Title: The Royle Family
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 3
Episodes: 25
First Transmission: 1998-2012

A British sitcom about a family going through everyday life in the Royle family house.



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Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Bills, Bills, Bills (1998) –
Jim is annoyed when he sees the size of the phone bill.
#2 Making Ends Meet! (1998) –
Jim complains about the expense of the upcoming wedding.
#3 Sunday Afternoon (1998) –
Barbara’s mum Norma, known as Nana, comes for Sunday tea and to see Denise in her wedding dress.
#4 Jim’s Birthday (1998) –
It’s Jim’s birthday and the Carrolls from next door come in to help with the celebrations.
#5 Another Woman? (1998) –
Denise is drunk and angry, claiming that Dave has been flirting with the buxom Beverley Macca.
#6 The Wedding Day (1998) –
Dave and Denise’s wedding day finally arrives.

Series Two

#7 Pregnancy (1999) –
Denise announces her pregnancy./ Jim thinks that Antony may be a “gay boy.”
#8 Sunday Lunch (1999) –
Nana and Twiggy come round for Sunday dinner.
#9 Nana’s Coming to Stay (1999) –
Barbara has invited Nana to come and stay with the Royles after her cataract operation. 
#10 Nana Comes to Stay (1999) –
Nana has had her cataract operation and Jim is less than pleased.
#11 Barbara’s Finally Had Enough (1999) –
Barbara loses patience with Jim and storms out of the house.
#12 Antony’s Birthday (1999) –
It’s Antony’s 18th birthday and the Royles are planning a family party.
#13 Christmas Special (1999) –
It’s Christmas Day and unfortunately, Denise goes into labour upstairs in the bathroom.

Series Three

#14 Hello Baby Dave (2000) –
Baby David finally arrives and it seems that Denise is taking a back seat where the work is concerned.
#15 Babysitting Again (2000) –
The Royles decide that it’s time for a pint but who do they get to babysit?
#16 Decorating (2000) –
Twiggy and Jim redecorate the dining room for the Christening,.
#17 Elsie’s Funeral (2000) –
Nanna’s dear old neighbour Elsie dies, and today is the funeral.
#18 Antony’s Going to London (2000) –
Antony declares that he and Darren, the managers of their band, are going to London to find a record deal.
#19 The Christening (2000) –
The day of the christening is finally here, but the decorating is still not finished.
#20 Christmas Special (2000) –
It Christmas day and baby David is one.
#21 The Queen of Sheba (2006) –
Nana has moved in with the Royles and has Barbara waiting on her hand and foot.
#22 The New Sofa (2008) –
Inspired by Nigella Lawson, Denise decides to cook Christmas dinner for the whole family. What could go wrong?
#23 The Golden Egg Cup (2009) –
Jim and Barbara receive the gift of money from their children – but what to do with it?
#24 Joe’s Crackers (2010) –
It’s another Christmas and it sees Jim incapacitated after an accident at the supermarket.
#25 Barbara’s Old Ring (2012) –
Christmas is coming but Barbara is not happy as she lost her wedding ring.