Worst & Best Iron Fist Episodes

Title: Iron Fist
Genre: Superhero
Series: 2
Episodes: 23
First Transmission: 2017-2018

A young man becomes imbued with amazing martial arts skills and a force known as the Iron Fist.


Episode Rankings

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*The Standard Deviation (SD) of the ratings is a measure of how much spread there is in the numbers. The median represents the middle value of the ratings

The top-rated episode differs from the mean-rated episode by 1.83 standard deviations.

The bottom-rated episode differs from the mean-rated episode by 1.41 standard deviations.


Best Episode #12

Bar the Big Boss (2017) – Davos advocates for an extreme solution. Ward receives an offer, but there are strings attached.

2nd Best Episode #22

War Without End (2018) – Danny and Colleen decide on their next move.

3rd Best Episode #6

Immortal Emerges from Cave (2017) – Danny receives an invitation.

4th Best Episode #4

Eight Diagram Dragon Palm (2017) – Danny makes a shocking discovery.

5th Best Episode #23

A Duel of Iron (2018) – The fate of New York City hangs in the balance as Iron Fists collide.

Worst Episode #11

Lead Horse Back to Stable (2017) – Danny yearns to be more than just a destroyer.



Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Snow Gives Way (2017)
#2 Shadow Hawk Takes Flight (2017)
#3 Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch (2017)
#4 Eight Diagram Dragon Palm (2017)
#5 Under Leaf Pluck Lotus (2017)
#6 Immortal Emerges from Cave (2017)
#7 Felling Tree with Roots (2017)
#8 The Blessing of Many Fractures (2017)
#9 The Mistress of All Agonies (2017)
#10 Black Tiger Steals Heart (2017)
#11 Lead Horse Back to Stable (2017)
#12 Bar the Big Boss (2017)
#13 Dragon Plays with Fire (2017)
#14 The Fury of Iron Fist (2018)
#15 The City’s Not for Burning (2018)
#16 This Deadly Secret (2018)
#17 Target: Iron Fist (2018)
#18 Heart of the Dragon (2018)
#19 The Dragon Dies at Dawn (2018)
#20 Morning of the Mindstorm (2018)
#21 Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance (2018)
#22 War Without End (2018)
#23 A Duel of Iron (2018)