Title: Hetty Wainthropp Investigates
Series: 4
Episodes: 27
First Transmission: 1996

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates is a gentle British crime/comedy drama television programme that aired from 1996 to 1998 on BBC One.Patricia Routledge starred as the titular character (Henrietta “Hetty” Wainthropp), Derek Benfield as her patient husband Robert, Dominic Monaghan as their lodger (and her assistant) Geoffrey Shawcross and John Graham Davies as DCI Adams.Later episodes include Suzanne Maddock as Janet Frazer, a feisty young auto mechanic who sells a car to Geoffrey; their relationship develops by the end of the series, and Frank Mills as Robert’s brother Frank, who visits in series 3 while Robert is in Australia and appears in the final episode. In the United States, episodes have been featured on PBS’s anthology programme Mystery!.Hetty Wainthropp is a retired working-class woman from Darwen in North West England, who has a knack for jumping to conclusions and solving crimes of varying bafflement which often are too minor to concern the police. Although on occasion her husband offers assistance, he more often than not tends to the home while Hetty gads about the countryside with young Geoffrey in search of resolution and justice. In many episodes Hetty seeks the help and advice of DCI Adams of the local constabulary.

Best Episode

Daughter of the Regiment (1997) – A rich woman hires Hetty to find out why her soon-to-be-married daughter is being stalked and photographed by a stranger in the village.

Worst Episode

Eye Witness (1996) – A deaf-mute young man out bird-watching watches a couple necking in a car, but amusement turns to horror when he witnesses a murder.


Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 The Bearded Lady (1996)
#2 Eye Witness (1996)
#3 Fingers (1996)
#4 Widdershins (1996)
#5 A High Profile (1996)
#6 Safe as Houses (1996)
#7 Poison Pen (1996)
#8 Lost Chords (1996)
#9 Runaways (1996)
#10 The Astral Plane (1996)
#11 A Rose by Any Other Name (1997)
#12 Woman of the Year (1997)
#13 All Stitched Up (1997)
#14 Daughter of the Regiment (1997)
#15 Serving the Community (1997)
#16 Fisticuffs (1997)
#17 Childsplay (1998)
#18 Pursuit by Proxy (1998)
#19 A Minor Operation (1998)
#20 Helping Hansi (1998)
#21 How Time Flies (1998)
#22 Something to Treasure (1998)
#23 Family Values (1998)
#24 Digging for Dirt (1998)
#25 Mind over Muscle (1998)
#26 Blood Relations (1998)
#27 For Love nor Money (1998)