Title: The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
Genre: US Comedy Drama
: 3
Episodes: 26
First Transmission: 2017-

Mrs Maisel accidentally discovers her own comedic skills.



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Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Pilot (2017) –
Midge Maisel is supportive of her husband’s dream of becoming a stand up comic until he bombs on stage and blames her.
#2 Ya Shivu v Bolshom Dome na Kholme (2017) –
Joel leaves and Midge’s life is in a tailspin.
#3 Because You Left (2017) –
Midge finds herself in legal trouble./ Lenny Bruce offers some unconventional inspiration for her act.
#4 The Disappointment of the Dionne Quintuplets (2017) –
Susie shows Midge the ropes while going on a tour of New York comedy clubs.
#5 Doink (2017) –
Midge dives into a new line of work and makes some quirky friends along the way.
#6 Mrs. X at the Gaslight (2017) –
Midge performs in front of a new type of audience.
#7 Put That on Your Plate! (2017) –
Midge hones her act at the Gaslight and stirs up controversy after meeting a big-time comedian.
#8 Thank You and Good Night (2017) –
Midge and Susie deal with the repercussions of Midge’s takedown of a famous comedian. 

Series Two

#9 Simone (2018) –
Midge takes the stage for a foreign audience.
#10 Mid-way to Mid-town (2018) –
Midge and Susie continue building Midge’s standup career.
#11 The Punishment Room (2018) –
Midge helps Mary with her special day.
#12 We’re Going to the Catskills! (2018) –
Midge, Joel, Rose and Abe go to a summer vacation resort.
#13 Midnight at the Concord (2018) –
Summer season at Steiner Mountain Resort continues.
#14 Let’s Face the Music and Dance (2018) –
Midge’s secret is now exposed to Abe.
#15 Look, She Made a Hat (2018) –
Benjamin opens Midge’s eyes to the New York art scene.
#16 Someday… (2018) –
Midge and Susie gear up for their first road trip.
#17 Vote for Kennedy, Vote for Kennedy (2018) –
Susie lands Midge her first gig on television.
#18 All Alone (2018) –
Midge and Rose begin planning for Midge’s future.

Series Three

#19 Strike Up the Band! (2019) –
Midge performs at a USO show ahead of touring with Shy.
#20 It’s the Sixties, Man! (2019) –
Midge and Joel deal with their divorce.
#21 Panty Pose (2019) –
Midge struggles with her act as Shy’s tour kicks off.
#22 Hands! (2019) –
Joel visits Midge in Vegas.
#23 It’s Comedy or Cabbage (2019) –
Midge runs into an old friend in Miami.
#24 Kind of Bleu (2019) –
Midge helps Shy out of a scrape.
#25 Marvelous Radio (2019) –
Midge and Susie hustle for work.
#26 A Jewish Girl Walks Into the Apollo… (2019) –
Joel’s club has its grand opening./ Midge learns a hard show business lesson.