Title: The Walking Dead
Genre: US Horror
: 10
Episodes: 146
First Transmission: 2010-

Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to learn the world is plagued by a deadly virus that renders people as shambling decaying walking corpses.


Best Episode #43

Too Far GoneThe Governor tries to take the prison. (2013)



Worst Episode #89

Swear – Tara encounters a group of female survivors living near the coast after being separated from Heath during their two-week supply run.(2016)


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Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Days Gone Bye (2010) –
Rick Grimes awakens from a coma and searches for his family in a world ravaged by the walking dead.
#2 Guts (2010) –
Rick is rescued by a group of survivors, but they become trapped inside a department store.
#3 Tell It to the Frogs (2010) –
Rick is reunited with Lori and Carl but decides to return to the department store rooftop and rescue Merle.
#4 Vatos (2010) –
Jim begins behaving erratically.
#5 Wildfire (2010) –
Rick leads the survivors to the C.D.C. to seek a cure for an infected Jim.
#6 TS-19 (2010) –
The survivors gain access to the C.D.C. in the hope of safety.

Series Two 

#7 What Lies Ahead (2011) –
Sophia goes missing.
#8 Bloodletting (2011) –
The journey to a family living on a nearby farm.
#9 Save the Last One (2011) –
Carl’s condition continues to deteriorate.
#10 Cherokee Rose (2011) –
While Carl recovers, the group focus on finding Sophia.
#11 Chupacabra (2011) –
In the woods alone, Daryl finds a clue but is injured and attacked by walkers.
#12 Secrets (2011) –
Glenn tells Dale about the walkers in the barn.
#13 Pretty Much Dead Already (2011) –
Glenn tells the rest of the group about the walkers in the barn.
#14 Nebraska (2012) –
It is the aftermath of the barn incident.
#15 Triggerfinger (2012) –
Rick, Hershel and Glen are trapped and fight to survive.
#16 18 Miles Out (2012) –
Lori, Andrea and Maggie deal with a suicidal Beth.
#17 Judge, Jury, Executioner (2012) –
Rick and the others vote to execute Randall.
#18 Better Angels (2012) –
Shane’s bad behaviour reaches new heights
#19 Beside the Dying Fire (2012) –
The group fights to escape as the farm is inundated with walkers.

Series Three

#20 Seed (2012) –
The group takes refuge in a federal prison.
#21 Sick (2012) –
Rick, Daryl and T-Dog deal with a group of prisoners.
#22 Walk with Me (2012) –
Andrea and Michonne are introduced to a new community of survivors.
#23 Killer Within (2012) –
The prison comes under attack. 
#24 Say the Word (2012) –
Daryl and Maggie head out to find food and clothes for the baby.
#25 Hounded (2012) –
Andrea grows closer to The Governor in Woodbury.
#26 When the Dead Come Knocking (2012) –
Michonne leads Rick, Daryl and Oscar to Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie.
#27 Made to Suffer (2012) –
A new threat arises at the prison.
#28 The Suicide King (2013) –
Woodbury is left in disarray following the attack by Rick’s group.
#29 Home (2013) –
The Governor plans an assault on the prison. 
#30 I Ain’t a Judas (2013) –
The Governor prepares Woodbury for battle.
#31 Clear (2013) –
Rick, Carl and Michonne head back to Rick’s hometown for more guns to fortify themselves against The Governor.
#32 Arrow on the Doorpost (2013) –
Rick and The Governor meet face-to-face.
#33 Prey (2013) –
Andrea flees Woodbury.
#34 This Sorrowful Life (2013) –
Rick decides the fate of Michonne.
#35 Welcome to the Tombs (2013) –
Rick and the group prepare for the Governor’s impending attack.

Series Four

#36 30 Days Without an Accident (2013) –
Rick and the expanded group are living a more peaceful life at the prison.
#37 Infected (2013) –
A mysterious virus arrives at the prison.
#38 Isolation (2013) –
The sick are quarantined. /Rick makes a shocking discovery.
#39 Indifference (2013) –
Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob go to the veterinary college in search of medicine.
#40 Internment (2013) –
The prison as the fences give way.
#41 Live Bait (2013) –
The Governor bonds with a small family following the downfall of Woodbury.
#42 Dead Weight (2013) –
The Governor plans his next move.
#43 Too Far Gone (2013) –
The Governor tries to take the prison.
#44 After (2014) –
Rick and Carl find themselves on the road looking for shelter after the prison is overrun.
#45 Inmates (2014) –
Glenn and Maggie struggle to cope without each other.
#46 Claimed (2014) –
Rick is faced against a gang of marauders.
#47 Still (2014) –
Daryl and Beth seek refuge in the woods, where conflict emerges between the pair.
#48 Alone (2014) –
Daryl and Beth take shelter in a seemingly abandoned funeral home.
#49 The Grove (2014) –
Carol, Tyreese and the girls take refuge in a vacant house on the way to Terminus.
#50 Us (2014) –
Glenn and Tara are on the way to Terminus.
#51 A (2014) –
Terminus begins to reveal its true face.

