Title: The Invaders
Genre: US Sci-Fi Series
Series: 2
Episodes: 43
First Transmission: 1967-1968

David Vincent accidentally learns of a secret alien invasion of Earth which is already underway.


Best Episode [ S1 Ep10 ]

The Innocent – The aliens take David Vincent up into their spaceship and then attempt to prove they have nothing but peaceful intentions by showing him what they’ve done to a desert valley. But all is not what it seems.
14 March 1967

Worst Episode [ S2 Ep11 ]

The Prophet – Brother Avery preaches that heavenly beings are coming to bring peace. David Vincent knows that he is an alien but must prove it with the help of magazine writer, Bill Shay, but can he trust him with the truth?
14 November 1967



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Series One

#1 Beachhead (1967) –
Architect David Vincent encounters a spaceship near a diner.
#2 The Experiment (1967) –
David Vincent meets with an astrophysicist with proof of the invasion.
#3 The Mutation (1967) –
David meets a stripper who has seen something in the desert.
#4 The Leeches (1967) –
David meets with the head of an electronics company who believes that the aliens have kidnapped various experts.
#5 Genesis (1967) –
David investigates the takeover of a sea lab.
#6 Vikor (1967) –
David infiltrates a manufacturing plant.
#7 Nightmare (1967) –
David visits Kansas where the aliens are plotting to control insects.
#8 Doomsday Minus One (1967) –
The aliens plan to detonate an anti-matter bomb in Utah.
#9 Quantity: Unknown (1967) –
The aliens will kill to get a metallic cylinder back.
#10 The Innocent (1967) –
David Vincent is taken into an alien spaceship.
#11 The Ivy Curtain (1967) –
A school in New Mexico is really a front for an alien indoctrination center.
#12 The Betrayed (1967) –
David Vincent steals a computer tape in order to expose alien activity on Houston oil fields.
#13 Storm (1967) –
David investigates a Florida town where the aliens are using weather control.
#14 Panic (1967) –
David tracks down an alien with a lethal touch.
#15 Moonshot (1967) –
The aliens involve themselves with the space program.
#16 Wall of Crystal (1967) –
David manages to convince his brother of the alien invasion.
#17 The Condemned (1967) –
Morgan Tate discovers that his company has been leased to aliens.

Series Two

#18 Condition: Red (1967) –
The aliens infiltrate NORAD to disguise an invasion of saucers.
#19 The Saucer (1967) –
David manages to commandeer a saucer with the help of John Carter.
#20 The Watchers (1967) –
Aliens target Paul Cook, an electronics defence expert.
#21 Valley of the Shadow (1967) –
David Vincent must stop the aliens from drowning an entire town.
#22 The Enemy (1967) –
David Vincent traces a saucer that crashed in the Utah foothills.
#23 The Trial (1967) –
David’s friend is accused of killing a man, someone who was an alien.
#24 The Spores (1967) –
Spores are being transported that will grow into robust aliens.
#25 Dark Outpost (1967) –
David sneaks aboard an alien saucer and is knocked unconscious.
#26 Summit Meeting (1) (1967) –
Tressider tells David that he has learned of an upcoming summit that many world leaders will attend were they will discuss rising levels of radiation that threaten all life on earth.
#27 Summit Meeting (2) (1967) –
David learns from an alien that the purpose of the summit is to murder all of Earth’s most important leaders, but he cannot convince anyone.
#28 The Prophet (1967) –
David wants to expose an alien preacher.
#29 Labyrinth (1967) –
David subdues an alien and manages to get X-rays of his strange structure.
#30 The Captive (1967) –
The aliens are willing to start an atomic war to prevent discovery.
#31 The Believers (1967) –
David connects with other people who believe the aliens are here, but the invaders want to kill them.
#32 The Ransom (1967) –
David and Edgar intercept an alien en route to a regeneration station, and discover that he is a powerful leader in the alien hierarchy!
#33 Task Force (1967) –
David and the Believers try to get a powerful publisher on their side.
#34 The Possessed (1967) –
Ted Willard’s research could lead to a “bloodless takeover” of the Earth.
#35 Counter-attack (1968) –
Professor Eliot Kramer knows how to cause navigational malfunctions aboard incoming saucers.
#36 The Pit (1968) –
Julian Reed has apparently gone mad, seeing aliens everywhere. David investigates.
#37 The Organization (1968) –
“The Organization” is a crime syndicate run by the aliens.
#38 The Peacemaker (1968) –
David Vincent and Archie Harmon manage to capture an alien show him to General Concannon as proof, but he takes a suicide pill and turns to ashes.
#39 The Vise (1968) –
A black man who is thought to be an alien seeks confirmation to a high post in a space tracking programme.
#40 The Miracle (1968) –
Near a Catholic shrine in New Mexico, a girl sees an alien die and disintegrate after he’s bitten by a snake.
#41 The Life Seekers (1968) –
David encounters two aliens who disagree with the invasion of Earth.
#42 The Pursued (1968) –
Anne Gibbs is an alien who is on the run from both her fellow aliens and humans as she is the result of an attempt to mimic human behavior by creating emotion.
#43 Inquisition (1968) –
The Believers discover that the aliens’ grand plan to take over the earth and wipe out humanity is imminent.