Title: Doctor Who (1963)
Genre: British Sci-Fi Series
Series: 12-18 ( Tom Baker )
Episodes: 41 stories ( 172 episodes )
First Transmission: 1974-1981

The Fourth incarnation of the Doctor.


Best Story #4

Genesis of the Daleks – The Fourth Doctor and his assistants Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan are directed by the Time Lords to the planet Skaro at the time of the Daleks’ creation to prevent them from becoming the dominant race in the universe. (1975)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
In this story, we are introduced to the power-crazed Davros – a Dr Mengele-type figure. Production values are superb and the pacing is excellent. We also have great performances from the cast and a cliffhanger at the end.


Worst Story #22 

Underworld – The crew of an alien Minyan spaceship goes on a hundred-thousand-year quest in search of a ship containing a genetic bank that would restore the Minyans’ species. The Tardis materialises on the Minyan ship. (1978)

Episode characteristics & General Consensus:
The story is like Jason and the Argonauts meet Doctor Who. It is riddled with bad acting, bad dialogue and poor special effects. Considered by fans to be embarrassing throughout.



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Blue stories rated above par.
Brown stories rated below par.

Series Twelve

#1 Robot (1975) –
With the Doctor behaving rather oddly after his regeneration, a scientific research station comes under attack after a robot steals the plans for a new disintegrator gun.
#2 Ark in Space (1975) –
Humanity’s final resting place becomes a giant larder for the Wirrn.
#3 The Sontaran Experiment (1975) –
The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry find themselves in the Piccadilly Circus of the future where the mysterious alien in the rocks rules.
#4 Genesis of the Daleks (1975) –
The Doctor must destroy the Daleks before they evolve.
#5 Revenge of the Cybermen (1975) –
The Cybermen seek to attack the planet of gold.

Series Thirteen

#6 Terror of the Zygons (1975) –
Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrive in Scotland and discover that the mysterious force which has destroyed three oil rigs has left giant teeth marks on the wreckage.
#7 Planet of Evil (1975) –
Picking up a distress call from the edge of the known universe, the Doctor and Sarah Jane find themselves on Zeta Minor.
#8 Pyramids of Mars (1975) –
In a Victorian Gothic mansion, strange things are afoot and mummies are on the prowl.
#9 The Android Invasion (1975) –
A quaint English village on a desolate alien planet hides a deadly secret.
#10 The Brain of Morbius (1976) –
Scientist Mehendri Solon is building a body from spare parts to house the disembodied brain of the evil Time Lord Morbius.
#11 The Seeds of Doom (1976) –
A crazed botanist brings a deadly alien plant to life.

Series Fourteen

#12 The Masque of Mandragora (1976) –
Forced off course by the Mandragora Helix, the Tardis lands in the province of San Martino in fifteenth-century Italy
#13 The Hand of Fear (1976) –
A quarry hides a sinister secret of a dead civilisation.
#14 The Deadly Assassin (1976) –
The Doctor is wrongfully accused of murdering the president of the Timelords and realises that he has been framed by his old adversary the Master.
#15 The Face of Evil (1976) –
The Doctor is captured by the tribe of the Sevateem after landing on a strange alien world.
#16 The Robots of Death (1977) –
The TARDIS materialises aboard a huge sandminer as it travels across a barren landscape, collecting minerals. When one of the crew is murdered, the Doctor and Leela are blamed.
#17 The Talons of Weng-Chiang (1977) –
The TARDIS arrives on a dark, foggy night in Victorian London. The Doctor and Leela are then attacked by members of the Tong who follow the  “god,” Weng-Chiang.

Series Fifteen

#18 Horror of Fang Rock (1977) –
A shapeshifting alien scout called a Rutan arrives on Earth intending to use the planet as a strategic base in the Rutans’ war against the Sontarans.
#19 The Invisible Enemy (1977) –
An intelligent virus intends to spread across the universe and finds a suitable spawning location on the moon Titan.
#20 Image of the Fendahl (1977) –
The Doctor and Leela investigate a series of deaths in the English countryside and find that an eight million-year-old skull is responsible.
#21 The Sun Makers (1977) –
On Pluto, theDoctor and his travelling companions start a revolution among the humans against an alien corporation that has an economic hold over humanity.
#22 Underworld (1978) –
The TARDIS materialises on an alien Minyan spaceship.
#23 The Invasion of Time (1978) –
The Vardans break the defences of Gallifrey to allow the Sontarans to invade and control the power of the Time Lords.

Series Sixteen

#24 The Ribos Operation (1978) –
The White Guardian gives the Doctor the task to find the six segments of the Key to Time.
#25 The Pirate Planet (1978) –
The tyrant Queen Xanxia and the Captain use the hollow planet Zanak as a spaceship that surrounds smaller planets.
#26 The Stones of Blood (1978) –
Blood-sucking rocks roam the English countryside.
#27 The Androids of Tara (1978) –
This episode is set on the planet Tara, which is made up of a feudal society with electronic weapons and androids.
#28 The Power of Kroll (1978) –
A big squid holds the secret to the Key to Time.
#29 The Armageddon Factor (1979) –
The Doctor’s hunt for the Key to Time takes him to the land of the Shadow.

Series Seventeen

#30 Destiny of the Daleks (1979) –
The Daleks arrive on Skaro to find their creator Davros in suspended animation.
#31 City of Death (1979) –
While taking in the sights of Paris in 1979, the Doctor and Romana sense that someone is tampering with time.
#32 The Creature from the Pit (1979) –
When the Doctor and Romana land on the metal deficient planet Chloris, they become caught up in a dangerous power struggle.
#33 Nightmare of Eden (1979) –
The Doctor, Romana and K9 find themselves suspected of being drug smugglers when they arrive on the Empress, a luxury liner.
#34 The Horns of Nimon (1979) –
After colliding with a spaceship, The Doctor, Romana and K-9 discover that young natives from a peaceful planet called Aneth are being transported into a great labyrinth called “The Power Complex.”

Series Eighteen

#35 The Leisure Hive (1980) –
The Doctor and Romana take a holiday on the planet Argolis, in the giant pleasure dome known as the Leisure Hive.
#36 Meglos (1980) –
On the planet Tigella, the mysterious source of all power – the Dodecahedron – is failing. Zastor, the leader of the planet, decides to call on the Doctor to help.
#37 Full Circle (1980) –
The Doctor discovers the life cycle of three closely related species on the planet Alzarius—the humanoid Alzarians, the Marshmen, and the Marshspiders.
#38 State of Decay (1980) –
Three vampire lords rule over a village deliberately stagnated for a thousand years.
#39 Warriors’ Gate (1981) –
The Doctor and his companion Romana seek to free the time-sensitive Tharils from a group of slavers led by Captain Rorvik.
#40 The Keeper of Traken (1981) –
The Master seeks a power on the planet Traken known as the Source which he wishes to use to restore his life.
#41 Logopolis (1981) –
The universe is falling apart, and the mathematicians who keep it together are dying.