Title: The Mrs Bradley Mysteries
Series: 1
Episodes: 5
First Transmission: 1998

The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries is a crime drama series that aired on BBC One from 1998-2000. The series is based on the character created by detective writer Gladys Mitchell.Adela Bradley, a sophisticated woman of the world, and her chauffeur George Moody are an unlikely pair of investigators back in the England of the 1920s. The sexual tension between Mrs. Bradley and George fairly crackles along as each episode unfolds to a logical conclusion while Mrs. Bradley, with the help of her trusty chauffeur George, employs her unique sleuthing talents in solving the mysteries that come her way.

Best Episode

Speedy Death (1998) – Mrs. Bradley attends her ex-husband’s funeral and segues to the estate of her paralyzed goddaughter, who is hosting an engagement party.

Worst Episode

Laurels Are Poison (2000) – Mrs Bradley tries to solve the mysterious murder of her friend’s relative who is found poisoned in her garden, while chauffeur George confronts some skeletons in his closet.


Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Speedy Death (1998)
#2 Death at the Opera (2000)
#3 The Rising of the Moon (2000)
#4 Laurels Are Poison (2000)
#5 The Worsted Viper (2000)