Title: Just Good Friends
Genre: Sitcom
Series: 3
Episodes: 22
First Transmission: 1983-1986

Follows the off and on relationship between Penny and Vincent.


Best Episode #22

The Wedding (1986) – Penny and Vince are planning to get married again but are being held to ransom by Gina who wants them to call off the wedding. So, the couple is forced to announce the postponement of the ceremony.

2nd Best Episode #1

After All This Time (1983) – Five years earlier, high-flying secretary Penny Warrender was due to marry bookie Vince Pinner, but he jilted her at the altar. Now they meet up again by chance and realise that they could get back together, though maybe as Just Good Friends

3rd Best Episode #7

Moving In… and out Again (1983) – Penny moves into the newly decorated flat with Vince but disaster strikes when the flat is burgled and vandalized. Penny tells Vince she has finished with him and moves back with her parents.

4th Best Episode #15

Special (1984) – Penny recalls how she first met Vince, their subsequent courtship, and the events that led up to his jilting her at her wedding.

5th Best Episode #3

Let’s Spend the Night Together (1983) – Penny and Vince meet in the park and he invites her to dinner at his flat – purely as a friend. Penny describes how her marriage broke down, but she tries to resist Vince’s attempts to get her to stay the night.

Worst Episode #19

Juanita (1986) – Vince tries to get a villa to himself and Penny but his plans go awry.



Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 After All This Time (1983)
#2 Hello Again (1983)
#3 Let’s Spend the Night Together (1983)
#4 Fatherly Advice (1983)
#5 I Don’t Want to See You Again (1983)
#6 Happy Birthday, Penny (1983)
#7 Moving In… and out Again (1983)
#8 Guilt (1984)
#9 Another Man (1984)
#10 The Evidence\\/Or His Bottle Went (1984)
#11 Caught on a Shoulder Strap (1984)
#12 Farewell Holiday (1984)
#13 Pregnant? (1984)
#14 Goodbye Again (1984)
#15 Special (1984)
#16 Paris (1986)
#17 Back in London (1986)
#18 Meeting by Chance (1986)
#19 Juanita (1986)
#20 The Witness (1986)
#21 Employment Prospects (1986)
#22 The Wedding (1986)