Title: Thunderbirds
Series: 2
Episodes: 32
First Transmission: 1965-196

Thunderbirds is set in the mid-2060s. It follows the exploits of International Rescue, a life-saving organisation equipped with highly-advanced land, sea, air and space rescue craft. 

Best Episode 

Trapped in the Sky – The Hood plants a bomb aboard the Fireflash, a hyper-sonic atomic-powered airliner. The bomb will be triggered when the landing gear hits the ground. Can International Rescue bring the airliner down safely?
30 September 1965

Worst Episode 

Security hazard – A young boy stows away on Thunderbird 2 and somehow manages to get to International Rescue’s island base undetected. The Tracies are worried when they realize how much about the day to day operations have been revealed to the boy. Jeff comes up with a unique way to get around the problem and keep all of International Rescue’s secrets.
31 March 1966


Notes & Comments

Info Updated: 2022-03-14

The data on this page is updated when any major changes occur to episode rankings (which is less common with older series), or when new episodes are added as is the case with current television series.

The overall spread in the rating distribution is equal to 2.5 rating points.

The top-rated episode, Trapped in the Sky (1965), differs from the second-rated episode, Terror in New York City (1965), by 7 percent of the overall spread.

The bottom-rated episode, Security Hazard (1966), differs from the second bottom-rated episode, Give or Take a Million (1966), by 32 percent of the overall spread.

The middle-rated episode is Danger at Ocean Deep (1966).


Episode Rating Graph for Thunderbirds (1965)



Full Episode List

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Trapped in the Sky (1965) –
The Hood plants a bomb aboard the Fireflash. Can International Rescue bring it down safely?
#2 Pit of Peril (1965) –
The Army’s new Sidewinder falls down a burning pit. Can it be retrieved?
#3 The Perils of Penelope (1965) –
Lady Penelope is tied to a monorail and threatened unless a secret formula is revealed.
#4 Terror in New York City (1965) –
A news crew is trapped underneath the collapsed Empire State Building.
#5 Edge of Impact (1965) –
A Red Arrow plane crashes into a TV Tower during a brutal rainstorm, and International Rescue is summoned to save the engineers inside the tower before it collapses.
#6 Day of Disaster (1965) –
The Arlington Bridge collapses, trapping the Mars Probe rocket in the river bed.
#7 30 Minutes After Noon (1965) –
A secret agent with an explosive bracelet is trapped inside a plutonium store and only International Rescue can prevent disaster.
#8 Desperate Intruder (1965) –
Brains and Tin-Tin set off on an expedition to retrieve sunken treasure from Lake Anasta. The Hood is on their trail.
#9 End of the Road (1965) –
Tin-Tin’s close friend becomes trapped on a cliffside in a truck with another case of explosives on board.
#10 The Uninvited (1965) –
Scott has been dispatched in Thunderbird 1 to rescue a pair of archeologists who’ve become stranded in the desert.
#11 Sun Probe (1965) –
The Sun Probe and its crew are locked on a collision course with the sun.
#12 Operation Crash-Dive (1965) –
Thunderbird 4 is called to rescue a crew stranded on the ocean floor.
#13 Vault of Death (1965) –
One of the employees of the Bank of England is accidentally locked inside a new airtight safe and International Rescue must come to his rescue before the air is extracted.
#14 The Mighty Atom (1965) –
The Hood tries to steal the technology of International Rescue.
#15 City of Fire (1966) –
The world’s tallest tower catches fire and International Rescue must rescue a family trapped in its basement.
#16 The Imposters (1966) –
International Rescue is framed and they must clear their names quickly,
#17 The Man from M.I.5 (1966) –
Lady Penelope must recover classified plans to save the world from total destruction.
#18 Cry Wolf (1966) –
International Rescue has to decide whether two boys are crying wolf.
#19 Danger at Ocean Deep (1966) –
International Rescue set out to save the crew of the Ocean Pioneer after it inexplicably explodes.
#20 Move and You’re Dead (1966) –
Alan Tracy returns to racing and has to contend with a bridge rigged with a movement-sensitive bomb.
#21 The Duchess Assignment (1966) –
The Duchess of Royston and her painting fall into criminal hands and it is up to International Rescue to save both.
#22 Brink of Disaster (1966) –
Jeff, Brains, and Tin-Tin find themselves trapped on board a monorail train that is speeding towards a stricken bridge.
#23 Attack of the Alligators (1966) –
International rescue has to save a house’s occupants from overgrown alligators.
#24 Martian Invasion (1966) –
The Hood arranges for a mishap with explosives during a film shoot, leaving two of the actors sealed inside a cave.
#25 The Cham-Cham (1966) –
Tin-Tin and Lady Penelope are put in mortal danger when a sabotaged ski-lift goes out of control in the Alps.
#26 Security Hazard (1966) –
A young boy infiltrates the island.

Series Two

#27 Atlantic Inferno (1966) –
The World Navy tests a nuclear torpedo which inadvertently threatens the offshore rig Seascape.
#28 Path of Destruction (1966) –
A new logging machine will bring devastation if it collides with an unfinished dam.
#29 Alias Mr. Hackenbacker (1966) –
The aircraft Skythrust falls into the hands of fashion criminals.
#30 Lord Parker’s ‘Oliday (1966) –
A malfunctioning solar reflector menaces the Italian coastal village of Monte Bianco, where Lady Penelope and Parker are on holiday.
#31 Ricochet (1966) –
A pirate satellite is set on collision course with an oil refinery.
#32 Give or Take a Million (1966) –
A pair of criminals attempt to burgle a high-tech vault storing gold bullion.