Title: Lost in Space (1965)
Genre: US Sci-Fi Series
Series: 3
Episodes: 83
First Transmission: 1965-1968

The Jupiter 2, a futuristic saucer-shaped spacecraft designed to take the Robinson family on a five-and-a-half-year journey to an Earthlike planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri. Unfortunately, an onboard saboteur, Dr Zachary Smith, is about to make them lost in space.

Best Episode [ S3 Ep15 ]

The Anti-Matter Man – John Robinson and Don West are transported onto a strange new world where their evil opposites exist and plan to change places with them. Will, The Robot and  Dr Smith set out to find and help the real Don and John only to be pursued by an evil John Robinson.
27 December 1967


Worst Episode [ S2 Ep19 ]

Mutiny in Space – A space pirate looking for his mutinous crew,  find Will and Dr Smith trying to repair his empty ship.
1 February 1967



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Series One

#1 The Reluctant Stowaway (1965) –
The Robinsons head to Alpha Centauri in their flying saucer, the Gemini 12, but crash land on an uncharted planet.
#2 The Derelict (1965) –
The Jupiter 2 is pulled into a giant ship occupied by bubble-like creatures.
#3 Island in the Sky (1965) –
Dr Robinson is pulled down onto a planet.
#4 There Were Giants in the Earth (1965) –
The Robinsons will freeze unless they head south.
#5 The Hungry Sea (1965) –
The planet grows hotter as it nears the sun.
#6 Welcome Stranger (1965) –
The Robinsons meet an explorer also lost in space.
#7 My Friend, Mr. Nobody (1965) –
Penny strikes up a friendship with a voice in a cave.
#8 Invaders from the Fifth Dimension (1965) –
Aliens need a brain for their computer.
#9 The Oasis (1965) –
Smith eats some fruit that turns him into a paranoid giant.
#10 The Sky is Falling (1965) –
An alien race called The Taurons are on their way.
#11 Wish Upon a Star (1965) –
Will and Dr Smith encounter an alien machine that grants wishes, which tests the values of the Robinson group.
#12 The Raft (1965) –
The crew construct a “space raft.”
#13 One of Our Dogs is Missing (1965) –
The Robinson women must deal with an alien intruder.
#14 Attack of the Monster Plants (1965) –
A banished Dr Smith encounters plants that can duplicate people.
#15 Return from Outer Space (1965) –
Using a Tauron matter transfer device, Will beams himself to Earth.
#16 The Keeper (1) (1966) –
The Keeper is an alien who travels the galaxy collecting living pairs of interesting or rare animals, and now he wants some humans.
#17 The Keeper (2) (1966) –
The Keeper blackmails the Robinsons for their children.
#18 The Sky Pirate (1966) –
Will becomes friends wandering space buccaneer.
#19 Ghost in Space (1966) –
Doctor Smith summons a ghostly monster native to the planet.
#20 War of the Robots (1966) –
After the Robinsons repair a damaged robot, it first helps them and then plots to capture them.
#21 The Magic Mirror (1966) –
Penny comes across an alien mirror and finds a universe occupied by a very lonely boy.
#22 The Challenge (1966) –
John and Will fight a battle with an alien father and son – to the death!
#23 The Space Trader (1966) –
Doctor Smith makes a deal with the space trader and comes to regret it.
#24 His Majesty Smith (1966) –
Doctor Smith is made the ruler of an alien species and then learns that he is their sacrifice.
#25 The Space Croppers (1966) –
The Robinsons run into a group of space hillbillies.
#26 All That Glitters (1966) –
Dr Smith and Penny obtain a ring that will turn anything to platinum.
#27 The Lost Civilization (1966) –
Will awakes a sleeping princess.
#28 A Change of Space (1966) –
An interdimensional ship turns Will into a genius and Dr Smith into an old man.
#29 Follow the Leader (1966) –
An evil spirit takes possession of John Robinson.

