Title: Wallander
Genre: UK Detective
Series: 4
Episodes: 12
First Transmission: 2008-2016

Kurt Wallander is an existential Swedish detective.



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Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Sidetracked (2008) –
The shocking suicide of a young woman and the vicious murder of a government minister is connected, somehow.
#2 Firewall (2008) –
A body found at a cash point and two teenage girls arrested for the brutal murder of a cab driver are connected.
#3 One Step Behind (2008) –
Three youngsters are shot dead whilst having a woodland picnic in fancy dress.

Series Two

#4 Faceless Killers (2010) –
Wallander is called to a remote farmhouse, where an elderly man has been brutally murdered – his wife close to death
#5 The Man Who Smiled (2010) –
Wallander resigns from the police after killing a man in the line of duty and then investigates a suspicious death.
#6 The Fifth Woman (2010) –
Wallander investigates the murder of an elderly bird-watcher.

Series Three

#7 An Event in Autumn (2012) –
Wallander moves into a dream home with his new girlfriend, and then the skeleton of a girl is discovered in the garden. 
#8 The Dogs of Riga (2012) –
Two Eastern European corpses are washed ashore on a raft in Ystad – Wallander travels to Latvia.
#9 Before the Frost (2012) –
Wallander goes on the trail of a seemingly religious obsessive.

Series Four

#10 The White Lioness (2016) –
Wallander goes on a treacherous journey through both the beauty and sorrow of an emerging South Africa.
#11 A Lesson in Love (2016) –
A body is found half-buried in a swamp.
#12 The Troubled Man (2016) –
Wallander embarks on his final case – the disappearance of his daughter’s father-in-law.