Title: Peep Show
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 54
First Transmission: 2003-2015

The sitcom follows the lives of Mark Corrigan and Jeremy “Jez” Usborne, two radically different friends who share a flat.


Best Episode [ S4 Ep6 ]

Wedding – It’s the day of the big wedding and Mark is desperately looking for a way of not going through with it – but he’s determined not to be labeled a jilter. Jeremy still harbors hopes of winning Nancy back, but being Mark’s best man keeps getting in the way.
18 May 2007


Worst Episode [ S8 Ep4 ]

Big Mad Andy – Mark employs a decorator to paint the kitchen.
16 December 2012




Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Warring Factions (2003) –
Mark and Jeremy compete for the attentions of their attractive neighbour, Toni.
#2 The Interview (2003) –
Mark wants Jeremy to get a job in his office so that he can pay the rent, but he has second thoughts.
#3 On the Pull (2003) –
Mark and Jeremy go to a party and then a bowling alley.
#4 Mark Makes a Friend (2003) –
Mark forges a partnership with his idol, business guru Alan Johnson, and tries to be more like him.
#5 Dream Job (2003) –
Mark is angry with Sophie when she gets promoted ahead of him.
#6 Funeral (2003) –
Jeremy’s uncle dies, which provides Mark the perfect opportunity to ask Sophie to be his date to the funeral.

Series Two

#7 Dance Class (2004) –
Mark hacks into Sophie’s E-mail account to find out her thoughts on him.
#8 Jeremy Makes It (2004) –
Mark makes a new friend at work who is fairly prejudiced.
#9 Local Zero (2004) –
Jeff goes on a work trip with Sophie to Aberdeen.
#10 University Challenge (2004) –
Mark almost becomes a stalker.
#11 The Man Show (2004) –
Mark becomes depressed about Sophie living with Jeff.
#12 Wedding (2004) –
Jeremy and Nancy get married for visa reasons.

Series Three

#13 Mugging (2005) –
Some muggers steal Mark’s precious BlackBerry.
#14 Sectioning (2005) –
Jeremy considers getting an old friend sectioned.
#15 Shrooming (2005) –
Jeremy plans to throw a secret magic mushroom party in the flat, where he hopes to seduce his ex, Big Suze.
#16 Sistering (2005) –
Mark’s week off work goes out of the window when his sister comes to stay.
#17 Jurying (2005) –
Jeremy is on jury service, where he starts an ill-advised affair with the defendant.
#18 Quantocking (2005) –
Mark feels he must propose to Sophie… and where better than the Quantocks?

Series Four

#19 Sophie’s Parents (2007) –
Mark is having doubts about his engagement to Sophie.
#20 Conference (2007) –
Mark has to give a presentation in front of the entire board.
#21 Gym (2007) –
Mark joins a gym in order to spend as much time away Sophie as possible.
#22 Handyman (2007) –
Jeremy meets his hero and ends up working as his handyman.
#23 Holiday (2007) –
Jeremy has organised a stag weekend for Mark on a canal boat.
#24 Wedding (2007) –
It’s the big day: Mark is getting married to Sophie.

Series Five

#25 Burgling (2008) –
Mark rediscovers single life after his disastrous wedding to Sophie.
#26 Spin War (2008) –
Mark and Sophie return to work.
#27 Jeremy’s Broke (2008) –
Jeremy finally runs out of money.
#28 Jeremy’s Mummy (2008) –
Jeremy’s mother comes to visit for a family funeral with her new boyfriend.
#29 Jeremy’s Manager (2008) –
Jeremy and Super Hans get a band manager and play a Christian rock festival.
#30 Mark’s Women (2008) –
Mark wonders whether Dobby may really be ‘the one.’

Series Six

#31 Jeremy at JLB (2009) –
Mark gets promoted and finds Jeremy a job in the office.
#32 The Test (2009) –
Jerry meets a new love, Elena, and Mark makes a play for Dobby.
#33 Jeremy in Love (2009) –
Jeremy realises that he’s in love with Elena.
#34 The Affair (2009) –
Mark discovers that Jeremy’s girlfriend Elena has a guilty secret.
#35 The Party (2009) –
Mark and Jeremy throw a party.
#36 Das Boot (2009) –
Elena and Gail’s wedding is imminent, but Jeremy is plotting to get rid of Gail.

Series Seven

#37 St Hospitals (2010) –
Mark and Jeremy are at the hospital awaiting the birth of Mark’s baby.
#38 Man Jam (2010) –
Dobby is going out with Simon, but Mark wants to win her over.
#39 A Beautiful Mind (2010) –
Mark is worried that he can’t satisfy Dobby sexually.
#40 Nether Zone (2010) –
It’s christening day for Mark’s baby.
#41 Seasonal Beatings (2010) –
Mark has invited his parents over for Christmas lunch.
#42 New Year’s Eve (2010) –
Jeremy is determined that he and Mark are going to have the night of their lives.

Series Eight

#43 Jeremy Therapised (2012) –
Mark has asked Dobby to move in with him.
#44 Business Secrets of the Pharaohs (2012) –
Mark gets his book accepted by a publisher.
#45 The Love Bunker (2012) –
Simon invites Mark, Dobby, Jeremy and Super Hans to a paintballing weekend.
#46 Big Mad Andy (2012) –
Mark employs a decorator to paint the kitchen.
#47 Chairman Mark (2012) –
Jeremy moves in with Mark’s sister, Sara.
#48 Quantocking II (2012) –
Mark takes Dobby on a weekend in the country.

Series Nine

#49 The William Morris Years (2015) –
Mark and Jeremy are still at loggerheads.
#50 Gregory’s Beard (2015) –
Mark and Jeremy are finally reunited.
#51 Threeism (2015) –
Jeremy’s love life takes a surprising turn.
#52 Mole-Mapping (2015) –
Mark is determined to get the woman of his dreams even though she is married.
#53 Kid Farm (2015) –
Jeremy and Super Hans fight over the rights to a tune they wrote years ago.
#54 Are We Going to Be Alright? (2015) –
Jeremy is turning 40 while Mark makes an audacious attempt to win the woman of his dreams.