Worst & Best Jeeves and Wooster Episodes

Title: Jeeves and Wooster
Genre: UK Drama Comedy
Series: 4
Episodes: 23
First Transmission: 1990-1993

This series chronicles the misadventures of the impeccably dressed Bertie Wooster and his trusty valet, Jeeves.


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Series One

#1 Jeeves’ Arrival (1990) –
Aunt Agatha wants Bertie to marry Honoria Glossop to get some strong blood in the Wooster line.
#2 Golf Tournament (1990) –
Bertie accidentally gives away the terrier belonging to his Aunt Agatha.
#3 The Gambling Event (1990) –
Bertie is instructed by Aunt Agatha to break up his uncle’s engagement to a young waitress.
#4 The Hunger Strike (1990) –
Aunt Dahlia forces Bertie into handing out the prizes at Market Snodsbury Grammar School.
#5 The Matchmaker (1990) –
Bertie tries to be a matchmaker but makes a complete mess of it.

Series Two

#6 Jeeves ’ Saves the Cow Creamer (1991) –
Aunt Dahlia sends Bertie to sneer at an 18th-century cow creamer in order to reduce the price but of course he makes a total mess of it.
#7 A Plan for Gussie (1991) –
Gussie Fink-Nottle has been keeping a notebook containing insulting observations – he calls on Bertie to help find it. 
#8 Pearls Mean Tears (1991) –
Has Bertie’s intended stolen Aunt Agatha’s pearls.
#9 Jeeves in the Country (1991) –
Jeeves and Bertie go on a country vacation.
#10 Kidnapped! (1991) –
Bertie is called on to protect Pauline Stoker from a mysterious stranger who’s been following her about London.
#11 Jeeves the Matchmaker (1991) –
Bertie decides he would like a child to brighten up his mundane life and considers adoption.

Series Three

#12 Bertie Sets Sail (1992)  –
Fleeing from prospective marriage and the domineering Aunt Agatha, Bertie sails to New York with Jeeves.
#13 The Full House (1992) –
Bertie is faced with problems.
#14 Introduction on Broadway (1992) –
Bertie has to take the theatre-obsessed Cyril Bassington-Bassington under his wing.
#15 Right Ho, Jeeves (1992) –
When Gussie Fink-Nottle is arrested, Bertie has to assume his identity and take his place at Deverill Hall.
#16 Hot Off the Press (1992) –
Bertie, who has just become engaged, is sent to destroy a rather revealing manuscript.
#17 Comrade Bingo (1992) –
Bertie becomes a burglar for Aunt Dahlia.

Series Four

#18 Return to New York (1993) –
While in New York, Bertie commissions a portrait of Aunt Agatha from a young artist whom he hopes to marry.
#19 The Once and Future Ex (1993) –
Bertie bumps into his former fiancée (now engaged to an insanely jealous man) and she renews her engagement to Bertie.
#20 Bridegroom Wanted (1993) –
Bingo Little wants to marry a waitress, so Bertie is pushed into helping him.
#21 The Delayed Arrival (1993) –
Aunt Dahlia’s magazine is in trouble, so she has to pawn her pearls.
#22 Trouble at Totleigh Towers (1993) –
Bertie finds himself becoming a thief and having to impersonate an African Chief.
#23 The Ties That Bind (1993) –
Bertie is convinced that he is a free man. Jeeves is not so sure.