Title: The Larry Sanders Show
Genre: US Sitcom
Series: 6
Episodes: 90
Runtime: 23 min
First Transmission: 1992-1998
Channel: HBO

A comedic behind the scenes look at a late-night talk show.



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 The Garden Weasel (1992) –
Larry is annoyed that a network executive wants him to do live commercials during the show for “The Garden Weasel.”
#2 The Promise (1992) –
Larry is annoyed that David Spade is booked on another show.
#3 The Spider Episode (1992) –
Larry is afraid when live spiders are scheduled for the show/ He tries to find a sketch to do with guest Carol Burnett.
#4 Guest Host (1992) –
A guest host on his show makes Larry very, very nervous.
#5 The New Producer (1992) –
A friend of Larry’s temporarily replaces Artie as producer but schemes to make the job permanent.
#6 The Flirt Episode (1992) –
Larry flirts with a playful Mimi Rogers on the show.
#7 Hank’s Contract (1992) –
Hank wants a raise and a golf cart.
#8 Out of the Loop (1992) –
Larry feels out of touch when he’s the last to know that his head writer is having a torrid office affair.
#9 Talk Show (1992) –
Larry loses concentration on his show after an argument with Jeannie.
#10 The Party (1992) –
Larry’s little dinner at home with Arthur escalates into a full-blown party and causes Larry to become extremely paranoid.
#11 The Warmth Episode (1992) –
Larry hires a focus group to help him tighten up the show.
#12 A Brush with the Elbow of Greatness (1992) –
Larry makes the tabloids when a woman claims he knocked her into a magazine rack and neglected to apologize.
#13 Hey Now (1992) –
Larry orders Hank not to use his catchphrase on the show.

Series Two

#14 The Breakdown (1) (1993) –
Larry faces sinking ratings and a divorce suit from Jeannie.
#15 The Breakdown (2) (1993) –
Hank and Artie try to fix him up with attractive women.
#16 The List (1993) –
Larry asks Francine for a list of all her sexual partners since their divorce.
#17 The Stalker (1993) –
Larry is stalked by an obsessed fan.
#18 Larry’s Agent (1993) –
Larry wants a new high-power agent to negotiate his new deal with the network.
#19 The Hankerciser 200 (1993) –
Francine is injured using an exercise device being endorsed by Hank who’s afraid she’ll write about it.
#20 Life Behind Larry (1993) –
Larry worries over not winning a major award again.
#21 Artie’s Gone (1993) –
Artie gets stuck on the highway leaving Paula the booker to function as the producer for the show.
#22 Larry Loses Interest (1993) –
Larry loses interest as the show’s traditional anniversary show approaches.
#23 Larry’s Partner (1993) –
Unexpectedly, Larry’s old stand up partner shows up.
#24 Broadcast Nudes (1993) –
Darlene is asked to pose for Playboy.
#25 Larry’s Birthday (1993) –
Larry’s surprise birthday party is interrupted by a staff shake-up.
#26 Being There (1993) –
Larry struggles with Francine’s independence.
#27 Performance Artist (1993) –
Larry has a problem with an avant-garde artist.
#28 Hank’s Wedding (1993) –
Hank decides to get married on the show.
#29 Off Camera (1993) –
A magazine writer goes behind the scenes of the show.
#30 The Grand Opening (1993) –
Hank struggles to open the Look-A-Round Café.
#31 L.A. or N.Y.? (1993) –
Larry’s future is in doubt when the network is sold.

Series Three

#32 Montana (1994) –
Larry plots his return to the show.
#33 You’re Having My Baby (1994) –
A Montana woman claims that Larry made her pregnant.
#34 Would You Do Me a Favor? (1994) –
Larry’s father visits.
#35 The Gift Episode (1994) –
Paula is determined to stop guest Danny DeVito from cancelling.
#36 People’s Choice (1994) –
#37 Hank’s Night in the Sun (1994) –
Larry is ill, so Hank is called on to host the show.
#38 Office Romance (1994) –
The staff is at odds over Larry’s romance with Darlene.
#39 The Mr. Sharon Stone Show (1994) –
Sharon Stone causes Larry problems.
#40 Headwriter (1994) –
Phil wants to be the show’s head writer.
#41 Like No Business I Know (1994) –
Bobcat Goldthwait creates tension.
#42 Larry Loses a Friend (1994) –
Guest Jon Lovitz pursues a date with Darlene.
#43 Doubt of the Benefit (1994) –
Larry’s refusal to host a charity benefit may have spoiled his chances to get Rob Reiner as a guest.
#44 Hank’s Divorce (1994) –
Hank’s marriage is in trouble at the one year mark.
#45 The Fourteenth Floor (1994) –
Larry offends the network on his show.
#46 Next Stop Bottom (1994) –
Hank hits the bottom during his divorce.
#47 Arthur’s Crises (1994) –
Larry worries that Arthur is being courted for another job.
#48 End of the Season (1994) –
Roseanne helps with Larry’s addiction to painkillers.

