Title: Upstairs, Downstairs
Genre: UK Drama
Series: 5
Episodes: 68
First Transmission: 1971-1975

The series follows the lives of both the family and the servants in a London townhouse.



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Series One

#1 On Trial (1971) –
1903: A young woman seeks employment in a fashionable London townhouse.
#2 The Mistress and the Maids (1971) –
An artist paints a portrait of Lady Marjorie.
#3 Board Wages (1971) –
The servants mock their employers while they are away.
#4 The Path of Duty (1971) –
Elizabeth returns from abroad.
#5 A Suitable Marriage (1971) –
Elizabeth decides not to marry Angus.
#6 A Cry for Help (1971) –
Richard’s concern for the new house parlormaid gets tongues wagging.
#7 Magic Casements (1972) –
Lady Marjorie has a passionate affair with a friend of James.
#8 I Dies from Love (1972) –
Lady Majorie and friends plan an outing for the servants.
#9 Why is Her Door Locked? (1972) –
After Emily’s death, a grief-ridden Mrs. Bridges takes leave of her senses.
#10 A Voice from the Past (1972) –
James and Elizabeth come face-to-face with a downtrodden Sarah.
#11 The Swedish Tiger (1972) –
James entertains a visiting Swedish friend/ Sarah is suspected when valuable household objects go missing.
#12 The Key of the Door (1972) –
On the eve of her 21st birthday, Elizabeth is utterly defiant.
#13 For Love of Love (1972) –
Elizabeth marries a Fabian socialist.

Series Two

#14 The New Man (1972) –
Mr and Mrs Lawrence Kirbridge return from their honeymoon.
#15 A Pair of Exiles (1972) –
Sarah tells James she’s having his baby.
#16 Married Love (1972) –
The strained Kirbridge marriage is yet to be consummated.
#17 Whom God hath Joined… (1972) –
Elizabeth has left Lawrence.
#18 Guest of Honour (1972) –
King Edward VII dines at Eaton Place.
#19 The Property of a Lady (1972) –
Lady Marjorie’s love letters fall into the wrong hands.
#20 Your Obedient Servant (1972) –
Richard and Hudson realize the complicated fraternal relationship when their respective brothers visit London.
#21  Out of the Everywhere (1972) –
Elizabeth returns home with her newborn daughter, Lucy.
#22 An Object of Value (1972) –
Lord Southwold dies and a brooch goes missing.
#23 A Special Mischief (1972) –
Elizabeth joins the suffragette movement.
#24 The Fruits of Love (1972) –
Sweet pillow talk is very useful to Elizabeth’s new lover.
#25 The Wages of Sin (1972) –
Sarah is pregnant with Watkins’ baby.
#26 A Family Gathering (1972) –
Elizabeth’s affair with Julius is over.

Series Three

#27 Miss Forrest (1973) –
James takes an interest in Richard’s new secretary, Miss Forrest.
#28 A House Divided (1973) –
News of the Titanic disaster arrives at Eaton Place.
#29 A Change of Scene (1973) –
James visits Somerby Park, with Hudson.
#30 A Family Secret (1973) –
Who will marry first, Captain James or his father, Richard?
#31 Rose’s Pigeon (1973) –
Alfred uses Rose as a shield from the law.
#32 Desirous of Change (1973) –
Hazel Bellamy assumes her role as mistress of the household with great trepidation.
#33 Word of Honour (1973) –
Richard Bellamy finds himself at the center of an insider trading firestorm.
#34 The Bolter (1973) –
Hazel’s first substantial encounter with fashionable society causes her great problems.
#35 Goodwill to All Men (1973) –
It’s Christmas 1913.
#36 What the Footman Saw (1973) –
A leisurely evening out with his chums give Edwards a big headache.
#37 A Perfect Stranger (1974) –
Rose’s life takes an extraordinary turn.
#38 Distant Thunder (1974) –
Hazel suffers a miscarriage.
#39 The Sudden Storm (1974) –
War looms on the European continent.

Series Four

#40 A Patriotic Offering (1974) –
The Bellamys offer generous hospitality to a family of Belgian refugees. 
#41 News from the Front (1974) –
Daisy and Edward announce their engagement.
#42 The Beastly Hun (1974) –
Anti-German fervour pervade the servants’ hall.
#43 Women Shall Not Weep (1974) –
Edward and Daisy marry before he’s sent to France.
#44 Tug of War (1974) –
James yearns for a regimental post at the front.
#45 Home Fires (1974) –
Lady Prudence hosts an officers’ tea party.
#46 If You Were the Only Girl in the World (1974) –
Hazel romances a shy pilot/ James and Georgina meet in France on the eve of a major military campaign.
#47 The Glorious Dead (1974) –
Tragic news arrives at Eaton Place.
#48 Another Year (1974) –
The New Year is full of hope.
#49 The Hero’s Farewell (1974) –
Lady Prudence finally gets hold of the Bellamy drawing room for a worthy cause.
#50 Missing Believed Killed (1974) –
Hazel and Richard do all they can to unearth any information about James.
#51 Facing Fearful Odds (1974) –
Virginia Hamilton returns to Eaton Place, seeking Richard’s advice on an urgent matter.
#52 Peace Out of Pain (1974) –
Hazel comes down with the Spanish flu as the war draws to an end.

Series Five

#53 On with the Dance (1975) –
A jubilant Victory Parade passes Eaton Place
#54 A Place in the World (1975) –
James Bellamy runs for political office.
#55 Laugh a Little Louder Please (1975) –
Georgina and her cohort throw a bacchanal at Eaton Place, with tragic consequences.
#56 The Joy Ride (1975) –
James buys a small airplane.
#57 Wanted: A Good Home (1975) –
Young William and Alice get their wish -an adorable puppy.
#58 An Old Flame (1975) –
James has an affair with a married woman.
#59 Disillusion (1975) –
It’s spring!
#60 Such a Lovely Man (1975) –
Two bachelors woo two ladies in the Bellamy household.
#61 The Nine Days Wonder (1975) –
A General Strike is called throughout Britain.
#62 The Understudy (1975) –
Hudson suffers a heart attack.
#63 Alberto (1975) –
Frederick considers his future.
#64 Will Ye No Come Back Again? (1975) –
Hudson is back in his element.
#65 Joke Over (1975) –
Georgina must appear at a coroner’s inquest when one of the locals is killed.
#66 Noblesse Oblige (1975) –
Mrs Bridges and Ruby have a terrible row.
#67 All the King’s Horses (1975) –
James returns to England.
#68 Whither Shall I Wander? (1975) –
165 Eaton Place is sold.