Title: The Twilight Zone
Series: 3
Episodes: 65
First Transmission: 1985

The first revival of the Twilight, the classic anthology series from the 1960s. This Carries on the legacy of the original Rod Serling program and attracts a brand new audience of fans.

Best Episode

Profile in Silver/Button, Button (1986) РA historian from the future prevents the assassination of President Kennedy and now he must face the consequences./A couple receives a box with a button  and a very unusual offer.

2nd Best Episode

Examination Day/A Message from Charity (1985) – Puritan Charity Payne from the 17th century and modern teenager Peter Wood, residents of the same town, become psychically connected due to a bacterial infection, and can see the world through each other’s eyes.

3rd Best Episode

Shatterday/A Little Peace and Quiet (1985) – A man calls his home and then hear himself answer. / A physically drained housewife finds relief from an unusual source that brings both power and responsibility.

4th Best Episode

Her Pilgrim Soul/I of Newton (1985) – Two scientists need to understand why the spirit of a woman is reliving a previous life within their holographic computer./ A mathematician engages in a battle of wits with the Devil for his very soul.

5th Best Episode

Teacher’s Aide/Paladin of the Lost Hour (1985) – A teacher at an inner-city school becomes possessed by an evil spirit./ An old man with a special watch bonds with a tormented veteran.

Worst Episode

Crazy as a Soup Sandwich (1989) РAn Underworld kingpin  battles an angry demon named for the soul of unfortunate Arky Lochner.


Notes & Comments

Info Updated: 2022-02-19

The data on this page is updated when any major changes occur to episode rankings (which is less common with older series), or when new episodes are added as is the case with current television series.

The overall spread in the rating distribution is equal to 2.9 rating points.

The top-rated episode, Profile in Silver/Button, Button (1986), differs from the second-rated episode, Examination Day/A Message from Charity (1985), by 6 percent of the overall spread.

The bottom-rated episode, Crazy as a Soup Sandwich (1989), differs from the second bottom-rated episode, The Hunters (1988), by 13 percent of the overall spread.

The middle-rated episode is A Day in Beaumont/The Last Defender of Camelot (1986).


Episode Rating Graph for The Twilight Zone (1985)


Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Shatterday/A Little Peace and Quiet (1985)
#2 Wordplay/Dreams for Sale/Chameleon (1985)
#3 Healer/Children’s Zoo/Kentucky Rye (1985)
#4 Little Boy Lost/Wish Bank/Nightcrawlers (1985)
#5 If She Dies/Ye Gods (1985)
#6 Examination Day/A Message from Charity (1985)
#7 Teacher’s Aide/Paladin of the Lost Hour (1985)
#8 Act Break/The Burning Man/Dealer’s Choice (1985)
#9 Dead Woman’s Shoes/Wong’s Lost and Found Emporium (1985)
#10 The Shadow Man/The Uncle Devil Show/Opening Day (1985)
#11 The Beacon/One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty (1985)
#12 Her Pilgrim Soul/I of Newton (1985)
#13 Night of the Meek/But Can She Type?/The Star (1985)
#14 Still Life/The Little People of Killany Woods/The Misfortune Cookie (1986)
#15 Monsters!/A Small Talent for War/A Matter of Minutes (1986)
#16 The Elevator/To See the Invisible Man/Tooth and Consequences (1986)
#17 Welcome to Winfield/Quarantine (1986)
#18 Gramma/Personal Demons/Cold Reading (1986)
#19 The Leprechaun-Artist/Dead Run (1986)
#20 Profile in Silver/Button, Button (1986)
#21 Need to Know/Red Snow (1986)
#22 Take My Life… Please!/Devil’s Alphabet/The Library (1986)
#23 Shadow Play/Grace Note (1986)
#24 A Day in Beaumont/The Last Defender of Camelot (1986)
#25 The Once and Future King/A Saucer of Loneliness (1986)
#26 What Are Friends For?/Aqua Vita (1986)
#27 The Storyteller/Nightsong (1986)
#28 The After Hours/Lost and Found/The World Next Door (1986)
#29 The Toys of Caliban (1986)
#30 The Convict’s Piano (1986)
#31 The Road Less Travelled (1986)
#32 The Card/The Junction (1987)
#33 Joy Ride/Shelter Skelter/Private Channel (1987)
#34 Time and Teresa Golowitz/Voices in the Earth (1987)
#35 Song of the Younger World/The Girl I Married (1987)
#36 The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon (1988)
#37 Extra Innings (1988)
#38 The Crossing (1988)
#39 The Hunters (1988)
#40 Dream Me a Life (1988)
#41 Memories (1988)
#42 The Hellgramite Method (1988)
#43 Our Selena Is Dying (1988)
#44 The Call (1988)
#45 The Trance (1988)
#46 Acts of Terror (1988)
#47 20/20 Vision (1988)
#48 There Was an Old Woman (1988)
#49 The Trunk (1988)
#50 Appointment on Route 17 (1988)
#51 The Cold Equations (1989)
#52 Stranger in Possum Meadows (1989)
#53 Street of Shadows (1989)
#54 Something in the Walls (1989)
#55 A Game of Pool (1989)
#56 Room 2426 (1989)
#57 The Mind of Simon Foster (1989)
#58 The Wall (1989)
#59 Cat and Mouse (1989)
#60 Rendezvous in a Dark Place (1989)
#61 Many, Many Monkeys (1989)
#62 Love Is Blind (1989)
#63 Crazy as a Soup Sandwich (1989)
#64 Special Service (1989)
#65 Father & Son Game (1989)