Title: Mind Your Language
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 3
Episodes: 29
First Transmission: 1977-1979

Jeremy Brown is a language teacher who tries to make a living by teaching English to immigrants.



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Series One

#1 The First Lesson (1977) –
Jeremy Brown, an English teacher, meets his class of foreign students.
#2 An Inspector Calls (1978) – 
An education inspector arrives.
#3 A Fate Worse Than Death (1978) – 
Ranjeet plans to commit suicide because of a girl he has to marry.
#4 All Through the Night (1978) –
Mr Brown and the class get locked inside the classroom.
#5 The Best Things in Life (1978) –
Jamila has been arrested for shoplifting – by accident!
#6 Come Back All is Forgiven (1978) –
It’s Mr. Brown’s birthday and everyone in the class has brought him a present. 
#7 The Cheating Game (1978) –
The students cheat on a mock English exam.
#8 Better to Have Loved and Lost (1978) –
Ali and Suli announce that they will be getting married, but Ali is already married and planning to take Suli as a second wife.
#9 Kill or Cure (1978) –
Mr Brown is ill and cannot teach the class.
#10 Hello Sailor (1978) –
Juan brings a Russian sailor friend to the class who has come to England to escape Russia.
#11 A Point of Honour (1978) –
Mr Brown tries to squash rumours that he is having an affair with Danielle.
#12 How’s Your Father (1978) –
Could Sid the Janitor be Jeremy’s father?
#13 The Examination (1978) –
The students prepare to take their exams at the end of the first term.

Series Two

#14 All Present If Not Correct (1978) –
Mr Brown has two new students as well as ten old ones who did not pass their exam.
#15 Queen for a Day (1978) –
Miss Courtney announces that the Queen will be paying a visit to their school.
#16 Brief Re-Encounter (1978) –
Miss Courteney’s long lost love returns, but does he have ulterior motives?
#17 Many Happy Returns (1978) –
Ranjeet has lost his hard-earned cash, but it seems that someone has bet half of it on a horse race.
#18 Don’t Forget the Driver (1978) –
A road trip is planned for the class.
#19 A Hard Day’s Night (1978) –
Because Jeremy’s flat is being redecorated, Giovanni and Max invite him to spend the night at their place.
#20 Take Your Partners (1978) –
Jeremy is talked into buying two tickets to the Ladies Circle Dance.
#21 After Three (1978) –
It’s the Annual College Concert.

Series Three

#22 I Belong to Glasgow (1979) –
Mr Brown takes in a new student, a feisty Scotsman who speaks in dialect.
#23 Who Loves Ya Baby? (1979) –
Mr Brown ends up on the window ledge to look for a lost baby.
#24 No Flowers by Request (1979) –
Mr Brown breaks his leg but the school is accidentally informed that he has died.
#25 Just the Job (1979) –
Mr Brown’s new job has fallen through, so now he needs to get his old job back.
#26 Guilty or Not Guilty? (1979) –
The students find themselves up in court for rioting.
#27 Repent at Leisure (1979) –
Anna’s au pair visa is set to expire, so the class decides to marry her off to an Englishman.
#28 The School Fete (1979) –
The school hosts a charity bazaar and needs a celebrity to be the Master of Ceremonies.
#29 What a Tangled Web (1979) –
Jeremy Brown’s responsibility as an English teacher to foreign students doesn’t seem to end when leaves the class.