Title: Seinfeld
Genre: US Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 180
First Transmission: 1990-1998
Channel: NBC

The show stars Seinfeld as a fictionalized version of himself.


Best Episode #116

The Soup Nazi – A soup stand owner obsesses about his customers’ ordering procedure, but his soup is so good that people line up down the block for it anyway. (1995)


Worst Episode #21

The Dog – Circumstances lead to Jerry looking after the disobedient dog of a man he met on a plane. (1991)



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Good News, Bad News (1990) –
Jerry and George argue whether an overnight visitor has romantic intentions.
#2 The Stakeout (1990) –
Jerry and George hold a stakeout to get the phone number of a woman Jerry met at a party.
#3 The Robbery (1990) –
After a robbery at Jerry’s apartment, the guys scramble over new apartments.
#4 Male Unbonding (1990) –
Jerry tries to get out of meeting an old friend.
#5 The Stock Tip (1990) –
Jerry and George get a stock tip, but the tipper is in hospital as the price starts to fall.

Series Two

#6 The Ex-Girlfriend (1991) –
Jerry tries to see George’s ex-girlfriend.
#7 The Pony Remark (1991) –
Jerry fears an inappropriate comment caused his relative’s death.
#8 The Jacket (1991) –
Jerry’s refusal to wear an expensive jacket in a snowfall causes an argument.
#9 The Phone Message (1991) –
George tries to steal his girlfriend’s answerphone tape after leaving some awkward messages.
#10 The Apartment (1991) –
Jerry gets Elaine an apartment in his building and then regrets it.
#11 The Statue (1991) –
George covets Jerry’s statue, but it is stolen.
#12 The Revenge (1991) –
George takes revenge on his boss for not hiring him back after he quit and Jerry gets revenge of his own.
#13 The Heart Attack (1991) –
George believes he has suffered a heart attack, but it is only inflamed tonsils.
#14 The Deal (1991) –
Jerry and Elaine believe that they have found a foolproof way to start having sex again yet still remain just friends.
#15 The Baby Shower (1991) –
Elaine holds a baby shower for a former girlfriend of George.
#16 The Chinese Restaurant (1991) –
Jerry, Elaine, and George stop for a quick Chinese dinner before seeing a movie but circumstances cause them to miss it.
#17 The Busboy (1991) –
George gets a busboy fired after making a comment – he then tries to apologise.

Series Three

#18 The Note (1991) –
Jerry’s small talk with the physical therapist leads to a misunderstanding.
#19 The Truth (1991) –
A bad breakup between George and his girlfriend leads to tax troubles for Jerry.
#20 The Pen (1991) –
Jerry gets into an argument with a neighbor of his parents over an “astronaut pen.”
#21 The Dog (1991) –
Jerry is forced to care for the troublesome dog of a man he met on a plane.
#22 The Library (1991) –
A library cop takes Jerry to task for an unreturned book from 1971.
#23 The Parking Garage (1991) –
All the guys get stuck in a parking garage for hours when they forget where they parked.
#24 The Cafe (1991) –
George asks Elaine to take an IQ test for him.
#25 The Tape (1991) –
Jerry is mesmerized by a dirty message left on a tape recorder from his last performance.
#26 The Nose Job (1991) –
George dates a woman with a large nose, who decides to get a nose job after a careless comment from Kramer.
#27 The Stranded (1991) –
Jerry and Elaine join George for a special party, where they send signals to each other to get out of bad party conversations
#28 The Alternate Side (1991) –
Jerry’s car is stolen.
#29 The Red Dot (1991) –
George gets a job at Elaine’s office and gets involved with the cleaning woman.
#30 The Subway (1992) –
Everyone has a weird experience while going their separate ways on the subway.
#31 The Pez Dispenser (1992) –
Jerry’s Pez dispenser makes Elaine laugh during George’s girlfriend’s piano recital and puts their relationship in jeopardy.
#32 The Suicide (1992) –
Jerry begins a relationship with the girlfriend of his neighbour, who has just attempted suicide.
#33 The Fix-Up (1992) –
Jerry and Elaine decide to play matchmaker for George, setting him up with a single friend of Elaine’s.
#34 The New Friend (1992) –
Jerry meets a new friend, baseball player, Keith Hernandez.
#35 The Boyfriend (1992) –
Jerry becomes increasingly jealous of Elaine’s relationship with Keith Hernandez.
#36 The Limo (1992) –
Jerry and George use fake identities to get a limo drive.
#37 The Good Samaritan (1992) –
Jerry trails a hit-and-run driver but then begins dating her.
#38 The Letter (1992) –
Jerry learns that his new artist friend plagiarized a letter to keep him from breaking up with her.
#39 The Parking Space (1992) –
Elaine and George damage Jerry’s car and need to come up with an explanation.
#40 The Keys (1992) –
Jerry is fed up with Kramer coming into his apartment any time he feels like it and asks him to return his spare set of keys.

