Title: Cracker
Genre: UK Crime Drama
Series: 3
Episodes: 24
First Transmission: 1993-1996

Fitz likes to crack cases by boring into the minds of criminals.



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Series One

#1 The Mad Woman in the Attic, Pt. 1 (1993) –
A young woman is brutally murdered on a train.
#2 The Mad Woman in the Attic, Pt. 2 (1993) –
The dead woman on the train is thought to be the victim of a serial killer.
#3 To Say I Love You, Pt. 1 (1993) –
Fitz uncovers the murder of a loan shark.
#4 To Say I Love You, Pt. 2 (1993) –
Sean Kerrigan and Tina Brien, two of society’s rejects, target DC George Giggs.
#5 To Say I Love You, Pt. 3 (1993) –
Fitz closes in on the murderer.
#6 One Day a Lemming Will Fly, Pt. 1 (1993) –
A young boy goes missing and is soon found dead in a wood.
#7 One Day a Lemming Will Fly, Pt. 2 (1993) –
Fitz duels it out with the prime suspect.

Series Two

#8 To Be a Somebody, Pt. 1 (1994) –
A working-class man, distraught at the recent death of his father, murders a Pakistani shopkeeper over a perceived insult.
#9 To Be a Somebody, Pt. 2 (1994) –
Fitz is brought in to investigate the killing spree.
#10 To Be a Somebody, Pt. 3 (1994) –
Fitz and the police finally catch their man.
#11 The Big Crunch, Pt. 1 (1994) –
A charismatic cult preacher finds that he has impregnated one of his 16-year-old students and must silence her.
#12 The Big Crunch, Pt. 2 (1994)  –
Dean Saunders is framed for the murder.
#13 The Big Crunch, Pt. 3 (1994) –
Fitz remains unconvinced that Dean Saunders is the killer.
#14 Men Should Weep, Pt. 1 (1994) –
A young black man turns from being a serial rapist to murder.
#15 Men Should Weep, Pt. 2 (1994) –
Penhaligon’s rape puts a strain on her relationship with Fitz.
#16 Men Should Weep, Pt. 3 (1994) –
The police close in on the murderer and Penhaligon discovers the true identity of her rapist.

Series Three

#17 Brotherly Love, Pt. 1 (1995) –
A married father of four kills a prostitute when he cannot pay.
#18 Brotherly Love, Pt. 2 (1995) –
David Harvey is arrested, but while he is in custody, two more identical killings occur.
#19 Brotherly Love, Pt. 3 (1995) –
David’s wife is discovered to be the second killer, but her confession to the first murder means David will be set free
#20 Best Boys, Pt. 1 (1995) –
An instant attraction between a man and a teenage boy leads to murder.
#21 Best Boys, Pt. 2 (1995) –
Fitz investigates the murder.
#22 True Romance, Pt. 1 (1995) –
A lab technician begins to electrocute male students in order to gain the attention of the psychologist.
#23 True Romance, Pt. 2 (1995) –
Fitz is taken off the case when it is discovered the killings are devoted to him.
#24 White Ghost (1996) –
A British businessman in Hong Kong turns to murder when he faces bankruptcy.