Series Four

#49 Roseanne’s Return (1995) –
Larry fears an awkward reunion with Roseanne.
#50 Hank’s New Assistant (1995) –
Hank struggles with his new assistant’s sexuality.
#51 Arthur After Hours (1995) –
Tired of the way Larry treats him, Arthur becomes intoxicated and sounds off.
#52 The Bump (1995) –
Larry and Arthur’s problem is that the show has too many guests.
#53 Jeannie’s Visit (1995) –
Larry’s ex-wife, Jeannie, comes to visit.
#54 The P.A. (1995) –
Arthur’s son is the new P.A. and everybody has difficulties with him.
#55 Hank’s Sex Tape (1995) –
Someone steals an embarrassing videotape from Hank’s office.
#56 Nothing Personal (1995) –
Larry tries to get a “big name” on the show.
#57 Brother, Can You Spare 1.2 Million? (1995) –
Larry is in financial trouble because of his business manager.
#58 Conflict of Interest (1995) –
Problems arise when Paula dates Larry’s agent.
#59 I Was a Teenage Lesbian (1995) –
Someone from Paula’s past is booked on the show.
#60 Larry’s Sitcom (1995) –
Larry is offered the chance of his own sitcom.
#61 Larry’s Big Idea (1995) –
Larry causes problems when he puts his staff on the show.
#62 Beverly and the Prop Job (1995) –
Beverly considers quitting due to the lack of black people both working and appearing on the show.
#63 0.409 (1995) –
Larry dates a much younger woman.
#64 Eight (1995) –
The Larry Sanders Show celebrates its 8th anniversary.
#65 Larry’s on Vacation (1995) –
Larry is recovering from surgery and Sandra Bernhard is booked to guest host.

Series Five

#66 Everybody Loves Larry (1996) –
Larry thinks David Duchovny has a crush on him.
#67 My Name is Asher Kingsley (1996) –
Hank decides to embrace his religion.
#68 Where is the Love? (1996) –
Larry responds on his show when a television critic gives Larry a bad review.
#69 Ellen, or Isn’t She? (1996) –
Larry isn’t entirely sure that Ellen is gay.
#70 The New Writer (1996) –
Phil is troubled by the new female writer. 
#71 The Matchmaker (1997) –
Larry has trouble firing a staff member who is consistently messing up.
#72 Make a Wish (1997) –
Larry is desperate to make People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive list.
#73 Arthur and Angie and Hank and Hercules (1997) –
Angie Dickinson is appearing on the show and it causes Arthur some problems.
#74 The Prank (1997) –
Larry thinks that Lori Loughlin stole money out of his wallet. 
#75 The Book (1997) –
Larry decides to write a book about his life and career.
#76 Pain Equals Funny (1997) –
Phil’s writing suffers when he gets a new girlfriend, but thrives whenever she hurts him.
#77 The Roast (1997) –
Larry is roasted by his friends and a couple of strangers.
#78 Larry’s New Love (1997) –
Larry’s new girlfriend convinces him to put her in a sketch on his show.

Series Six

#79 Another List (1998) –
Larry is reluctant to listen to network suggestions on how to improve the show.
#80 The Beginning of the End (1998) –
Larry announces to his audience that he will be leaving the show.
#81 As My Career Lay Dying (1998) –
The show winds down.
#82 Pilots and Pens Lost (1998) –
Larry buys Arthur a special gift, and Arthur loses it.
#83 The Interview (1998) –
Larry embarrasses himself during an interview and needs to get it edited.
#84 Adolf Hankler (1998) –
Jon Stewart writes a sketch starring Hank as Hitler.
#85 Beverly’s Secret (1998) –
One of the guests on the show has got Beverly pregnant, but who?
#86 I Buried Sid (1998) –
Hank is worried that Sid’s suicide has something to do with him.
#87 Just the Perfect Blendship (1998) –
Larry wants to date Jeff Goldblum’s ex, Gina Gershon.
#88 Putting the Gay Back in Litigation (1998) –
Brian can no longer take Phil’s homophobic jokes and threatens to sue.
#89 Flip (1) (1998) –
Larry and the staff prepare for Larry’s last show.
#90 Flip (2) (1998) –
Larry and the staff prepare for Larry’s last show.