Series Four

#41 The Trip (1) (1992) –
Jerry is asked to appear on The Tonight Show in Los Angeles.
#42 The Trip (2) (1992) –
Kramer is arrested when he is mistaken for a serial killer.
#43 The Pitch (1992) –
NBC executives ask Jerry to come up with an idea for a TV series.
#44 The Ticket (1992) –
Newman refuses to pay for a speeding ticket.
#45 The Wallet (1992) –
Seinfeld thinks his wallet has been stolen from him at his doctor’s appointment.
#46 The Watch  (1992) –
Jerry tries to buy his watch back from Uncle Leo.
#47 The Bubble Boy (1992) –
George and Susan visit a boy who lives in a bubble.
#48 The Cheever Letters (1992) –
A box of letters from John Cheever is all that remains after Susan’s father’s cabin burns down.
#49 The Opera (1992) –
Elaine is unknowingly dating Crazy Joe Davola, who has just left a threatening message on Jerry’s recorder.
#50 The Virgin (1992) –
Jerry finds out his girlfriend is still a virgin.
#51 The Contest (1992) –
The gang partakes in a contest of self-denial.
#52 The Airport (1992) –
Jerry and Elaine fly back to New York.
#53 The Pick (1992) –
George decides he’s made a terrible mistake in breaking up with Susan.
#54 The Movie (1993) –
A simple miscommunication causes the gang to keep missing each other at two different theaters.
#55 The Visa (1993) –
Babu is arrested when his visa application gets mixed in with Jerry’s mail.
#56 The Shoes (1993) –
Elaine cannot figure out why her shoes are the subject of conversation.
#57 The Outing (1993) –
A prank by Elaine leads a newspaper journalist to think that Jerry and George are gay.
#58 The Old Man (1993) –
Jerry, Elaine & George volunteer to help the elderly.
#59 The Implant (1993) –
Jerry is convinced that his new girlfriend has implants.
#60 The Junior Mint (1993) –
Kramer and Jerry have an accident with a Junior Mint at an operation.
#61 The Smelly Car (1993) –
When Jerry gets his car back from the valet, the car has a really bad odour.
#62 The Handicap Spot (1993) –
At Kramer’s insistence, George parks his Dad’s car in a handicap spot.
#63 The Pilot (1) (1993) –
“Jerry,” the television pilot, gets cast and finally airs.
#64 The Pilot (2) (1993) –
“Jerry,” the television pilot, gets cast and finally airs. 

