Title: Extras
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 2
Episodes: 13
First Transmission: 2005-2007

Andy Millman is an actor reduced to working as an extra with a useless agent.

Best Episode [ S2 Ep7 ]

Christmas Special – Andy is unhappy with the fame he has achieved. When a new agent approaches him, Andy fires Darren and quits ‘When The Whistle Blows’. Meanwhile, Maggie has hit rock bottom, having given up working as an extra and living in a tiny, dismal flat. Andy, however, is too self-obsessed to notice Maggie’s plight.
16 December 2007


Worst Episode [ S1 Ep2 ]

Ross Kemp and Vinnie Jones – Andy and Maggie are both extras on the same production and this time it’s a period drama starring “hard-man” British actor Ross Kemp, who likes to play up to his tough persona. Another tough-guy actor, Vinnie Jones, is filming something nearby. When Andy brags to his rival, Greg, who’s an extra on Jones’ set, that Kemp could beat up Jones, the rivalry switches hands from the extras to the actors.
2 October 2005



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Ben Stiller (2005) [30m]-
Andy wants a bigger role in a genocide movie being shot by Ben Stiller.
#2 Ross Kemp and Vinnie Jones (2005) [30m]-
Hardman Ross Kemp reckons that he could easily beat up Vinnie Jones.
#3 Kate Winslet (2005) [30m]-
Andy and Maggie work on a Holocaust film that stars Kate Winslet.
#4 Les Dennis (2005) [30m]-
Andy gets a role in a pantomime with Les Dennis who is approaching a breakdown
#5 Samuel L. Jackson (2005) [30m]-
Andy and Maggie work on an action film with Samuel L. Jackson.
#6 Patrick Stewart (2005) [30m]-
Andy gives his sitcom script to Patrick Stewart who passes it on to the BBC.

Series Two

#7 Orlando Bloom (2006) [30m]-
Andy finally gets the chance to make his sitcom.
#8 David Bowie (2006) [30m]-
Andy’s sitcom gets scathing reviews but very respectable viewing figures.
#9 Daniel Radcliffe (2006) [30m]-
Andy needs a PR expert to help him with fame.
#10 Chris Martin (2006) [30m]-
Andy’s show is nominated for a BAFTA, but the awards night does not go as planned.
#11 Sir Ian McKellen (2006) [30m]-
Wanting to be recognized more for his acting abilities, Andy auditions for a new play directed by Sir Ian McKellen.
#12 Jonathan Ross (2006) [30m]-
Andy becomes friends with Jonathan Ross after a chat show appearance.
#13 Christmas Special (2007) [84m] –
Andy is unhappy with his fame, and Maggie hits rock bottom.