Title: Galactica 1980
Series: 1
Episodes: 10
First Transmission: 1980

When the Battlestar Galactica finally arrives at the planet Earth, they find they must subtly raise its tech level and protect Earth from the Cylons.

Best Episode

The Return of Starbuck (1980) – The fate of space warrior Lt. Starbuck is revealed in a vivid dream of teenage genius Dr. Zee in which Starbuck crashes on a desolate planet where he reassembles a Cylon robot for company and meets a woman of unearthly beauty.

Worst Episode

Spaceball (1980) – Treacherous Xaviar, the renegade Galactican, in disguise sends Troy and Dillon on a phony space mission that makes them targets of a Russian killer satellite, so that he can take as hostage the earthbound Galactican children who Jamie has entered in what turns out to be a hilarious, out-of-this-world charity baseball game.


Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Galactica Discovers Earth: Part 1 (1980)
#2 Galactica Discovers Earth: Part 2 (1980)
#3 Galactica Discovers Earth: Part 3 (1980)
#4 The Super Scouts: Part 1 (1980)
#5 The Super Scouts: Part 2 (1980)
#6 Spaceball (1980)
#7 The Night the Cylons Landed: Part 1 (1980)
#8 The Night the Cylons Landed: Part 2 (1980)
#9 Space Croppers (1980)
#10 The Return of Starbuck (1980)