Series Five

#65 The Mango (1993) –
Elaine makes a startling confession.
#66 The Puffy Shirt (1993) –
Kramer and his friend Leslie start a new line of clothing and Jerry agrees to wear it on the Today show.
#67 The Glasses (1993) –
George loses his glasses at the health club.
#68 The Sniffing Accountant (1993) –
The gang gets suspicious of their accountant.
#69 The Bris (1993) –
Elaine and Jerry become nervous about their religious duties when they agree to become godparents to a couple’s newborn.
#70 The Lip Reader (1993) –
George decides to use Jerry’s girlfriend to spy on his friends by having her read their lips.
#71 The Non-Fat Yogurt (1993) –
Kramer invests in a new non-fat yogurt store.
#72 The Barber (1993) –
Jerry regrets giving his longtime barber the sack after he gets a ridiculous-looking haircut.
#73 The Masseuse (1993) –
Jerry is frustrated when he can’t get his girlfriend, who’s a masseuse, to give him a massage.
#74 The Cigar Store Indian (1993) –
Jerry is deemed a racist when he purchases a Native American statue for Elaine.
#75 The Conversion (1993) –
George changes his religion to Latvian Orthodox to please his girlfriend.
#76 The Stall (1994) –
Jerry’s girlfriend refuses to give Elaine a piece of toilet paper whilst in a stall.
#77 The Dinner Party (1994) –
On the way to a dinner party: Jerry and Elaine are held up at a bakery; George and Kramer are held up at a liquor store.
#78 The Marine Biologist (1994) –
George’s new girlfriend thinks that he is a marine biologist.
#79 The Pie (1994) –
George and the others stumble upon a mannequin which scarily resembles Elaine.
#80 The Stand-In (1994) –
Kramer gets a job as a TV stand-in.
#81 The Wife (1994) –
Jerry’s girlfriend poses as his wife so she can get a dry cleaning discount. George uses the shower at the health club as a bathroom.
#82 The Raincoats (1) (1994) –
Jerry’s parents are staying with him and he can’t get any time alone with his girlfriend. Kramer makes a deal with Jerry’s father to sell belt-less raincoat.
#83 The Raincoats (2) (1994) –
Jerry and his latest girlfriend finally get alone time when they go on a date to see “Schindler’s List.”
#84 The Fire (1994) –
George acts cowardly when a fire breaks out at a kids party.
#85 The Hamptons (1994) –
The gang goes to the Hamptons for the weekend to visit Elaine’s friends’ new baby.
#86 The Opposite (1994) –
George decides to do the opposite of what he would normally do to improve his life.

Series Six

#87 The Chaperone (1994) –
Jerry dates a Miss America contestant and Kramer tags along.
#88 The Big Salad (1994) –
George and his girlfriend pick up a “big salad” for Elaine, but Elaine thanks her instead of him.
#89 The Pledge Drive (1994) –
Kramer finds Jerry’s old birthday checks from his grandmother and Jerry puts Nana in unexpected debt.
#90 The Chinese Woman (1994) –
George’s telephone line crosses with that of a woman named Donna Chang – Jerry ends up dating her.
#91 The Couch (1994) –
Gerry’s new couch is completely ruined by a man with a bladder condition. George joins a book club.
#92 The Gymnast (1994) –
Jerry is excited about dating a gymnast.
#93 The Soup (1994) –
Jerry accepts an Armani suit from an obnoxious comedian, as long as he treats him to a meal at a restaurant.
#94 The Mom & Pop Store (1994) –
Kramer tries to save a small shoe-repair business. George buys a convertible once owned by “Jon Voight.”
#95 The Secretary (1994) –
George gets a secretary, saying he will go for efficiency and smarts rather than beauty. Then he finds himself falling in love with her.
#96 The Race (1994) –
A school acquaintance puts pressure on Jerry to settle an old score.
#97 The Switch (1995) –
Jerry and George decide to try to “switch” girlfriends.
#98 The Label Maker (1995) –
Tim Whatley gives Jerry a label maker as a thank you for his Super Bowl tickets.
#99 The Scofflaw (1995) –
Kramer figures out just who has amassed loads of parking tickets over the years.
#100 Highlights of a Hundred (1) (1995) –
Jerry introduces a program that shows highlights from the first 99 episodes of a “show about nothing.”
#101 Highlights of a Hundred (2) (1995) –
Jerry introduces a program that shows highlights from the first 99 episodes of a “show about nothing.”
#102 The Beard (1995) –
Elaine tries to convert a gay man to heterosexuality.
#103 The Kiss Hello (1995) –
Jerry has to kiss all the women hello after Kramer’s intervention.
#104 The Doorman (1995) –
Jerry is inconvenienced by an overzealous doorman at an apartment building.
#105 The Jimmy (1995) –
Elaine dates a man who speaks in the third person.
#106 The Doodle (1995) –
George wonders whether or not a humorous caricature of him is a sign that his girlfriend likes him or not.
#107 The Fusilli Jerry (1995) –
Frank has an unfortunate accident involving one of Kramer’s pasta sculptures.
#108 The Diplomat’s Club (1995) –
Jerry’s airport meeting turns into a nightmare thanks to his incompetent agent.
#109 The Face Painter (1995) –
Jerry gets premium tickets to a New Jersey Devils playoff game but is weirded out when Puddy shows up at the game with his face painted.
#110 The Understudy (1995) –
Jerry dates the ultra-sensitive understudy for Bette Midler in Rochelle, Rochelle: The Musical.

