Title: The Golden Girls
Genre: US Sitcom
: 7
Episodes: 180
First Transmission: 1985-1992

Four previously married women live together in Miami, sharing their various experiences together and enjoying themselves despite hard times.


Best Episode #179

One Flew out of the Cuckoo’s Nest – As Dorothy and Lucas prepare to get married, they try to persuade Sophia to come to live with them in Atlanta. (1992)



Worst Episode #51

Empty Nests – Paul Dooley and Rita Moreno guest star as neighbours of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia contending with family and friends in this initial spin-off pilot of “Empty Nest.” (1987)



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 The Engagement (1985) –
Blanche accepts a proposal of marriage.
#2 Guess Who’s Coming to the Wedding? (1985) –
Dorothy has to confront her ex-husband, who left her for a younger woman at her daughter’s wedding.
#3 Rose the Prude (1985) –
Rose is afraid of sexual intimacy with her boyfriend because her late husband is still in her mind.
#4 Transplant (1985) –
Blanche’s sister, Virginia,  reveals that she needs a kidney transplant to save her life.
#5 The Triangle (1985) –
When Dorothy’s doctor boyfriend makes a pass at Blanche, their friendship is threatened.
#6 On Golden Girls (1985) –
Blanche’s troublesome grandson comes to visit.
#7 The Competition (1985) –
A bowling tournament tests friendships.
#8 Break-In (1985) –
Rose feels unsafe in her own house after a burglary.
#9 Blanche and the Younger Man (1985) –
Blanche dates a much younger aerobics instructor.
#10 Heart Attack (1985) –
Sophia suddenly falls ill.
#11 The Return of Dorothy’s Ex (1985) –
Stan returns to try to make amends with Dorothy.
#12 The Custody Battle (1985) –
Dorothy’s wealthy sister Gloria wants Sophia to move to California with her.
#13 A Little Romance (1985) –
Rose dates a midget.
#14 That Was No Lady (1985) –
Dorothy has an affair with a married co-worker.
#15 In a Bed of Rose’s (1986) –
Rose fears that she is a death jinx in the bedroom.
#16 The Truth Will Out (1986) –
Rose makes her will.
#17 Nice and Easy (1986) –
Blanche is concerned about the flirtatious behavior of her niece, Lucy.
#18 The Operation (1986) –
Dorothy is afraid to have a simple operation. 
#19 Second Motherhood (1986) –
A wealthy widower with two young children asks Blanche to marry him.
#20 Adult Education (1986) –
An adult education teacher wants to sleep with Blanche for a passing grade.
#21 The Flu (1986) –
Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche all come down with the flu.
#22 Job Hunting (1986) –
Rose loses her job.
#23 Blind Ambitions (1986) –
Rose’s sister Lily has to come to terms with the fact that she is blind.
#24 Big Daddy (1986) –
Blanche’s father visits – he tells her that he has sold the family mansion to finance his dream to become a country music singer.
#25 The Way We Met (1986) –
The girls reminisce about how they came to live together.

