Title: Doc Martin
Genre: British Comedy Drama
Series: 9
Episodes: 70
First Transmission: 2004-

Despite his medical brilliance, Doctor Ellingham is grouchy, abrupt, and lacks social skills.  The series revolves around his interactions with the locals, and his wife Louisa.


Best Episode #46

Departure – Louisa decides to leave for Spain with baby James, but when Martin finds the scan of her brain, he spots a malformation and realises that she could suffer a haemorrhage if she gets on the plane. Will the doctor make it to the airport in time? (2013)


Worst Episode #13

Out of the Woods – PC Mark Mylow plans to spend his stag night sleeping rough in the woods with Al Large but gets bitten by an adder. The doctor doesn’t have a clue where they are and his only hope lies with the area’s park ranger. (2005)



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Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Going Bodmin (2004) –
Doc Martin relocates to the seaside town of Portwenn to act as the GP.
#2 Gentlemen Prefer (2004) –
Martin’s first official day on the job may end up to be his last.
#3 Sh*t Happens (2004) –
An epidemic of diarrhea strikes the village.
#4 The Portwenn Effect (2004) –
Doc Martin pays a visit to the forester, who shares his shack with a giant squirrel.
#5 Of All the Harbours in All the Towns (2004) –
An old friend of Aunt Joan’s turns up, stirring up old memories.
#6 Haemophobia (2004) –
Rumours abound about the doctor’s ‘little problem’ with blood and Martin gets closer with Louisa.

Series Two

#7 Old Dogs (2005) –
Doc Martin gets a new receptionist, Pauline.
#8 In Loco (2005) –
Peter Cronk needs a place to stay when his mother goes to hospital.
#9 Blood Is Thicker (2005) –
Martin has to deal with PC Mark Mylow’s sister Sandra, a naturopath who has returned to Portwenn selling her natural remedies.
#10 Aromatherapy (2005) –
Local radio host Caroline Bosman seems to be developing a dependence to alcohol and prescription drugs.
#11 Always on My Mind (2005) –
When Helen Pratt dies at home, her husband Phil blames Martin.
#12 The Family Way (2005) –
Martin’s difficult parents come to visit from their home in Portugal.
#13 Out of the Woods (2005) –
Mark Mylow’s stag night is an overnight camping trip in the woods, but he gets bitten by a snake.
#14 Erotomania (2006) –
Mark Mylow’s medical check-up could mean some bumps in the road as far as his relationship is concerned.
#15 On the Edge (2006) –
A group of birdwatchers descend on the village in search of a rare bird.

Series Three

#16 The Apple Doesn’t Fall (2007) –
A new police constable, Joe Penhale, arrives in Portwenn but seems to have a peculiar medical condition.
#17 Movement (2007) –
Louisa invites Martin for dinner but her plan falls apart when her new cooker doesn’t work properly.
#18 City Slickers (2007) –
Martin and Louisa are still trying to develop their relationship, but their plan for dinner is again disrupted
#19 The Admirer (2007) –
Martin confirms to his aunt Joan that she suffers from osteoporosis.
#20 The Holly Bears a Prickle (2007) –
Martin and Louisa have a decent date but then he ruins it with his clumsy language.
#21 Nowt So Queer (2007) –
Martin and Louisa’s engagement news spreads throughout Portwenn.
#22 Happily Ever After (2007) –
Martin and Louisa’s wedding day finally arrives.

Series Four

#23 Better the Devil (2009) –
Life has become ever more infuriating for Dr Martin Ellingham since his and Louisa’s heart-wrenching decision to call off their wedding.
#24 Uneasy Lies the Head (2009) –
Martin struggles with the news that Louisa is pregnant.
#25 Perish Together as Fools (2009) –
Louisa has a medical scare and the surgery has to be redecorated.
#26 Driving Mr. McLynn (2009) –
Louisa has a dizzy spell and Martin stabs a man in the hand to prove that he is disabled.
#27 The Departed (2009) –
Martin applies for a surgery job in London, now convinced that his blood phobia is cured.
#28 Midwife Crisis (2009) –
The new midwife, Molly O’Brien, arrives in Portwenn and instantly clashes with Martin over the care of Louisa.
#29 Do Not Disturb (2009) –
Pauline works to rule when Martin gives her just an okay reference.
#30 The Wrong Goodbye (2009) –
It’s Martin’s last day in Portwenn and the surgery is packed.

