Title: Randall & Hopkirk Deceased
Series: 1
Episodes: 26
First Transmission: 1969

Jeff Randall and Marty Hopkirk are private detectives. When Marty is killed in a hit-and-run, their long-running partnership seems to have come to an end, but Marty is soon back–as a ghost–to help solve his own murder. 

Best Episode

Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying? (1969) – A criminal gang feeds Marty false information to keep the cops away from the real burglary targets. Once Marty has served his purpose, he will be exorcised by a clairvoyant gang member

2nd Best Episode

A Disturbing Case (1969) – Hearing Jeff talk to the deceased Marty, Marty’s wife believes he has snapped and he is referred to a psychiatric unit run by Dr Conrad. Marty discovers that Conrad is a criminal who hypnotises people into giving him their valuables,

3rd Best Episode

Never Trust a Ghost (1969) – A government employee, James Howarth, is murdered in his home. Marty was a witness but trouble arises when Marty convinces Jeff to investigate. Jeff finds the supposedly murdered man very much alive. He concludes that Marty must be hallucinating.

4th Best Episode

The Smile Behind the Veil (1970) – Marty sees a funeral near his grave. Based on what he overhears, he is certain that his new neighbour is a murder made to look like an accident.

5th Best Episode

When Did You Start to Stop Seeing Things? (1969) – Marty materialises on Jeff’s desk one Monday morning, but Jeff fails to respond to Marty’s voice. He is totally oblivious to Marty.

Worst Episode

Just for the Record (1969) – Jeff and Jean are hired to be escorts for various contestants in the Miss World beauty competition.


Notes & Comments

Info Updated: 2022-04-06

The data on this page is updated when any major changes occur to episode rankings (which is less common with older series), or when new episodes are added as is the case with current television series.

The overall spread in the rating distribution is equal to 1.4 rating points.

The top-rated episode, Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying? (1969), differs from the second-rated episode, A Disturbing Case (1969), by 7 percent of the overall spread.

The bottom-rated episode, Just for the Record (1969), differs from the second bottom-rated episode, Who Killed Cock Robin? (1969), by 7 percent of the overall spread.

The middle-rated episode is The Ghost Who Saved the Bank at Monte Carlo (1969).


Episode Rating Graph for Randall & Hopkirk Deceased (1969)

Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 My Late Lamented Friend and Partner (1969)
#2 A Disturbing Case (1969)
#3 All Work and No Pay (1969)
#4 Never Trust a Ghost (1969)
#5 That’s How Murder Snowballs (1969)
#6 Just for the Record (1969)
#7 Murder Ain’t What It Used to Be! (1969)
#8 Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying? (1969)
#9 The House on Haunted Hill (1969)
#10 When Did You Start to Stop Seeing Things? (1969)
#11 The Ghost Who Saved the Bank at Monte Carlo (1969)
#12 For the Girl Who Has Everything (1969)
#13 But What a Sweet Little Room (1969)
#14 Who Killed Cock Robin? (1969)
#15 The Man from Nowhere (1969)
#16 When the Spirit Moves You (1969)
#17 Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave (1970)
#18 Could You Recognise the Man Again? (1970)
#19 A Sentimental Journey (1970)
#20 Money to Burn (1970)
#21 The Ghost Talks (1970)
#22 It’s Supposed to Be Thicker Than Water (1970)
#23 The Trouble with Women (1969)
#24 Vendetta for a Dead Man (1969)
#25 You Can Always Find a Fall Guy (1970)
#26 The Smile Behind the Veil (1970)