Series Five

#52 No Sanctuary (2014) –
We learn the true motives of the Terminans.
#53 Strangers (2014) –
Rick and the group cross paths with a mysterious priest and take refuge in his church.
#54 Four Walls and a Roof (2014) –
The group prepares to fight back against Gareth and his group of cannibals.
#55 Slabtown (2014) –
Beth finds herself in Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.
#56 Self Help (2014) –
Glenn, Maggie, Abraham and co. head to D.C.
#57 Consumed (2014) –
Daryl and Carol look for Beth and her kidnappers.
#58 Crossed (2014) –
Carl, Michonne and Gabriel hold the church.
#59 Coda (2014) –
Rick and the group face-off against Dawn and her officers in an attempt to save both Beth and Carol.
#60 What Happened and What’s Going On (2015) –
Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Tyreese take Noah to his home in Shirewilt Estates.
#61 Them (2015) –
With Beth and Tyreese dead, the group face the harsh road to Washington D.C.
#62 The Distance (2015) –
A new survivor promises the group safety in a walled-off community.
#63 Remember (2015) –
The group struggles to adapt to the normality of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
#64 Forget (2015) –
Carol comes up with a plan to get the group’s weapons back.
#65 Spend (2015) –
Carol uncovers a secret at Alexandria.
#66 Try (2015) –
The tension between Rick and Pete comes to a head.
#67 Conquer (2015) –
The people of Alexandria decide what to do with Rick, as a new danger emerges.

Series Six

#68 First Time Again (2015) –
The group come up with a plan to lure a massive herd of walkers away from Alexandria.
#69 JSS (2015) –
Alexandria comes under attack.
#70 Thank You (2015) –
Rick crosses paths with the surviving members of the Wolves.
#71 Here’s Not Here (2015) –
Morgan tells the captured wolf about his journey to Alexandria, where he met a lone survivor with a code.
#72 Now (2015) –
The herd approaches the safe-zone.
#73 Always Accountable (2015) –
Daryl finds himself captive of three survivors on the run.
#74 Heads Up (2015) –
Spencer puts his life at risk, as the herd finds its way inside the safe-zone.
#75 Start to Finish (2015) –
Alexandria is swarmed by walkers.
#76 No Way Out (2016) –
Daryl, Abraham and Sasha face-off against the Saviors.
#77 The Next World (2016) –
Rick and Daryl cross paths with Jesus, a mysterious man with many secrets.
#78 Knots Untie (2016) –
Jesus takes Rick and the group to the Hilltop Colony, a peaceful community.
#79 Not Tomorrow Yet (2016) –
Rick leads a surprise attack against the Saviors.
#80 The Same Boat (2016) –
Carol and Maggie are taken by a group of Saviors.
#81 Twice as Far (2016) –
Eugene tries to prove himself to Abraham.
#82 East (2016) –
Rick and Morgan search for Carol. 
#83 Last Day on Earth (2016) –
Rick and the group travel to the Hilltop, leading to a daunting and life-changing confrontation.

Series Seven

#84 The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be (2016) –
Rick and the group kneel helplessly before Negan.
#85 The Well (2016) –
Carol and Morgan are brought to a community called the Kingdom, led by the eccentric King Ezekiel.
#86 The Cell (2016) –
Negan sends Daryl to the Sanctuary, home of the Saviors.
#87 Service (2016) –
Rick and the people of Alexandria receive a visit from Negan and his Saviors.
#88 Go Getters (2016) –
Members of the group try to find safety at the Hilltop before it’s too late.
#89 Swear (2016) –
Tara encounters a group of female survivors living near the coast.
#90 Sing Me a Song (2017) –
Rick and Aaron search for supplies for Negan.
#91 Hearts Still Beating (2016) –
Negan visits Alexandria.
#92 Rock in the Road (2017) –
The group tries to convince King Ezekiel in joining Alexandria and the Hilltop in the incoming fight against Negan.
#93 New Best Friends (2017) –
The group comes across a mysterious new collective of survivors. 
#94 Hostiles and Calamities (2017) –
Eugene unwillingly begins to work for Negan.
#95 Say Yes (2017) –
The group scavenges for supplies.
#96 Bury Me Here (2017) –
Things do not go as planned when a group of Kingdommers delivers goods to the Saviors during a routine supply drop-off.
#97 The Other Side (2017) –
The Saviors make an unexpected visit to the Hilltop.
#98 Something They Need (2017) –
A group of Alexandrians embark on a journey.
#99 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (2017) –
The group puts an intricate plan into action as the saviors arrive in Alexandria.

