Title: The Haunting of Hill House
Genre: US Horror
: 1
Episodes: 10
First Transmission: 2018-

A fractured family confronts haunting memories of their old home and the terrifying events that drove them from it.



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Series One

#1 Steven Sees a Ghost (2018) –
Steven, an author, receives a call from his sister that triggers a chain of fateful events.
#2 Open Casket (2018) –
A family tragedy reminds Shirley of her first brush with death – and awakes long-dormant fears.
#3 Touch (2018) –
Theo sees shades of herself in a troubled young patient, a girl who’s haunted by the menacing grin of “Mr. Smiley.”
#4 The Twin Thing (2018) –
A frantic Luke tries to save a friend while sensing his twin sister is in danger.
#5 The Bent-Neck Lady (2018) –
A frightening silhouette “the Bent-Neck Lady” is back — and she’s calling Nell home.
#6 Two Storms (2018) –
Hugh flies in for a funeral and comes face to face with his estranged children on a dark, stormy night.
#7 Eulogy (2018) –
As the Crains gather to say their final goodbyes, a flashback exposes a secret in the walls.
#8 Witness Marks (2018) –
A familiar terror revisits Shirley and Theo on Halloween night/ Hugh and Steve search for Luke, who disappeared on a deadly errand.
#9 Screaming Meemies (2018) –
Olivia fears for her children’s safety.
#10 Silence Lay Steadily (2018) –
The Red Room’s contents are finally revealed.