Series Two

#26 End of the Curse (1986) –
Blanche finds but that she is going through menopause.
#27 Ladies of the Evening (1986) –
The gang is mistaken for prostitutes.
#28 Take Him, He’s Mine (1986) –
Blanche goes on a date with Stan as a favor to Dorothy, who is upset when the two of them actually have a good time.
#29 It’s a Miserable Life (1986) –
Rose gets angry Mrs Claxton and tells her to “drop dead,” which she subsequently does. 
#30 Isn’t It Romantic (1986) –
Dorothy’s lesbian friend Jean develops a crush on Rose.
#31 Big Daddy’s Little Lady (1986) –
Blanche’s father reveals that he is to be married. 
#32 Family Affair (1986) –
Dorothy’s son Michael has an affair with Rose’s daughter Bridget.
#33 Vacation (1986) –
The girls’ dream vacation in the Caribbean is not what they thought it would be.
#34 Joust Between Friends (1986) –
Dorothy gets a job at the art museum where Blanche works, leading to tensions.
#35 Love, Rose (1986) –
Dorothy and Blanche make up a fictional man who “responds” to Rose’s personals ad.
#36 ‘Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas (1986) –
Strange occurrences lead the girls to spend Christmas together in Miami.
#37 The Sisters (1987) –
Dorothy invites Sophia’s sister Angela to visit, not knowing that the two of them hate each other.
#38 The Stan Who Came to Dinner (1987) –
Stan takes advantage of the girls while recovering from heart surgery.
#39 The Actor (1987) –
A famous actor tries to carry on separate, clandestine affairs with Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche at the same time.
#40 Before and After (1987) –
Rose is convinced she died during a throat spasm. 
#41 And Then There Was One (1987) –
Sophia readies herself for the walkathon.
#42 Bedtime Story (1987) –
The girls recall some unusual sleeping arrangements they’ve had to endure in the past.
#43 Forgive Me, Father (1987) –
Dorothy is attracted to a teacher who turns out to be a priest.
#44 Long Days Journey Into Marinara (1987) –
Sophia believes her sister Angela is trying to steal her boyfriend from her.
#45 Whose Face is This, Anyway? (1987) –
Blanche decides to have plastic surgery.
#46 Dorothy’s Prized Pupil (1987) –
One of Dorothy’s students writes a prize-winning essay on what it means to be an American, but he is in the country illegally.
#47 Diamond in the Rough (1987) –
Blanche is bothered by her boyfriend’s social graces.
#48 Son-in-Law Dearest (1987) –
Kate visits with the news that she is leaving her husband.
#49 To Catch a Neighbor (1987) –
Two police officers stake out in the girls’ house to investigate their neighbors.
#50 A Piece of Cake (1987) –
The girls reminisce about prior birthday celebrations.
#51 Empty Nests (1987) –
Spin-off pilot of “Empty Nest.”

Series Three

#52 Old Friends (1987) –
Sophia befriends an elderly man who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.
#53 One for the Money (1987) –
The girls reminisce about past business enterprises.
#54 Bringing Up Baby (1987) –
The girls inherit a prize-winning pig.
#55 The Housekeeper (1987) –
The girls believe that a former housekeeper has put a curse on them.
#56 Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself (1987) –
Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche try to cope with some of their phobias.
#57 Letter to Gorbachev (1987) –
Rose becomes concerned about nuclear war and writes letters to Gorbachev and Reagan.
#58 Strange Bedfellows (1987) –
A politician running for city council claims that Blanche slept with him.
#59 Brotherly Love (1987) –
Dorothy goes out on a date with Stan’s brother.
#60 A Visit from Little Sven (1987) –
Rose’s cousin Sven falls in love with Blanche.
#61 The Audit (1987) –
Dorothy and Stan get a bill from the IRS.
#62 Three on a Couch (1987) –
The girls go to group therapy.
#63 Charlie’s Buddy (1987) –
When Rose becomes smitten by Charlie’s old army buddy, the other girls are suspicious of his intentions.
#64 The Artist (1987) –
Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy find themselves vying for the attention of the same artist.
#65 Blanche’s Little Girl (1988) –
Blanche is visited by her daughter, Rebecca, an ex-model who has now gained weight. 
#66 Dorothy’s New Friend (1988) –
Dorothy’s new friend, local author Barbara Thorndyke, is an utter snob.
#67 Grab That Dough (1988) –
The girls go to Hollywood to appear on a TV game show called “Grab that Dough.”
#68 My Brother, My Father (1988) –
#69 Golden Moments (1) (1988) –
Sophia moves out of the house and live with her son, Phil.
#70 Golden Moments (2) (1988) –
The girls try to convince Sophia not to move away.
#71 And Ma Makes Three (1988) –
Sophia is depressed over the departure of her best friend.
#72 Larceny and Old Lace (1988) –
Sophia believes that her boyfriend Rocco has robbed a bank to impress her.
#73 Rose’s Big Adventure (1988) –
Rose’s latest boyfriend turns into a couch potato after retirement.
#74 Mixed Blessing (1988) –
Dorothy’s son Michael is engaged to a black woman who is much older.
#75 Mister Terrific (1988) –
Rose has to deal with a suicidal kids’ TV show host.
#76 Mother’s Day (1988) –
The girls recall mother’s days of the past.

