Title: Only Fools and Horses
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 9
Episodes: 64
First Transmission: 1981-2003

The show revolves about the adventures of ambitious market trader Derek “Del Boy” Trotter.


Best Episode #47

The Jolly Boys’ Outing – Rodney agrees to go on the annual Jolly Boys Outing to Margate. Rodney gets arrested, and the coach’s dodgy radio – supplied by Del Boy – ignites the fuel line of the bus, causing it to explode. Forced to stay the night, the Trotters stay at a weird bed and breakfast. Rodney and Del go out for a drink to a club, where Del encounters his lost love Raquel, now working as magician’s assistant. Rodney returns home and punches Cassandra’s boss due to a misunderstanding. (1989)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
This episode has a length of 80 min and was aired on Boxing day. The Jolly Boys outing to Margate shows all the characters from Only Fools at their absolute peaks. A feel-good song by Chas & Dave is thrown in for good measure.


Worst Episode #62

If They Could See Us Now….! – Del and Rodney lose their riches and are declared bankrupt. They return to Peckham and their Mandela House flat. Del appears on the game show ‘Goldrush’ in a last-ditch attempt to win their fortune back.  Meanwhile, Sid has taken over at the Nag’s Head now that Mike is in prison. (2001)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
This is the first instalment in the last three episodes after a five-year hiatus. A tv critic sums it up perfectly – “From David Jason’s bad dye job to the toe-curling creakiness of the gags and plot lines, this was a huge disappointment.”



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Big Brother (1981) –
Del employs younger brother Rodney as a member of Trotters’ Independent Traders.
#2 Go West Young Man (1981) –
Del and Rodney go into the car trade.
#3 Cash and Curry (1981) –
Del tries to make £4,000 by getting back a priceless heirloom – it all goes wrong!
#4 The Second Time Around (1981) –
Del gets back with one of his exes, but neither Rodney nor Grandad are too keen.
#5 A Slow Bus to Chingford (1981) –
Del sets up a tour bus around London but nobody turns up.
#6 The Russians Are Coming (1981) –
Del buys a grand worth of lead in a deal and then Rodney points out that it is, in fact, a nuclear fall-out shelter.
#7 Christmas Crackers (1981) –
It’s Christmas in the Trotter household and the Yuletide festivities are wearing thin.

Series Two

#8 The Long Legs of the Law (1982) –
Del and Grandad are horrified when Rodney dates a police officer called Sandra.
#9 Ashes to Ashes (1982) –
Trigger is sad after the death of his grandmother, but as usual, Del sees the chance to make some money out of two urns.
#10 A Losing Streak (1982) –
Del hosts a winner takes all poker game against Boycie in his flat.
#11 No Greater Love… (1982) –
Rodney hooks up with Irene, a woman much older than himself and also with a jailbird husband who is just about to be released.
#12 The Yellow Peril (1982) –
Del arranges the job redecorating a Chinese Restaurant with gold paint, and he enlists the help of Rodney and Grandad.
#13 It Never Rains… (1982) –
Trotters Independent Traders is unable to trade because of the torrential rain.
#14 A Touch of Glass (1982) –
Del, Rodney and Grandad go into the chandelier cleaning business.
#15 Diamonds Are for Heather (1982) –
Del falls in love and proposes marriage.

Series Three

#16 Homesick (1983) –
Del tries to get the Trotters a ground floor flat when Grandad starts to struggle with the stairs.
#17 Healthy Competition (1983) –
Rodney decides to leave Trotters Independent Traders and join Mickey Pearce.
#18 Friday the 14th (1983) –
The Trotters take a fishing trip to Cornwall, staying in Boycie’s cottage, but a lunatic is on the loose.
#19 Yesterday Never Comes (1983) –
Del Boy gets into art dealing with Miranda, a glamorous “posh tart,” but Is she for real?
#20 May the Force Be with You (1983) –
Del’s old school enemy Slater, a police officer, is back in town hell-bent on revenge.
#21 Wanted (1983) –
Rodney helps a drunken woman but she cries rape – Del boy has some fun.
#22 Who’s a Pretty Boy? (1983) –
The Trotters paint Denzil’s flat.
#23 Thicker Than Water (1983) –
Del and Rodney’s estranged father turns up and claims that he has a hereditary disease.

