Title: Inspector Morse
Genre: UK Crime Drama
Series: 8
Episodes: 33
First Transmission: 1987-2000

The culture-loving Inspector Morse sets out with Sergeant Lewis to solve murders.


Best Episode #15

Masonic Mysteries – Morse finds himself framed for murder by an unknown mastermind and suspended as Lewis is seconded to DCI Bottomley, who is in charge of the case. (1990)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
Notable for Morse being the number one suspect after he foolishly touches the murder weapon. A well-constructed complex and creepy episode although some Morse connoisseurs find it a bit daft.


Worst Episode #25

Cherubim & Seraphim – A new drug developed to combat senility is ironically being distributed to teens at all-night parties and driving some to suicide. (1992)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
Considered a boring and confused episode. Populated by dumb teenagers, this entry has Morse seemingly out of his depth.



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Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 The Dead of Jericho (1987) –
Anne Stavely allegedly commits suicide at her home in Jericho, although Morse is not convinced.
#2 The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn (1987) –
Morse and Lewis are led into a possible college cheating scandal after the murder of a deaf university entrance examiner.
#3 Service of All the Dead (1987) –
Members of a church start to die one by one.

Series Two

#4 The Wolvercote Tongue (1987) –
An elderly woman dies and also the medieval jewellery she was about to donate disappears.
#5 Last Seen Wearing (1988) –
Morse is assigned a cold case of a runaway teenager; he suspects that the girl has been murdered.
#6 The Settling of the Sun (1988) –
Morse has to solve the murder of a Japanese student.
#7 Last Bus to Woodstock (1988) –
A young blonde hitches a lift from a bus stop and turns up dead in a pub car park.

Series Three

#8 Ghost in the Machine (1989) –
Morse investigates the theft of some erotic art.
#9 The Last Enemy (1989) –
The headless body of an academic is found in Oxford Canal.
#10 Deceived by Flight (1989) –
Lewis goes undercover on the university cricket team to investigate a murder.
#11 The Secret of Bay 5B (1989) –
A blackmailer is found garroted in his car in a garage deck.

Series Four

#12 The Infernal Serpent (1990) –
An environmentalist professor is mugged and later dies after an attack on campus just prior to a controversial debate.
#13 The Sins of the Fathers (1990) –
The managing director and heir to a family-owned brewery in dire financial straits is found drowned in a vat of his own ale.
#14 Driven to Distraction (1990) –
Two beautiful women are stabbed to death a month apart by the same killer.
#15 Masonic Mysteries (1990) –
Morse finds himself framed for murder.

Series Five

#16 Second Time Around (1991) –
Morse links the killing of a Deputy Assistant Commissioner to an 18 years old cold case murder of an 8-year-old girl.
#17 Fat Chance (1991) –
Morse investigates the death of a young woman and connects it to a weight loss company.
#18 Who Killed Harry Field? (1991) –
Artist Harry Field is found murdered and thrown off an overpass.
#19 Greeks Bearing Gifts (1991) –
A Greek chef is murdered.
#20 Promised Land (1991) –
Morse and Lewis go to Australia to find a witness who has been in witness protection for ten years.

Series Six

#21 Dead on Time (1992) –
A respected, dying Oxford don, husband of Morse’s former fiancĂ©e, apparently shoots himself, but it seems he wasn’t capable of the act.
#22 Happy Families (1992) –
The head of a wealthy but dysfunctional family is found bludgeoned to death.
#23 The Death of the Self (1992) –
Morse and Lewis are sent to Italy to look into the suspicious death of an English woman.
#24 Absolute Conviction (1992) –
Morse and Lewis investigate the affairs of three people in prison for fraud when one of them is murdered.
#25 Cherubim and Seraphim (1992) –
A new drug to combat senility is being distributed to teens at all-night parties and driving some to suicide.

Series Seven

#26 Deadly Slumber (1993) –
The head of a medical clinic is found asphyxiated in his garage.
#27 The Day of the Devil (1993) –
A sociopathic murderer who believes in the occult escapes from prison.
#28 Twilight of the Gods (1993) –
Gwladys Probert, a world-renowned mezzo-soprano, is shot by a sniper at Oxford.

Series Eight

#29 The Way Through the Woods (1995) –
A serial killer disavows a murder on his deathbed, leading Morse to reopen the case.
#30 The Daughters of Cain (1996) –
An Oxford professor is stabbed to death at home with a weapon not yet to be stolen from a university museum.
#31 Death Is Now My Neighbour (1997) –
When the neighbour of a murdered woman is killed, Morse has a hunch that the first murder was an error.
#32 The Wench Is Dead (1998) –
In hospital with a bleeding ulcer, Morse is convinced that an 1859 murder’s resolution was a miscarriage of justice.
#33 The Remorseful Day (2000) –
An ailing Morse investigates the cold case of a nymphomaniac when persons of interest connected with it turn up dead.