Series Four

#77 Yes, We Have No Havanas (1988) –
Blanche and Sophia are caught in a love triangle with an elderly Cuban cigar mogul.
#78 The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo (1988) –
Sophia has a  busy day, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose have a lazy day.
#79 The One That Got Away (1988) –
Blanche tries to woo Ham Lushbough, the only man who ever turned her down.
#80 Yokel Hero (1988) –
Rose is nominated for an award.
#81 Bang the Drum, Stanley (1988) –
When Sophia gets hit in the head by a baseball, Stan encourages her to exaggerate her injuries.
#82 Sophia’s Wedding (1) (1988) –
When Sophia’s friend dies, she goes to her funeral in Brooklyn where she meets Esther’s widower, Max.
#83 Sophia’s Wedding (2) (1988) –
Newlyweds Max and Sophia open a pizza knish stand on the beach.
#84 Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket? (1988) –
Sophia donates an old jacket to charity, not knowing that it contains a winning lottery ticket.
#85 Scared Straight (1988) –
Blanche’s brother Clayton claims he slept with Rose to hide that he is gay.
#86 Stan Takes a Wife (1989) –
When Sophia falls ill, Stan comforts Dorothy sparking old feelings.
#87 The Auction (1989) –
In need of money, the girls scheme to buy and then sell a painting by Jasper DeKimmel, an arrogant painter who is on his last legs.
#88 Blind Date (1989) –
Blanche makes a date with a man without realising that he is blind.
#89 The Impotence of Being Ernest (1989) –
Rose tries to do something about her boyfriend’s impotence.
#90 Love Me Tender (1989) –
Dorothy dates someone whom she has nothing in common – but he is great in bed.
#91 Valentine’s Day (1989) –
The girls reminisce about Valentine’s Days past.
#92 Two Rode Together (1989) –
Dorothy takes Sophia to Walt Disney World.
#93 You Gotta Have Hope (1989) –
Rose is sure that Bob Hope is her real father.
#94 Fiddler on the Ropes (1989) –
Sophia sinks their life savings in, Pepe, a prizefighter. 
#95 Till Death Do We Volley (1989) –
Dorothy blames herself when former classmate Trudy dies while playing tennis.
#96 High Anxiety (1989) –
Rose tries to overcome her addiction to painkillers. 
#97 Little Sister (1989) –
Rose tells everybody that her little sister is a troublemaker.
#98 Sophia’s Choice (1989) –
Sophia breaks her friend Lillian out of an awful retirement home.
#99 Rites of Spring (1989) –
The girls recall past attempts at getting fit.
#100 Foreign Exchange (1989) –
Could Dorothy have been switched at birth with another child?
#101 We’re Outta Here (1) (1989) –
A wealthy Japanese businessman offers to buy the house.
#102 We’re Outta Here (2) (1989) –
The girls plan to accept the businessman’s offer for the house.

