Title: The Champions
Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure
Series: 1
Episodes: 30
First Transmission: 1968-1969

Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready and Richard Barrett have superhuman powers bestowed by a Himalayan community.


Best Episode #18

The Interrogation – Craig Stirling awakes to find himself imprisoned, and brutally questioned….. Why is Tremayne unconcerned?


Worst Episode #3

Reply Box No. 666 – Craig masquerades as a dead foreign agent. When he is given away as a spy, he is dropped into the ocean. Richard and Sharron frantically search for him.



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Series One

#1 The Beginning (1968) –
Nemesis agents Craig Sterling, Richard Barrett and Sharron Macready crash-land in Tibet on a mission and are rescued by an unknown Tibetan tribe who give them special powers.
#2 The Invisible Man (1968) –
Craig is captured by Dr Hallam and has a small device implanted into his ear while unconscious so that he can be controlled.
#3 Reply Box No. 666 (1968) –
On a mission, Craig is dropped into the ocean and Richard and Sharron have to frantically search the Caribbean for him.
#4 The Experiment (1968) –
A Mad scientist tries to recreate super-humans to equal the Nemesis trio. 
#5 Happening (1968) –
An atomic bomb is set to explode in Australia – can Richard Barrett stop it?
#6 Operation Deep-Freeze (1968) –
A tyrannical Central American leader establishes a nuclear missile base in Antarctica.
#7 The Survivors (1968) –
The Champions investigate the murder of three students in the Austrian Alps.
#8 To Trap a Rat (1968) –
Tainted dope is being distributed in London.
#9 The Iron Man (1968) –
The Champions become domestic staff when asked to protect the life of a former dictator. 
#10 The Ghost Plane (1968) –
The Champions are asked to investigate a man whose plans for a revolutionary aircraft have been shelved.
#11 The Dark Island (1968) –
Three agents fail to return from a tropical island. Nemesis investigates.
#12 The Fanatics (1968) –
Richard Barrett infiltrates a gang of fanatical assassins and learns that Tremayne is to be their next victim. 
#13 Twelve Hours (1968) –
Richard and Sharron have to save the President on a submarine journey after an assassination attempt. 
#14 The Search (1969) –
A neo-Nazi regime holds London hostage with a stolen nuclear submarine.
#15 The Gilded Cage (1969) –
Richard is kidnapped and held prisoner. Craig investigates.
#16 Shadow of the Panther (1969) –
A Nemesis scientist apparently dies of fear – from Voodoo.
#17 A Case of Lemmings (1969) –
The Champions are sent to Italy to investigate why Interpol agents are committing suicide.
#18 The Interrogation (1969) –
Craig Stirling awakes to find himself imprisoned, and brutally questioned, but Tremayne is unconcerned!
#19 The Mission (1969) –
Craig and Sharron pose as a gangster and his moll in an attempt to block an escape route for criminals.
#20 The Silent Enemy (1969) –
The Champions  have to follow the path of a nuclear submarine in which all of the crew were found dead.
#21 The Body Snatchers (1969) –
The Champions go to Wales to investigate a mysterious message received by a journalist.
#22 Get Me Out of Here! (1969) –
A world-famous doctor is held captive on a Caribbean island.
#23 The Night People (1969) –
Sharron disappears on a holiday in Cornwall.
#24 Project Zero (1969) –
The Champions investigate the disappearance of several key scientists working on the same top-secret experiment.
#25 Desert Journey (1969) –
The Champions abduct a young man and try to force him to return home to stop a revolution.
#26 Full Circle (1969) –
Craig poses as a prison inmate to investigate a scheme to free another prisoner. 
#27 Nutcracker (1969) –
The Champions are assigned to test a vault’s security which is programmed to kill any intruder.
#28 The Final Countdown (1969) –
The Champions have to trace an unexploded bomb before it detonates.
#29 The Gun-Runners (1969) –
The Champions have to stop a ruthless gang of gun-runners in the Burmese jungle.
#30 Autokill (1969) –
A doctor programmes Nemesis agents to kill one another.