Title: The Persuaders!
Genre: UK Action
Series: 1
Episodes: 24
First Transmission: 1971-1972

English Lord Brett Sinclair and American Danny Wilde investigate crimes which the police can’t solve. 



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#1 Overture (1971) –
Lord Brett Sinclair and Danny Wilde are brought together in Monaco. 
#2 The Gold Napoleon (1971) –
Brett and Danny uncover a syndicate smuggling gold.
#3 Take Seven (1971) –
A long-missing heir returns from the grave claiming a several-million-pound fortune.
#4 Greensleeves (1971) –
Lord Brett Sinclair needs to impersonate himself to get to the bottom of a mystery.
#5 Powerswitch (1971) –
A go-go dancer and former 500m swimming champion drown leaving Brett and Danny searching for answers.
#6 The Time and the Place (1971) –
Danny accidentally finds the body of a dedicated political journalist in the estate of a right-wing British political candidate.
#7 Someone Like Me (1971) –
Brett Sinclair has a flawless copy.
#8 Anyone Can Play (1971) –
Danny walks out of a gambling club with a suitcase full of money, but then is mistaken for a Soviet paymaster.
#9 The Old, the New, and the Deadly (1971) –
Once again, Danny’s life is in grave danger.
#10 Angie, Angie (1971) –
Danny bumps into a long-lost childhood buddy from the Bronx slums.
#11 Chain of Events (1971) –
Danny manages to get himself handcuffed to a much-wanted attaché case.
#12 That’s Me Over There (1971) –
Danny impersonates Brett.
#13 The Long Goodbye (1971) –
Brett and Danny accidentally discover a low-cost, high-grade synthetic fuel formula.
#14 The Man in the Middle (1971) –
Someone inside the British Intelligence has turned traitor.
#15 Element of Risk (1971) –
A concealed microfilm causes Danny some problems.
#16 A Home of One’s Own (1971) –
A derelict country cottage is Danny’s latest investment.
#17 Five Miles to Midnight (1972) –
An American gangster with information needs to be smuggled out of Rome.
#18 Nuisance Value (1972) –
Danny and Brett go on a double-date.
#19 The Morning After (1972) –
Lord Brett wakes up in bad shape and married.
#20 Read and Destroy (1972) –
The Persuaders must find some highly confidential manuscripts.
#21 A Death in the Family (1972) –
Brett Sinclair is the next in line to be assassinated.
#22 The Ozerov Inheritance (1972) –
An elderly Russian duchess wants to retain the family jewels.
#23 To the Death, Baby (1972) –
Brett and Danny both end up wooing an heiress after they are asked to break up a romance between her and a gigolo who is courting her.
#24 Someone Waiting (1972) –
Someone reminds Danny and Brett of the perils of motor racing.