Title: Foyle’s War
Genre: UK Crime Drama
Series: 9
Episodes: 28
First Transmission: 2002-2015

DCS Foyle investigates crimes on the south coast of England during WW2.



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Series One

#1 The German Woman (2002) –
The German wife of a rich and influential aristocrat is found decapitated.
#2 The White Feather (2002) –
A young girl’s arrest brings Foyle into contact with a group of English Nazi sympathizers.
#3 A Lesson in Murder (2002) –
Foyle investigates the suicide of a pacifist.
#4 Eagle Day (2002) –
Foyle investigates a man found with a knife in his stomach in a bomb-hit building.

Series Two

#5 Fifty Ships (2003) –
A suicide victim and German agent both are discovered near Foyle’s friend’s home.
#6 Among the Few (2003) –
Sam goes undercover to discover how rationed gasoline is being stolen from a fuel depot.
#7 War Games (2003) –
A British food corporation provides essential food services to the enemy during wartime murders result.
#8 The Funk Hole (2003) –
Foyle investigates the death of a black marketeer.

Series Three

#9 The French Drop (2004) –
A local murder investigation sidetracks Foyle’s ambitions.
#10 Enemy Fire (2004) –
Foyle is called in to investigate a series of accidents at a special burn unit.
#11 They Fought in the Fields (2004) –
Foyle questions three Land Army girls about a murder that occurs on a farm.
#12 War of Nerves (2004) –
A.C. Rose orders Foyle to look into the possibly seditious acts of a Socialist activist.

Series Four

#13 Invasion (2006) –
American troops arrive in Britain.
#14 Bad Blood (2006) –
Foyle investigates a mysterious disease affecting local farm animals and looks into the stabbing of a war hero.

Series Five

#15 Bleak Midwinter (2007) –
Foyle strives to clear Milner’s name after The death of a woman in a munitions factory.
#16 Casualties of War (2007) –
Foyle has his hands full dealing with illegal gambling.

Series Six

#17 Plan of Attack (2008) –
Foyle comes out of retirement the DCS after he is murdered.
#18 Broken Souls (2008) –
Foyle investigates two murders.
#19 All Clear (2008) –
Foyle investigates the deaths of two of the members of the municipal committee preparing for the imminent V-E Day celebration.

Series Seven

#20 The Russian House (2010) –
The escape of a Russian POW sets off a chain of events that leads to murder.
#21 Killing Time (2010) –
A local girl is found murdered and suspicion points to a black GI at the US military base.
#22 The Hide (2010) –
Foyle battles to save the life of a young man accused of high treason.

Series Eight

#23 The Eternity Ring (2013) –
MI5 suspects that British atomic research has been infiltrated and asks Foyle to investigate.
#24 The Cage (2013) –
Foyle’s investigation into the death of a nameless Russian leads to a mysterious military facility.
#25 Sunflower (2013) –
Foyle is drawn into the bizarre murder of an ex-Nazi defector.

Series Nine

#26 High Castle (2015) –
A University Professor is found brutally murdered in a London park.
#27 Trespass (2015) –
Foyle wonders whether the attack on the son of a businessman was racially motivated.
#28 Elise (2015) –
Hilda Pierce is shot in an attempted assassination.