m]-
After being evicted, the boys decide to rob a bank.