Series Five

#103 Sick and Tired (1) (1989) –
Dorothy believes that something is seriously wrong with her.
#104 Sick and Tired (2) (1989) –
Dorothy learns that she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
#105 The Accurate Conception (1989) –
Blanche’s daughter shocks with her plans to conceive a baby by means of artificial insemination.
#106 Rose Fights Back (1989) –
Rose loses her pension fund, so needs a new job.
#107 Love Under the Big Top (1989) –
Dorothy’s boyfriend wants to give up law and become a circus clown.
#108 Dancing in the Dark (1989) –
Rose feels inferior to her boyfriend Miles, a college professor.
#109 Not Another Monday (1989) –
One of Sophia’s close friends, tired of her suffering, wants to kill herself.
#110 That Old Feeling (1989) –
Blanche falls in love with her late husband’s brother Jamie.
#111 Comedy of Errors (1989) –
Dorothy decides to become a stand-up comedian.
#112 All That Jazz (1989) –
Dorothy’s son Michael moves in with her after his wife kicks him out.
#113 Ebb Tide (1989) –
Blanche and her sister clash at Big Daddy’s funeral.
#114 Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas (1989) –
The girls volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas day.
#115 Mary Has a Little Lamb (1990) –
The girls try to reconcile a pregnant teenage girl and her father.
#116 Great Expectations (1990) –
Blanche’s boyfriend suffers a heart attack.
#117 Triple Play (1990) –
Miles’ daughter tells Rose to stop seeing him/ Sophia receives Social Security checks in error/ Blanche pretends to sell a car so that she can meet men.
#118 Clinton Avenue Memoirs (1990) –
Sophia makes a trip back to her old Brooklyn home in the hope of rekindling her fading past.
#119 Like the Beep Beep Beep of the Tom-Tom (1990) –
Blanche has a pacemaker installed.
#120 An Illegitimate Concern (1990) –
A young man shocks Blanche when he shows up and tells her that her late husband George was his father.
#121 72 Hours (1990) –
Rose is afraid that she may have received contained HIV-infected blood.
#122 Twice in a Lifetime (1990) –
Rose’s old boyfriend turns up and wants to get back together with her.
#123 Sisters and Other Strangers (1990) –
Blanche thinks the risqué novel her sister Charmaigne has written is about her. 
#124 Cheaters (1990) –
Dorothy rekindles her romance with Glenn O’Brien.
#125 The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present (1990) –
Sophia cursed a man who jilted her at the altar decades ago.
#126 All Bets Are Off (1990) –
Dorothy develops a gambling habit again.
#127 The President’s Coming! The President’s Coming! (1) (1990) –
President George H.W. Bush plans to visit their house on his tour of Miami.
#128 The President’s Coming! The President’s Coming! (2) (1990) –
A Secret Service agent comes to the house for security reasons. 

Series Six

#129 Blanche Delivers (1990) –
Blanche’s pregnant daughter Rebecca comes to Miami to have her baby.
#130 Once, in St. Olaf (1990) –
While Sophia is in the hospital, Rose is reunited with her biological father.
#131 If at Last You Do Succeed (1990) –
Stan finally has a successful business venture.
#132 Snap Out of It (1990) –
Dorothy tries to convince an aging hippie to come out of his apartment.
#133 Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy (1990) –
Blanche’s former nanny reveals a shocking fact about Big Daddy.
#134 Feelings (1990) –
Dorothy refuses to pass a star football player in the high school English Literature course/Rose is concerned her dentist may have fondled her. 
#135 Zborn Again (1990) –
Dorothy is wooed by Stan rekindling her feelings/ Rose has to deal with an annoying co-worker.
#136 How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia? (1990) –
Sophia decides to become a nun.
#137 Mrs. George Devereaux (1990) –
Blanche has a secret admirer and has a shock when she meets him.
#138 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… Before They Die (1990) –
Sophia asks Blanche for tips on how to please her boyfriend Tony.
#139 Stand by Your Man (1990) –
Blanche makes a date with a man at a library, not realising that he is confined to a wheelchair.
#140 Ebbtide’s Revenge (1990) –
Sophia’s son Phil dies, and now she has to deal with her animosity towards his widow, Angela.
#141 The Bloom is Off the Rose (1991) –
Rose wants more adventure with Miles, so she signs them up for sky diving lessons. 
#142 Sisters of the Bride (1991) –
Blanche’s gay brother, Clayton, plans a commitment ceremony with his boyfriend, Doug.
#143 Miles to Go (1991) –
Rose learns that her boyfriend Miles was relocated to Miami by the Witness Protection Program.
#144 There Goes the Bride (1) (1991) –
Dorothy and Stan decide to remarry.
#145 There Goes the Bride (2) (1991) –
Dorothy and Stan plan their wedding/ The girls interview potential new roommates.
#146 Older and Wiser (1991) –
Sophia starts a new role as recreations director for a senior citizen’s center, or so she thinks.
#147 Melodrama (1991) –
After she fears him dead, Blanche wants her relationship with Mel Bushman to be more serious.
#148 Even Grandmas Get the Blues (1991) –
A man mistakes Blanche for being her granddaughter’s mother and Blanche does nothing to set him straight.
#149 Witness (1991) –
As Rose moves on, Miles’ sudden return complicates matters with her new boyfriend.
#150 What a Difference a Date Makes (1991) –
The man who stood Dorothy up for her senior prom contacts her and they make a date.
#151 Love for Sale (1991) –
Stan wins a date with Dorothy at a charity auction.
#152 Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home (1) (1991) –
Police suspect that Sophia may be responsible for a fire that destroyed the Shady Pines Retirement Home.
#153 Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home (2) (1991) –
Sophia cannot recall the events that lead to the fire.
#154 Henny Penny — Straight, No Chaser (1991) –
The entire cast in a play catches the measles, forcing the girls to take their places.