Series Seven

#111 The Engagement (1995) –
Jerry and George resolve to take life more seriously.
#112 The Postponement (1995) –
George gets cold feet and tries everything he can to postpone the engagement and Elaine is jealous.
#113 The Maestro (1995) –
Elaine’s latest boyfriend likes to be called “The Maestro.”
#114 The Wink (1995) –
After Jerry squirts grapefruit into George’s eye, everybody believes that George is winking at them.
#115 The Hot Tub (1995) –
Kramer buys a hot tub. George entertains a group of visiting baseball officials.
#116 The Soup Nazi (1995) –
A soup stand owner is a pain but his soup is so good that people line up down the block for it anyway.
#117 The Secret Code (1995) –
George refuses to give anyone his secret code (BOSCO)
#118 The Pool Guy (1995) –
Jerry has to tell the pool guy at his new health club that there isn’t room for a 5th member of the group.
#119 The Sponge (1995) –
Elaine learns that her contraceptive of choice is being discontinued.
#120 The Gum (1995) –
Kramer is keeping an eye on a friend, Lloyd, who’s recovering from a nervous breakdown. He has a pack of Chinese gum that Kramer insists everyone tries.
#121 The Rye (1996) –
Susan’s parents meet the Costanza’s for the first time. Both families obsess over a loaf of rye bread that wasn’t served with the meal.
#122 The Caddy (1996) –
Kramer befriends a caddy, who helps him to improve his golf game.
#123 The Seven (1996) –
George becomes upset when Susan’s cousin names her baby with the name he planned to use for his first child
#124 The Cadillac (1) (1996) –
Jerry decides to buy his father a Cadillac.
#125 The Cadillac (2) (1996) –
Kramer has a run-in with the cable guy.
#126 The Shower Head (1996) –
Kramer and Newman scheme to buy black market shower heads when the building switches to low-flow ones.
#127 The Doll (1996) –
George is shocked when he discovers that Susan has a doll that looks exactly like his mother.
#128 The Friars Club (1996) –
Jerry has a hard time getting membership of the Friar’s Club.
#129 The Wig Master (1996) –
Kramer is mistaken for a pimp.
#130 The Calzone (1996) –
George has a hard time getting his calzones when he is banned from the restaurant.
#131 The Bottle Deposit (1) (1996) –
A garage mechanic steals Jerry’s car.
#132 The Bottle Deposit (2) (1996) –
Kramer and Newman run a recycling scam.
#133 The Wait Out (1996) –
A comment by George causes a married couple to get divorced.
#134 The Invitations (1996) –
George and Susan’s wedding has finally arrived.

