Title: McCloud
Series: 7
Episodes: 46
First Transmission: 1970

Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud of the Taos police travels to NYC to track down a criminal and then ends up on loan to the NYPD as a special investigator. His laid-back approach is in stark contrast to the tough NY police officers that he works with.

Best Episode

Return to the Alamo (1975) – A thief kidnaps Broadhurst in order to swap him for the thief’s brother and a time bomb ticks in the squad room ceiling.

The Day New York Turned Blue (1976) – A blizzard and a police walkout endangers the life of a protected Mob witness. Outside a prostitute paints her customers blue!

3rd Best Episode

The Man with the Golden Hat (1975) – A hat is somehow connected to the embezzlement of $7 million by a consortium including the directors of a ballet company.

4th Best Episode

London Bridges (1977) – A noble cat burglar, swipes his party host’s prize ring. On inspecting the ring, he discovers a microfilm containing plans of Buckingham Palace and places where Irish terrorists plan to plant bombs on the Queen’s birthday.

5th Best Episode

Shivaree on Delancy Street (1974) – A Jewish tailor who wins big is descended upon by the mob. McCloud’s colleague Sgt. Broadhurst is framed as being on the take.

Worst Episode

A Little Plot at Tranquil Valley (1972) – The black market is hot with sales of stolen diluted penicillin. McCloud’s investigations lead to him being held hostage by smugglers who want him out of their territory.


Notes & Comments

Info Updated: 2022-02-12

The data on this page is updated when any major changes occur to episode rankings (which is less common with older series), or when new episodes are added as is the case with current television series.

The overall spread in the rating distribution is equal to 2.2 rating points.

The top-rated episode, Return to the Alamo (1975), differs from the second-rated episode, The Day New York Turned Blue (1976), by 9 percent of the overall spread.

The bottom-rated episode, A Little Plot at Tranquil Valley (1972), differs from the second bottom-rated episode, Portrait of a Dead Girl (1970), by 4 percent of the overall spread.

The middle-rated episode is Showdown at the End of the World (1973).


Episode Rating Graph for McCloud (1970)


Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Portrait of a Dead Girl (1970)
#2 Who Says You Can’t Make Friends in New York City? (1970)
#3 Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue (1970)
#4 The Concrete Corral (1970)
#5 The Stage Is All the World (1970)
#6 Walk in the Dark (1970)
#7 Our Man in Paris (1970)
#8 Encounter with Aries (1971)
#9 Top of the World, Ma! (1971)
#10 Somebody’s Out to Get Jennie (1971)
#11 The Disposal Man (1971)
#12 A Little Plot at Tranquil Valley (1972)
#13 Fifth Man in a String Quartet (1972)
#14 Give My Regrets to Broadway (1972)
#15 The New Mexican Connection (1972)
#16 The Barefoot Stewardess Caper (1972)
#17 The Park Avenue Rustlers (1972)
#18 Showdown at the End of the World (1973)
#19 The Million Dollar Round Up (1973)
#20 Butch Cassidy Rides Again (1973)
#21 The Solid Gold Swingers (1973)
#22 A Cowboy in Paradise (1974)
#23 The Colorado Cattle Caper (1974)
#24 This Must Be the Alamo (1974)
#25 The Barefoot Girls of Bleecker Street (1974)
#26 The Gang That Stole Manhattan (1974)
#27 Shivaree on Delancy Street (1974)
#28 The 42nd Street Cavalry (1974)
#29 The Concrete Jungle Caper (1974)
#30 The Man with the Golden Hat (1975)
#31 Lady on the Run (1975)
#32 Sharks! (1975)
#33 Return to the Alamo (1975)
#34 Park Avenue Pirates (1975)
#35 Showdown at Times Square (1975)
#36 Fire! (1975)
#37 Three Guns for New York (1975)
#38 Our Man in the Harem (1976)
#39 The Day New York Turned Blue (1976)
#40 Night of the Shark (1976)
#41 Bonnie and McCloud (1976)
#42 ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas… (1976)
#43 The Great Taxicab Stampede (1977)
#44 The Moscow Connection (1977)
#45 London Bridges (1977)
#46 McCloud Meets Dracula (1977)