Title: Gimme Gimme Gimme
Genre: Sitcom
Series: 3
Episodes: 19
First Transmission: 1999-2001

A sitcom about two roommates, a gay unemployed actor Tom Farrell and Linda La Hughes.


Best Episode #12

Glad to Be Gay? – Linda and Tom have had a wild night out, and wake up next to some rather strange people. Who are these people?


Worst Episode #14

Lollipop Man – The big time beckons when Tom lands a role in a play, but will Linda get her hands on Tom Cruise?



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Who’s That Boy? (1999) –
There’s a man in the flat, but neither Linda nor Tom can remember picking him up at the nightclub.
#2 The Big Break (1999) –
Tom believes he’s finally got the big break while Linda receives a declaration of love from a secret admirer.
#3 Legs and Co (1999) –
Tom has broken his leg and requires the attention of a home-help – a suicidal. Linda loses her job as a receptionist.
#4 Do They Take Sugar? (1999) –
Linda’s sluttish of a sister Sugar comes to stay.
#5 Saturday Night Diva (1999) –
Tom is worried that he’s getting old and boring, so goes out on the pull.
#6 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (1999) –
Tom announces that he is getting married to a woman. 

Series Two

#7 Millennium (1999) –
Tom and Linda spend millennium just sitting indoors, watching television and playing charades.
#8 Teacher’s Pet (2000) –
Sugar returns and Tom tries to teach her to act. Linda babysits Jez and Suze’s virtual baby doll.
#9 Stiff (2000) –
Linda and Tom are shocked to find a coffin in their living room, containing their landlady, Beryl.
#10 Prison Visitor (2000) –
Tom brings a cat home in the hope of training it to work in television and Linda starts writing to a serial killer in prison.
#11 Dirty Thirty (2000) –
Tom’s prudish parents visit for his 30th birthday. 
#12 Glad to Be Gay? (2000) –
Linda wakes up in bed with a woman. 
#13 Sofa Man (2000) –
Tom gets a job in a sofa commercial while Linda gets a job on a production line.

Series Three

#14 Down and Out (2001) –
Linda opens the garden as a campsite. Tom writes a new drama to star in alongside his idol, Simon Shepherd.
#15 Lollipop Man (2001) –
Tom forgets his one and only line in a Japanese play supposedly starring Tom Cruise.
#16 Secrets and Flies (2001) –
Following his foster parents’ deaths, Zippy, the son Linda gave up for adoption as a teenager, visits.
#17 Trauma (2001) –
Linda takes a trip to the hospital after falling off the bus into a shop window and getting a saucepan stuck on her head.
#18 Singing in the Drain (2001) –
Linda geta a job as a model for ugly people. 
#19 Decoy (2001) –
Linda pretends to have a terminal illness when Tom gets a job in a soap opera.