Series Four

#24 Happy Returns (1985) –
Del believes that he may have sired a daughter by an old flame.
#25 Strained Relations (1985) –
After Grandad’s funeral we get introduced to Uncle Albert.
#26 Hole in One (1985) –
The Trotters are down on their luck but Uncle Albert comes up with an idea to save the day.
#27 It’s Only Rock and Roll (1985) –
Rodney joins a new band and Del Boy immediately tries to make some money out of it.
#28 Sleeping Dogs Lie (1985) –
The Trotter agree to make some easy money by looking after Boycie’s Great Dane puppy while he is on holiday.
#29 Watching the Girls Go By (1985) –
Del Boy sets up Rodney with a girl, only for Rodney to discover later that she is a stripper.
#30 As One Door Closes (1985) –
Del borrows some money from Denzil for some Louvre doors but finds the doors are now no longer needed.
#31 To Hull and Back (1985) –
Del gets into the diamond smuggling business.

Series Five

#32 From Prussia with Love (1986) –
The Trotters try to help a Fraulein in distress.
#33 The Miracle of Peckham (1986) –
Del helps the local church raise some money.
#34 The Longest Night (1986) –
The Trotters become involved in a hold-up at a local supermarket.
#35 Tea for Three (1986) –
Del and Rodney fall for the same girl but it’s Del who is left in the air!
#36 Video Nasty (1986) –
Rodney is in charge of making a film for his art class.
#37 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (1986) –
Del Boy’s old pal Jumbo Mills is back with tales of his booming business in Australia, and he wants Del to be his partner in the enterprise.
#38 A Royal Flush (1986) –
Rodney meets a pretty girl in the market with royal connections.
#39 The Frog’s Legacy (1987) –
At the wedding of Trigger’s niece, Del hears the tale of Freddy the Frog, a bank robber who left everything in his will to their mum, including the stolen gold bullion.
#40 Dates (1988) –
Del and Rodney both go on dates, and Albert’s strip-o-gram seems very familiar.

Series Six

#41 Yuppy Love (1989) –
Del has seen “Wall Street” for the fourth time and reinvents himself as a Yuppy.
#42 Danger UXD (1989) –
Del unwittingly buys 50 explosive inflatable sex dolls.
#43 Chain Gang (1989) –
Del buys 250 18-carat gold chains from a retired jeweller.
#44 The Unlucky Winner Is…(1989) –
Rodney wins a prize in a competition he didn’t even know he’d entered, and he and Cassandra go to Spain – but there is a catch!
#45 Sickness and Wealth (1989) –
To raise money, Del organises a series of séances run by Albert’s psychic friend Elsie, who correctly predicts Marlene’s pregnancy.
#46 Little Problems (1989) –
Rodney’s wedding day is approaching, and Del promises him £2000 as a present.
#47 The Jolly Boys’ Outing (1989) –
The Nag’s Head regulars head to the seaside town of Margate.
#48 Rodney Come Home (1990) –
Rodney is settling into married life but there are some problems.

Series Seven

#49 The Sky’s the Limit (1990) –
Rodney’s marriage is in trouble.
#50 The Chance of a Lunchtime (1991) –
Del has a stock of doorbells that play various National Anthems to sell.
#51 Stage Fright (1991) –
Del becomes a showbiz manager, and one of his clients is his pregnant girlfriend Raquel. But will things go to plan?
#52 The Class of ’62 (1991) –
Del goes to a school reunion where an old schoolfriend turns out to be not so friendly.
#53 He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Uncle (1991) –
Del takes the law into his own hands when Albert is the victim of crime.
#54 Three Men, a Woman and a Baby (1991) –
The birth of Del’s son is imminent.
#55 Miami Twice – The American Dream (1) (1991) –
The Trotters become transatlantic people.
#56 Miami Twice – Oh to Be in England (2) (1991) –
Del and Rodney’s holiday goes awry when their van is stolen.
#57 Mother Nature’s Son (1992) –
Del sells tap water and labels it as Peckham Spring water.
#58 Fatal Extraction (1993) –
Del goes back to his old ways – drinking, gambling and staying out late.
#59 Heroes and Villains (1996) –
Del is in a bad mood because his home-improvement grant has been turned down. Later they thwart some muggers dressed as Batman and Robin.
#60 Modern Men (1996) –
Del elects to have a vasectomy now he is a “modern man” but backs out when he finds that the doctor is still angry about the faulty paint he sold him.
#61 Time on Our Hands (1996) –
Del’s prospects take a step up in the shape of an antique watch. Is Del’s vision of becoming millionaire finally going to come to pass?
#62 If They Could See Us Now…! (2001) –
Due to some bad investments and the Central American stock market crash the Trotters lose all their money.
#63 Strangers on the Shore…! (2002) –
The Trotters go to France to scatter the late Uncle Albert’s ashes near the village where he spent part of the war.
#64 Sleepless in Peckham…! (2003) –
Marlene vanishes and Boycie is secretive about her disappearance leading people to believe that he has killed her.