Series Eight

#135 The Foundation (1996) –
Susan’s parents want to keep her memory alive by creating a foundation.
#136 The Soul Mate (1996) –
Kramer falls for Jerry’s girlfriend and goes to Newman for advice.
#137 The Bizarro Jerry (1996) –
Elaine sets Jerry up on a date with a woman who has “man hands.”
#138 The Little Kicks (1996) –
Jerry and Kramer go to the movies with a friend who makes bootleg tapes.
#139 The Package (1996) –
Jerry refuses delivery of a package with no return address.
#140 The Fatigues (1996) –
George tries to study up on risk management. Elaine promotes a man who is afraid to fire.
#141 The Checks (1996) –
Jerry gets hundreds of royalty cheques, worth 12 cents each, for appearing on a Japanese TV programme.
#142 The Chicken Roaster (1996) –
A shop sets up with an unusually large chicken sign opposite Jerry’s apartment.
#143 The Abstinence (1996) –
Abstinence causes George to become a genius, but it turns Elaine into an idiot.
#144 The Andrea Doria (1996) –
George tells the landlords the tragedies of his life in the hope of getting his apartment back based on pity.
#145 The Little Jerry (1997) –
Jerry bounces a cheque. George dates a female convict.
#146 The Money (1997) –
Jerry’s parents believe he is financially unstable. George hopes to get his parents’ money when they die.
#147 The Comeback (1997) –
George goes to horrendous steps to come up with a good comeback after someone insults him.
#148 The Van Buren Boys (1997) –
Kramer mistakenly shows the secret sign of a gang who mug him.
#149 The Susie (1997) –
A colleague keeps calling Elaine, Susie. George tries to stop breaking up with his girlfriend.
#150 The Pothole (1997) –
George drops his keys in a pothole that is paved over.
#151 The English Patient (1997) –
Elaine is forced to watch “The English Patient ” several times, even though she absolutely hates it.
#152 The Nap (1997) –
George takes a nap under his desk.
#153 The Yada Yada (1997) –
George’s new girlfriend keeps saying “Yada Yada.” Jerry is offended by Jewish jokes.
#154 The Millennium (1997) –
Kramer and Newman compete with their Millennium parties.
#155 The Muffin Tops (1997) –
Elaine opens a new bakery that sells only the tops of the muffins.
#156 The Summer of George (1997) –
George decides to have a “memorable” summer.

Series Nine

#157 The Butter Shave (1997) –
Kramer discovers the amazing yet unknown uses for butter.
#158 The Voice (1997) –
George’s colleagues try to force him to leave.
#159 The Serenity Now (1997) –
Jerry opens up his feelings.
#160 The Blood (1997) –
Jerry receives 3 pints of Kramer’s blood after having a run-in with a knife.
#161 The Junk Mail (1997) –
Kramer is annoyed with the catalogues he keeps getting in the mail.
#162 The Merv Griffin Show (1997) –
Kramer rebuilds the set of “The Merv Griffin Show” in his apartment.
#163 The Slicer (1997) –
Elaine borrows Kramer’s meat slicer.
#164 The Betrayal (1997) –
Elaine drags Jerry and George to India where they attend the wedding of Sue Ellen Mischke.
#165 The Apology (1997) –
George expects an apology from a friend who is in Alcoholics Anonymous.
#166 The Strike (1997) –
Jerry goes out with a woman who is beautiful one day and ugly the next.
#167 The Dealership (1998) –
Jerry plans on buying a new car from Puddy who has been elevated to car salesman.
#168 The Reverse Peephole (1998) –
Kramer and Newman plan to reverse the peepholes on their doors.
#169 The Cartoon (1998) –
Elaine obsesses over a cartoon in The New Yorker.
#170 The Strongbox (1998) –
George tries to break up with his girlfriend but she refuses.
#171 The Wizard (1998) –
Jerry visits Florida for his father’s birthday.
#172 The Burning (1998) –
Elaine learns that Puddy is religious.
#173 The Bookstore (1998) –
Jerry spots Uncle Leo shoplifting.
#174 The Frogger (1998) –
After a childhood pizzeria goes out of business, George tries to save his high score from a Frogger game by purchasing the machine.
#175 The Maid (1998) –
Jerry hires a maid with whom he starts sleeping.
#176 The Puerto Rican Day (1998) –
The gang leaves a New York Mets game early in order to beat the traffic but are blocked by a Puerto Rican day parade.
#177 The Clip Show (1) (a.k.a. The Chronicle (1)) (1998) –
A retrospective on the past 9 years of Seinfeld.
#178 The Clip Show (2) (a.k.a. The Chronicle (2)) (1998) –
A retrospective on the past 9 years of Seinfeld.
#179 The Finale (1) (1998) –
NBC executives decide to run Jerry and George’s pilot.
#180 The Finale (2) (1998) –
The four are sentenced to a year in prison.