Series Two

#30 Blast Off Into Space (1966) –
A space miner starts to blast the planet apart.
#31 Wild Adventure (1966) –
A space female lures Smith out of the spaceship.
#32 The Ghost Planet (1966) –
Dr Smith makes the Jupiter 2 land on a planet occupied by cyborgs.
#33 Forbidden World (1966) –
The Robinsons encounter a hermit who plans to attack the Jupiter 2 with his army.
#34 Space Circus (1966) –
A space circus comes to town and the owner wants Will to run away with it.
#35 The Prisoners of Space (1966) –
The Robinsons are tried for space crimes.
#36 The Android Machine (1966) –
Doctor Smith finds an android machine.
#37 The Deadly Games of Gamma 6 (1966) –
Dr Smith ends up in a boxing match with some space gladiators.
#38 The Thief of Outer Space (1966) –
Will, Penny and Dr Smith get involved with a thief who is searching for a princess.
#39 Curse of Cousin Smith (1966) –
Jeremiah Smith shows up to kill Doctor Smith for his inheritance.
#40 West of Mars (1966) –
Zeno, an intergalactic gunfighter and also Smith’s double, swaps places with him.
#41 A Visit to Hades (1966) –
An alien harp is found that is a gateway to a planet that resembles hell.
#42 Wreck of the Robot (1966) –
The robot is stolen to create more robots in order to conquer the earth.
#43 The Dream Monster (1966) –
Doctor Smith agrees to gives the emotions of the Robinsons to an alien in order to get back to Earth.
#44 The Golden Man (1966) –
The Robinsons come between a race of gold and green men.
#45 The Girl from the Green Dimension (1967) –
The green woman returns, in love with Dr Smith.
#46 The Questing Beast (1967) –
A space knight turns up in pursuit of the questing beast.
#47 The Toymaker (1967) –
Smith and Will find a toymaker’s world inside an alien merchandise ordering machine.
#48 Mutiny in Space (1967) –
A space pirate turns up looking for his crew that mutinied.
#49 The Space Vikings (1967) –
Dr Smith unintentionally conjures up the magical gauntlets and war hammer of the Norse god Thor.
#50 Rocket to Earth (1967) –
A space wizard conjures up a spaceship so that Doctor Smith can return to earth.
#51 The Cave of the Wizards (1967) –
Dr Smith falls under the influence of the Draconians just as the Jupiter 2 is about to launch.
#52 Treasure of the Lost Planet (1967) –
Will is reunited with his friend Captain Tucker in this sequel to “The Sky Pirate.”
#53 Revolt of the Androids (1967) –
A killer android is on the loose.
#54 The Colonists (1967) –
A female alien uses the Robinsons to colonise the planet.
#55 Trip Through the Robot (1967) –
The Robot is affected by strange forces and grows to the size of a building. Will and Dr Smith enter the Robot to try to reverse the process and save him.
#56 The Phantom Family (1967) –
The alien scientist Lemnoc captures Don, Judy, Penny, and Dr Smith and replaces them with android duplicates.
#57 The Mechanical Men (1967) –
The planet is invaded by an army of tiny robots who closely resemble the Robinson’s robot and acclaim him as their long-predicted king.
#58 The Astral Traveler (1967) –
Will and Dr Smith find a cave that transports them to Earth, 19th century Scotland.
#59 The Galaxy Gift (1967) –
Penny is given a belt by an alien being.

Series Three

#60 Condemned of Space (1967) –
The Robinsons leave the planet before a comet collision.
#61 Visit to a Hostile Planet (1967) –
The Robinsons return to Earth in the year 1947 after passing through a timewarp.
#62 Kidnapped in Space (1967) –
A spaceship requests medical help for their computer.
#63 Hunter’s Moon (1967) –
After killing a hostile alien, Professor Robinson comes across a “hunter.”
#64 The Space Primevals (1967) –
A planet contains primitives ruled by a computer.
#65 Space Destructors (1967) –
Using an alien machine, Doctor Smith creates an army of cyborgs to conquer the universe.
#66 The Haunted Lighthouse (1967) –
The Robinsons come across a spaceship that is a space lighthouse.
#67 Flight Into the Future (1967) –
Will, Doctor Smith and the robot land on a planet to find the Jupiter 2 is now an archaeological site and that they are in the future.
#68 Collision of Planets (1967) –
A group of space hippies are going to destroy the planet the Robinsons are on.
#69 Space Creature (1967) –
Will and Doctor Smith are left alone when a gaseous creature engulfs the Jupiter 2.
#70 Deadliest of the Species (1967) –
The robot falls in ‘love’ with an evil female robot.
#71 A Day at the Zoo (1967) –
Galaxy showman Farnum B. wants to exhibit the Robinsons in his zoo.
#72 Two Weeks in Space (1967) –
Dr Smith turns the Jupiter 2 into a hotel.
#73 Castles in Space (1967) –
Will encounters a princess who is escaping two bounty hunters.
#74 The Anti-Matter Man (1967) –
John Robinson and Don West are transported into a parallel world where their evil opposites exist and plan to change places with them.
#75 Target Earth (1968) –
Some shapeless beings duplicate the Robinsons and intend to use the Jupiter 2 to conquer the Earth.
#76 Princess of Space (1968) –
Penny is kidnapped by aliens who think that she is the missing Princess Alpha.
#77 The Time Merchant (1968) –
Dr Smith returns to Earth just before the launch of the Jupiter 2.
#78 The Promised Planet (1968) –
The Robinsons reach Alpha Centauri and find the base run by young people.
#79 Fugitives in Space (1968) –
Don and Dr Smith are sent to an intergalactic prison after coming across an escapee.
#80 Space Beauty (1968) –
Judy enters a Galaxy beauty pageant.
#81 The Flaming Planet (1968) –
A gigantic plant becomes attached to the Jupiter 2.
#82 The Great Vegetable Rebellion (1968) –
Dr Smith lands the pod on a planet where plants are the highest form of intelligence.
#83 Junkyard in Space (1968) –
With the Robinsons running out of food, Dr. Smith trades the ship and the robot to a junk man for food.