Series Five

#31 Preserve the Romance (2011) –
Martin’s plans to resume his career as a consultant in London are put on hold and his aunt Joan dies of a heart attack.
#32 Dry Your Tears (2011) –
Portwenn gathers to pay its last respects to Martin’s aunt Joan.
#33 Born with a Shotgun (2011) –
Doc Martin gets a new receptionist, Morwenna.
#34 Mother Knows Best (2011) –
The first Portwenn charity fun run leads to casualties and a price war between Bert and publican Mark Bridge.
#35 Remember Me (2011) –
Joe Penhale is shocked when his ex-wife Maggie arrives in Portwenn still believing that they are married.
#36 Don’t Let Go (2011) –
Maggie regains her memory and the schoolchildren fall prey to a mysterious illness.
#37 Cats & Sharks (2011) –
Al is shocked to hear that his father is in debt to loan shark Alistair Tonken and his menacing son Norman.
#38 Ever After (2011) –
The pharmacist, Mrs Tishell, has a mental breakdown fuelled by a cocktail of drugs and kidnaps Doc Martin’s son believing that he is hers.

Series Six

#39 Sickness and Health (2013) –
Martin finally marries Louisa, with Joe Penhale as best man.
#40 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (2013) –
Martin is dubious about the new child-minder, Mel, as she is constantly scratching.
#41 The Tameness of a Wolf (2013) –
Martin examines a mystery man found collapsed on the beach.
#42 Nobody Likes Me (2013) –
Louisa wants Martin to engage more with James, so she arranges for him to take their baby to playgroup.
#43 The Practice Around the Corner (2013) –
Mrs Tishell returns to the village but is annoyed when Martin refuses to pass her fit for work. Also, Joe Penhale shoots himself in the foot.
#44 Hazardous Exposure (2013) –
The village becomes panic-stricken due to an asbestos scare.
#45 Listen with Mother (2013) –
Two military policemen turn up trying to track down Baby James’s babysitter, Mike Pruddy.
#46 Departure (2013) –
Louisa decides to leave for Spain with baby James, but when Martin finds the scan of her brain, he spots a malformation and realises that she could have a haemorrhage if she gets on the plane.

Series Seven

#47 Rescue Me (2015) –
Martin sees a therapist in order to win back Louisa.
#48 The Shock of the New (2015) –
Louisa returns and has to find a new babysitter for James.
#49 It’s Good to Talk (2015) –
Martin decides to move out of the Surgery to give Louisa space.
#50 Education, Education, Education (2015) –
Louisa and Martin have their first therapy session together and Mrs Tishell’s husband, Clive, returns.
#51 Control-Alt-Delete (2015) –
Louisa and Martin’s therapy homework results in a picnic on the beach, where they are interrupted by local vet Angela Sim – who appears to be hallucinating.
#52 Other People’s Children (2015) –
Louisa helps out her ex-boyfriend Danny as he brings seven children from London to camp on Ruth’s farm.
#53 Facta Non Verba (2015) –
New art teacher Erica perturbs Louisa with her unorthodox methods.
#54 The Doctor Is Out (2015) –
Louisa and Martin decide to make a go of it, starting with a conciliatory dinner but Louisa is concerned when Martin fails to show up.

Series Eight

#55 Mysterious Ways (2017) –
Louisa and Martin are living together again, but Louisa finds herself with too many responsibilities/ It’s Joe Penhale’s wedding.
#56 Sons and Lovers (2017) –
Martin and Louisa need to find a daycare for James when Janice leaves.
#57 Farewell My Lovely (2017) –
Louisa gets stressed when she takes a group of students on a sailing trip.
#58 Faith (2017) –
Morwenna’s missionary parents pay her a surprise visit and are taken aback by her relationship with Al.
#59 From the Mouths of Babes (2017) –
Martin and Louisa are desperate for more sleep while James is teething.
#60 Accidental Hero (2017) –
Penhale decides to have a police open house to raise community awareness, but nobody turns up.
#61 Blade on the Feather (2017) –
Martin’s blood phobia causes him trouble, and Louisa buys a new car.
#62 All My Trials (2017) –
Martin stops practicing the week before his hearing, but patients continue to ask for his advice.

Series Nine

#63 To the Lighthouse (2019) –
Martin’s medical career remains under scrutiny/ Al accidentally proposes to Morwenna.
#64 The Shock of the New (2019) –
Martin is forced to do some refresher courses/ Louisa begins a new career.
#65 S.W.A.L.K (2019) –
Louisa organises a special evening for Martin’s birthday.
#66 Paint it Black (2019) –
Martin has his second GMC assessment/ Penhale nose is put out of joint when Mark Mylow arrives and tries to take charge.
#67 Wild West Country (2019) –
Someone has been shot and Penhale is keen to work out who is responsible.
#68 Equilibrium (2019) –
Martin and Louisa have their first fertility appointment.
#69 Single White Bevy (2019) –
Mrs Tishell’s young cousin shadows her for some work experience.
#70 Licence to Practice (2019) –
Morwenna and Al’s wedding day arrives.