Title: Hemlock Grove
Series: 3
Episodes: 33
First Transmission: 2013

In the small Pennsylvania town of Hemlock Grove, the darkest of evils hide in plain sight.

Best Episode

Tintypes (2014) – Peter is violently interrogated. Meanwhile, Roman prepares for his final procedure. Destiny recruits a man in Peter’s quest to cast out the vargulf before it is too late. An alliance forms when a threat to Olivia’s life is revealed.

2nd Best Episode

Children of the Night (2013) – Dr Chasseur wakes up in a cage. The latest victim is revealed. Christina shows up at Letha’s house. Shelley runs away. The vargulf’s identity is finally revealed to Peter, Roman, and Letha.

3rd Best Episode

Unicorn (2014) – We see a glimpse of Olivia’s past. Roman and Norman share some secrets together. Olivia’s rehabilitation takes an unexpected turn. Destiny discovers the murderers schemes.

4th Best Episode

Birth (2013) – Peter and Roman battle the vargulf. Sheriff Sworn attacks Shelley. Many secrets are revealed.

5th Best Episode

Demons and the Dogstar (2014) – Miranda’s situation gets even stranger. Shelley and Prycilla prepare for their procedure. Peter’s recuperation is interrupted. All hell breaks loose when Norman and Olivia meet at the White Tower.

Worst Episode

Brian’s Song (2015) – Dr Blinsky heals Roman’s gunshot wound. Annie confronts Olivia about her father’s death. A final showdown takes place.


Notes & Comments

Info Updated: 2022-02-20

The data on this page is updated when any major changes occur to episode rankings (which is less common with older series), or when new episodes are added as is the case with current television series.

The overall spread in the rating distribution is equal to 1.5 rating points.

The top-rated episode, Children of the Night (2013), differs from the second-rated episode, Tintypes (2014), by 0 percent of the overall spread.

The bottom-rated episode, Brian’s Song (2015), differs from the second bottom-rated episode, Jellyfish in the Sky (2013), by 26 percent of the overall spread.

The middle-rated episode is Souls on Ice (2015).


Episode Rating Graph for Hemlock Grove (2013)


Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Jellyfish in the Sky (2013)
#2 The Angel (2013)
#3 The Order of the Dragon (2013)
#4 In Poor Taste (2013)
#5 Hello, Handsome (2013)
#6 The Crucible (2013)
#7 Measure of Disorder (2013)
#8 Catabasis (2013)
#9 What Peter Can Live Without (2013)
#10 What God Wants (2013)
#11 The Price (2013)
#12 Children of the Night (2013)
#13 Birth (2013)
#14 Blood Pressure (2014)
#15 Gone Sis (2014)
#16 Luna Rea (2014)
#17 Bodily Fluids (2014)
#18 Hemlock Diego’s Policy Player’s Dream Book (2014)
#19 Such Dire Stuff (2014)
#20 Lost Generation (2014)
#21 Unicorn (2014)
#22 Tintypes (2014)
#23 Demons and the Dogstar (2014)
#24 A Place to Fall (2015)
#25 Souls on Ice (2015)
#26 The House in the Woods (2015)
#27 Every Beast (2015)
#28 Boy in the Box (2015)
#29 Pendant (2015)
#30 Todos Santos (2015)
#31 Dire Night on the Worm Moon (2015)
#32 Damascus (2015)
#33 Brian’s Song (2015)