Title: Wire in the Blood
Genre: British Crime Drama
Series: 6
Episodes: 31
Runtime: 69 min
First Transmission: 2002-2008
Channel: ITV

A psychologist gets inside the minds of both killers and victims to aid the police.


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Series One

#1 The Mermaids Singing (1) (2002) –
A police psychologist pursues a serial killer who tortures homosexual victims.
#2 The Mermaids Singing (2) (2002) –
As Dr Hill closes in on the killer, he almost falls victim.
#3 Shadows Rising (1) (2002) –
Dr Hill tries to find the connection between the bodies of two teenage girls dumped in a lake.
#4 Shadows Rising (2) (2002) –
Dr Hill discovers the whereabouts of the latest victim the killer abducted.
#5 Justice Painted Blind (1) (2002) –
Dr Hill wonders whether the murders of two young girls were done by the same person.
#6 Justice Painted Blind (2) (2002) –
Dr Hill becomes convinced that he is looking for a different killer.

Series Two

#7 Still She Cries (2004) –
Dr Hill’s patient is on the verge of revealing where she buried her victims, then he is distracted by a serial murder case involving the roommate of one of his students.
#8 The Darkness of Light (2004) –
The remains of corpses are discovered at the Norton Hotel/ Then the hotel is burnt down and, and the first of a series of murders take place.
#9 Right to Silence (2004) –
Carol investigates a murder that seems to bear the hallmark of a gang boss who is in prison. Tony Hill works on a theory.
#10 Sharp Compassion (2004) –
Post-mortems being conducted on hospital patients show that they did not die of natural causes but now appear to have been murdered.

Series Three

#11 Redemption (2005) –
Dr Hill and the police search for a serial killer who has resurfaced after five years.
#12 Bad Seed (2005) –
When a series of vicious murders hit the town, Tony becomes consumed with the notion that they are the work of newly-released killer William ‘Mack the Knife’ MacAdam.
#13 Nothing But The Night (2005) –
A child molester, a divorced woman and an elderly pensioner are all violently killed.
#14 Synchronicity (2005) –
A sniper, who leaves a playing card at each site, is at work and Tony Hill is having trouble profiling him.

Series Four

#15 Time to Murder and Create (2006) –
A rapist convicted years ago as a result of Tony’s first forensic psychological profile is released on appeal./ A body is found buried in a barrel in a field.
#16 Torment (2006) –
A prostitute’s murder matches in every detail a series of killings for which the culprit has already been caught and jailed.
#17 Hole in the Heart (2006) –
A businessman and his accountant die in a horrible fire – apparently both victims of arson.
#18 The Wounded Surgeon (2006) –
Tony’s first case comes back to haunt him when Jason Eglee, convicted of murder on Tony’s evidence, comes up for parole.

Series Five

#19 The Colour of Amber (2007) –
Dr Hill and DI Fielding are in a race against time when a young girl is seen being snatched by a man in a car.
#20 Nocebo (2007) –
A teenage girl and a young boy are found dead – the victims of a ritual killing.
#21 The Names of Angels (2007) –
Tony is faced with a series of deadly puzzles when a killer rapes and strangles young female victims.
#22 Anything You Can Do (2007) –
The murder of an elderly woman, suffocated in her own home, forces Dr Hill to set a trap.
#23 Prayer Of The Bone (2008) –
Tony Hill travels to Texas to assist the local district attorney in the case of Darius Grady who is accused of murdering his wife and two children.

Series Six

#24 Unnatural Vices (1) (2008) –
Several bodies are discovered buried in wasteland. Tony suspects that a sadomasochism ring may be involved.
#25 Unnatural Vices (2) (2008) –
The killer starts to play cat-and-mouse games.
#26 Falls the Shadow (1) (2008) –
Tony becomes a suspect when a delegate is found dead at a conference.
#27 Falls the Shadow (2) (2008) –
Tony is allowed to assist in the investigations.
#28 From the Defeated (1) (2008) –
Tony deduces that a sadistic gay murderer is afoot abducting white boys and forcing them to kill each other.
#29 From the Defeated (2) (2008) –
An Asian man is killed but the pattern is different from the other murders.
#30 The Dead Land (1) (2008) –
Another serial killer is at work, killing homeless men by stabbing.
#31 The Dead Land (2) (2008) –
Tony has a final showdown with the culprit.