Series Seven

#155 Hey, Look Me Over (1991) –
Rose develops the film in one of Charlie’s cameras and gets a shock.
#156 The Case of the Libertine Belle (1991) –
A murder mystery weekend turns deadly.
#157 Beauty and the Beast (1991) –
Blanche pushes her granddaughter Melissa into a beauty pageant, but she doesn’t want to enter.
#158 That’s for Me to Know (1991) –
Dorothy learns that her father was not Sophia’s first husband.
#159 Where’s Charlie? (1991) –
Rose believes that Charlie is communicating with her from beyond the grave.
#160 Mother Load (1991) –
Blanche faces off against the mother of her latest boyfriend.
#161 Dateline: Miami (1991) –
The girls recall past dates.
#162 The Monkey Show (1) (1991) –
A hurricane is brewing – Dorothy gets a visit first from Stan who is dating her sister, Gloria.
#163 The Monkey Show (2) (1991) –
Sophia has had it so she leaves just before the hurricane hits.
#164 Ro$e Love$ Mile$ (1991) –
Rose is annoyed with Miles’ meanness, so Blanche takes her out on a double date with two big spenders.
#165 Room 7 (1991) –
Blanche goes to Atlanta to halt the demolition of her grandmother’s house/ Sophia has a near-death experience.
#166 From Here to the Pharmacy (1991) –
A soldier returning from the Persian Gulf sweeps Blanche off her feet.
#167 The Pope’s Ring (1991) –
Sophia wants to Pope John Paul II for the blessing of a sick friend.
#168 Old Boyfriends (1992) –
A man from St. Olaf visits claims he dated Rose when they were teenagers, but she doesn’t remember him.
#169 Goodbye, Mr. Gordon (1992) –
Dorothy’s old high school teacher, Mr. Gordon, plagiarises her.
#170 The Commitments (1992) –
Blanche thinks her sex appeal is fading.
#171 Questions and Answers (1992) –
Dorothy plans to try out for auditions of the TV game show “Jeopardy!”
#172 Ebbtide VI: The Wrath of Stan (1992) –
Dorothy and Stan are accused of being slum landlords.
#173 Journey to the Center of Attention (1992) –
Blanche is upset when Dorothy becomes the centre of attention at the local bar.
#174 A Midwinter Night’s Dream (1) (1992) –
A full moon on Leap Year prompts Blanche to throw a party. Her plans go awry when Dorothy gets all of the attention. 
#175 A Midwinter Night’s Dream (2) (1992) –
Strange happenings occur.
#176 Rose: Portrait of a Woman (1992) –
Rose plans on giving Miles naughty pictures of herself for his birthday.
#177 Home Again, Rose (1) (1992) –
Rose suffers a heart attack.
#178 Home Again, Rose (2) (1992) –
Rose prepares for her triple coronary bypass.
#179 One Flew Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest (1) (1992) –
Dorothy and Lucas prepare to get married.
#180 One Flew Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest (2) (1992) –
Dorothy and Lucas prepare to get married.