Title: Ever Decreasing Circles
Genre: Sitcom
Series: 5
Episodes: 27
First Transmission: 1984-1989

Martin’s rivalry with his laid-back neighbour Paul becomes all-consuming.


Best Episode #22

Stuck in a Loft (1987) – The Bryces and the Hughes spend a long weekend at a country cottage with Paul and his girlfriend Sarah. When Martin goes into the loft to replace a tile he gets stuck, as does Howard, who goes to help him. Eventually. it is Paul who rescues them by spotting the obvious.

2nd Best Episode #15

One Night Stand (1986) – Martin is abroad on a business trip and accidentally wakes up in a compromising position with a young woman. What if word gets back to Ann?

3rd Best Episode #9

Housework (1984) – While Ann is in hospital, Martin tries to manage at home by himself. He plans everything down to the finest detail, but the best-laid plans always go awry for Martin, and, of course, Paul comes to the rescue.

4th Best Episode #27

Moving On (1989) – Martin is promoted, but unfortunately the new job is in Shropshire and Martin is convinced that the residents of the close cannot manage without him. Ultimately he realizes that they can and with the added bonus that Ann is pregnant the Bryces move on to pastures new.

5th Best Episode #14

Manure (1986) – Martin agrees to take delivery of some manure for Paul’s garden. Things go wrong and Paul has to clear everything up in record time when he gets home.

Worst Episode #26

Half an Office (1987) – Martin is under pressure at work and is goaded by Howard into delivering an ultimatum to the boss. The walls are closing in. Will he be sacked?



Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 The New Neighbour (1984)
#2 Taking Over (1984)
#3 A Strange Woman (1984)
#4 Holiday Plans (1984)
#5 Vicars and Tarts (1984)
#6 The Tea Party (1984)
#7 The Cricket Match (1984)
#8 A Married Man (1984)
#9 Housework (1984)
#10 Snooker (1984)
#11 Boredom (1984)
#12 The Psychiatrist (1984)
#13 The Party (1984)
#14 Manure (1986)
#15 One Night Stand (1986)
#16 House to Let (1986)
#17 Local Hero (1986)
#18 The Campaign (1986)
#19 Cavaliers and Roundheads (1986)
#20 Relaxation (1987)
#21 Goodbye, Paul? (1987)
#22 Stuck in a Loft (1987)
#23 Neighbourhood Watch (1987)
#24 The Footpath (1987)
#25 Jumping to Conclusions (1987)
#26 Half an Office (1987)
#27 Moving On (1989)