Title: Mrs Brown’s Boys
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 4
Episodes: 34
First Transmission: 2011-

Agnes is a loud-mouthed Irish matriarch whose favorite pastime is meddling in the lives of her six children.


Best Episode [ S2 Ep4 ]

SuperMammy – When all of her kids declare that she’s overweight, Agnes reluctantly begins a diet, but she soon begins to cheat. Suffering from heartburn she innocently swallows pills that Rory confiscated from the hair salon, where he’s been promoted to manager, but they’re not heartburn pills and they make her act oddly. Professor Clowne, Cathy’s boyfriend, finds Agnes’ behavior fascinating and becomes more determined to interview her for his book.
29 October 1992


Worst Episode [ S3 Ep4 ]

Mammy’s Forest – Agnes’s Christmas might not be merry: Grandad is unwell; Rory’s salon catches fire, requiring a pop-up salon in Agnes’ front room; Dermot and Buster face competition for a pet-shop contract from a rival team of advertisers; and she’s determined not to have a Christmas tree. But when Christmas comes around, Grandad miraculously recovers, thanks to Agnes’ accident due to a forest of Christmas trees supplied by Buster, who has also secured the contract. Everybody gathers in the pub to celebrate with a quiz and karaoke.
25 December 2016



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 The Mammy (2011) [30m]-
Agnes Brown has many family troubles to contend with.
#2 Mammy’s Secret (2011) [30m]-
Agnes Brown worries that her family is keeping too many secrets.
#3 Mammy’s Merchandise (2011) [30m]-
Agnes is concerned when Dermot wants a criminal to be his best man.
#4 Mammy Rides Again (2011) [30m]-
Agnes is disappointed when she discovers she is not invited to Maria’s hen party because of her age.
#5 Mammy of the Groom (2011) [30m]-
Dermot’s marriage day nerves get the better of him and he locks himself in a cupboard/ Rory announces his gayness.
#6 Mammy’s Miracle (2011) [30m]-
Agnes tries to make Grandad happy by secretly staging a funeral for him.
#7 Mammy’s Ass (2011) [30m]-
Agnes is depressed that Trevor cannot make it home for Christmas.

Series Two

#8 Mammy Pulls It Off (2012) [30m]-
Having faked Grandad’s death, Agnes needs to fool the insurance company into paying out.
#9 Mammy’s Coming! (2012) [30m]-
Agnes is upset that her son Trevor has been called back to the missions in Africa.
#10 iMammy (Batteries Not Included) (2012) [30m]-
Chaos comes as Maria prepares for motherhood.
#11 Super Mammy (2012) [30m]-
Agnes goes on a diet when her family makes comments about her weight.
#12 Mammy’s Going (2012) [30m]-
Agnes overhears the family deciding to put the dog in a home and believes they are talking about her.
#13 New Mammy (2012) [30m]-
Agnes asks Hilary out to the pub in an effort to get on with her better.
#14 Mammy Christmas (2012) [30m]-
Agnes accidentally destroys her Christmas tree.
#15 The Virgin Mammy (2012) [30m]-
Agnes prepares for her unorthodox Nativity play, “Men Are Bastards!”

Series Three

#16 Mammy’s Spell (2013) [30m]-
A hypnotist is booked to provide the entertainment at the triplets’ baptism – and Agnes is soon bamboozled.
#17 Mammy’s Inflation (2013) [30m]-
Cathy decides to get a boob job to impress her boyfriend, Professor Clowne. 
#18 Mammy’s Break (2013) [30m]-
Agnes is desperate for a holiday but who can look after Grandad? She has to convince a health inspector that Grandad is losing his mind.
#19 Mammy’s Valentine (2013) [30m]-
Agnes resorts to the internet to find herself a man on Valentine’s day.
#20 Mammy? (2013) [30m]-
A phonecall leaves Mrs Brown’s children suspecting one of them may be adopted.
#21 Mammy Swings! (2013) [30m]-
Preparations for Rory and Dino’s big day are in full swing.
#22 Buckin’ Mammy (2013) [30m]-
Agnes is having a very special Christmas tree delivered.
#23 Who’s a Pretty Mammy? (2013) [30m]-
Agnes doesn’t want grandson Bono to be sent to the local primary school.

Series Four

#24 Mammy’s Tickled Pink (2014) [30m]-
Winnie drops a Christmas bombshell, but will her unusual new Christmas tree bring Agnes some festive cheer?
#25 Mammy’s Gamble (2015) [30m]-
Agnes must face old rival Hillary Nicholson in the poker final.
#26 Mammy’s Christmas Punch (2015) [30m]-
Mark and Betty fight over the reappearance of his first love/ carol singers haunt Agnes/ Buster installs a new Christmas tree.
#27 Mammy’s Widow’s Memories (2016) [30m]-
A handsome stranger appears in the pub and reveals that he only has eyes for one special woman – Agnes.
#28 Live: Mammy Sutra (2016) [30m]-
When Agnes discovers that Mark and Betty are having bedroom problems, she tries to help.
#29 Mammy’s Forest (2016) [30m]-
Agnes has had enough hassle with Christmas trees, so this year she refuses to have one.
#30 Chez Mammy (2017) [30m]-
Agnes’s grandson, Bono, is being bullied by a boy at school. 
#31 Mammy’s Mummy (2017) [30m]-
Grandad is convinced that the house is haunted/ Rory has had plastic surgery.
#32 CSI: Mammy (2018) [30m]-
A crime wave hits Finglas, so Father Damien and Maria put together a neighbourhood watch scheme.
#33 Exotic Mammy (2018) [30m]-
Father Damian has organised a Christmas decoration contest to support the local football team.
#34 Mammy’s Motel (2019) [30m]-
The pipes burst in Winnie and Sharon’s house, so Agnes offers them a place to stay.
#35 A Wonderful Mammy (2019) [30m]-
An angel appears and grants Agnes the wish to see what the world would look like if she’d never been born.
#36 Orange is the New Mammy (2020) [30m]-
Peggie Piper the poisoner has been released from prison. Winnie, a witness, is worried.