Title: Luke Cage
: Sci-Fi, Action
Series: 2
Episodes: 26
First Transmission: 2016-2018

Luke Cage becomes a fugitive after a sabotaged experiment gives him super strength and unbreakable skin.


Best Episode #23

The Main Ingredient (2018) – Danny Rand – the Iron Fist – pays Luke a visit and offers to help him find Bushmaster. Meanwhile, Mariah sets out to regain her stolen empire and Misty confronts the traitor in the precinct house.

2nd Best Episode #7

Manifest (2016) – While Mariah faces pressure to resign from her political career, Cornell tries to blackmail Luke into working for him. Cornell and Mariah’s history with Mama Mabel is revealed. Cottonmouth picks up information that could put Luke on the run.

3rd Best Episode #4

Step in the Arena (2016) – Luke fights for his life beneath a toppled building rescuing a victim of Cottonmouth. While there, he remembers his past and the experimental treatment at Seagate Prison that gave him his superpowers.

4th Best Episode #11

Now You’re Mine (2016) – When Luke busts into his club, Stryker turns the situation around and makes Luke look like the guilty party. Misty’s life is in danger and only Claire can help her.

5th Best Episode #3

Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? (2016) – After a chaotic event at a favorite Harlem hangout, Luke hits Cottonmouth where he’ll feel it most.

Worst Episode #14

Soul Brother #1 (2018) – Luke takes on heroin dealers who are branding their product with his name and gets himself some fame. manage. Misty returns to work after losing her arm, and a new player enters Harlem.



Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Moment of Truth (2016)
#2 Code of the Streets (2016)
#3 Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? (2016)
#4 Step in the Arena (2016)
#5 Just to Get a Rep (2016)
#6 Suckas Need Bodyguards (2016)
#7 Manifest (2016)
#8 Blowin’ Up the Spot (2016)
#9 DWYCK (2016)
#10 Take It Personal (2016)
#11 Now You’re Mine (2016)
#12 Soliloquy of Chaos (2016)
#13 You Know My Steez (2016)
#14 Soul Brother #1 (2018)
#15 Straighten It Out (2018)
#16 Wig Out (2018)
#17 I Get Physical (2018)
#18 All Souled Out (2018)
#19 The Basement (2018)
#20 On and On (2018)
#21 If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right (2018)
#22 For Pete’s Sake (2018)
#23 The Main Ingredient (2018)
#24 The Creator (2018)
#25 Can’t Front on Me (2018)
#26 They Reminisce Over You (2018)