Series Eight

#100 Mercy (2017) –
Rick and his group, the Kingdom and Hilltop, band together to bring the fight to Negan and the Saviors.
#101 The Damned (2017) –
The plan unfolds.
#102 Monsters (2017) –
The conflict with the saviors leads to unintended consequences.
#103 Some Guy (2017) –
Fighting continues between Rick’s forces and those of the Saviors.
#104 The Big Scary U (2017) –
We take a close look at Negan and the lives of the Saviors.
#105 The King, the Widow, and Rick (2017) –
Things are looking up for the group.
#106 Time for After (2017) –
Rick and the group continue to enact the plan.
#107 How It’s Gotta Be (2017) –
Everything Rick and the group have done will now be put to the test.
#108 Honor (2018) –
The fight continues.
#109 The Lost and the Plunderers (2018) –
Groups unite their forces and converge on the Hilltop.
#110 Dead or Alive Or (2018) –
Daryl gets into bad company.
#111 The Key (2018) –
Rick comes face to face with an adversary.
#112 Do Not Send Us Astray (2018) –
Unexpected visitors arrive at the Hilltop.
#113 Still Gotta Mean Something (2018) –
Carol searches for someone in the nearby forest/ Rick and Morgan find themselves in the company of strangers.
#114 Worth (2018) –
The threat of the saviors still looms.
#115 Wrath (2018) –
All-out war unfolds between the communities and the saviors.

Series Nine

#116 A New Beginning (2018) –
Rick and his group journey into Washington, D.C. to search for artifacts.
#117 The Bridge (2018) –
The communities join forces to restore a bridge.
#118 Warning Signs (2018) –
A mysterious disappearance from the work camp threatens Rick’s vision for the future.
#119 The Obliged (2018) –
Rick’s vision of a civilized future is threatened.
#120 What Comes After (2018) –
Rick struggles to maintain the safety of the communities.
#121 Who Are You Now? (2018) –
The Survivors encounter unfamiliar faces outside and must decide whether or not this new group can be trusted.
#122 Stradivarius (2018) –
Carol seeks out an old friend living alone in the wilderness.
#123 Evolution (2018) –
A small rescue mission discovers a surprising threat.
#124 Adaptation (2019) –
The group unmasks a disturbing and dangerous new threat.
#125 Omega (2019) –
An arrival at the Hilltop Colony reveals information about the leader of a hostile new group of savages. 
#126 Bounty (2019) –
Alpha confronts the Hilltop in a harrowing attempt to retrieve her daughter.
#127 Guardians (2019) –
The true nature of a community is revealed.
#128 Chokepoint (2019) –
Daryl puts into action a daring rescue mission.
#129 Scars (2019) –
Secrets from the past are revealed.
#130 The Calm Before (2019) –
The four communities come together in celebration.
#131 The Storm (2019) –
After an overwhelming loss, the communities must brave a ferocious blizzard.

Series Ten

#132 Lines We Cross (2019) –
The heroes struggle to hold onto their concept of civilization.
#133 We Are the End of the World (2019) –
The origins of Alpha and Beta are revealed.
#134 Ghosts (2019) –
The whisperers threat continues.
#135 Silence the Whisperers (2019) –
When Negan saves Lydia from an attack, the life changes in Alexandria.
#136 What It Always Is (2019) –
Supplies go missing from Hilltop.
#137 Bonds (2019) –
Carol and Daryl go on a mission together.
#138 Open Your Eyes (2019) –
Carol makes Daryl uneasy.
#139 The World Before (2019) –
The Alexandrians set out on a high-stakes mission.
#140 Squeeze (2020) –
The collected communities have new borderlines being imposed on them.
#141 Stalker (2020) –
The group must defend Alexandria from a threatening outside force.
#142 Morning Star (2020) –
The Whisperers are coming for Hilltop.
#143 Walk with Us (2020) –
The survivors try to escape from the Whisperer’s walkers horde after the battle of Hilltop.
#144 What We Become (2020) –
Virgil promises weapons that could change the tide of the Whisperer War.
#145 Look at the Flowers (2020) –
Eugene takes a group on a journey.
#146 The Tower (2020) –
It’s the final battle of the Whisperer war.