Title: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
Genre: British Supermarionation
Series: 1
Episodes: 32
First Transmission: 1967-1968

The indestructible Captain Scarlet leads an international intelligence agency’s fight against an extra-terrestrial terror campaign.


Best Episode [ S1 Ep1 ]

The Mysterons – Due to a misunderstanding on the planet Mars, a war is started between humans and an alien race called The Mysterons. The Mysterons first act of revenge is to try to assassinate the World President.
29 September 1967


Worst Episode [ S1 Ep32 ]

The Inquisition – Captain Blue disappears from a restaurant. When he wakes, he finds that he has lost 3 months and Spectrum Security want to know where he has been and if he is even the real Captain Blue.
14 May 1968



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Series One

#1 The Mysterons (1967) [25m]-
A misunderstanding causes a war between the Earth and the Mysterons from Mars.
#2 Winged Assassin (1967) [25m]-
The Mysterons target the Director-General of the Asian Republic.
#3 Big Ben Strikes Again (1967) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to blow up London with a bomb they have stolen.
#4 Manhunt (1967) [25m]-
A manhunt begins for ex spectrum officer Captain Black after a failed break-in at a nuclear power plant.
#5 Avalanche (1967) [25m]-
Captain Scarlet and Captain Green investigate the mysterious deaths of the personnel at Red Deer Base.
#6 White as Snow (1967) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to kill Colonel White.
#7 The Trap (1967) [25m]-
Captain Scarlet supervises security at the International Air Conference at Glen Garry Castle.
#8 Operation Time (1967) [25m]-
The Mysterons’ cryptically threaten to “kill time.”
#9 Spectrum Strikes Back (1967) [25m]-
At a Spectrum conference two new anti-mysteron devices (A Mysteron detector and a Mysteron gun) are to be demonstrated.
#10 Special Assignment (1967) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to obliterate North America.
#11 The Heart of New York (1967) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to destroy the “Heart of New York.”
#12 Lunarville 7 (1967) [25m]-
Scarlet, Blue and Green make a shocking discovery on the moon.
#13 Point 783 (1967) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to assassinate the Supreme Commander of the Earth’s Forces.
#14 Model Spy (1967) [25m]-
The Mysterons target fashion designer Andre Verdain, the secret controller of the European Area Intelligence Service.
#15 Seek and Destroy (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to kill one of Spectrum’s Angel pilots.
#16 Renegade Rocket (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons engineer the launch of an experimental rocket.
#17 Crater 101 (1968) [25m]-
Scarlet, Blue and Green return to the Moon to destroy the Mysteron’s newly completed base.
#18 Shadow of Fear (1968) [25m]-
Spectrum lands a probe on the Martian moon Phobos.
#19 Dangerous Rendezvous (1968) [25m]-
Spectrum contacts the Mysterons directly in an attempt to make peace.
#20 Fire at Rig 15 (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons target Spectrum’s oil refinery.
#21 Treble Cross (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to destroy the world capital, Futura City.
#22 Flight 104 (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons vow to sabotage a spectrum conference.
#23 Place of Angels (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons steal a lethal virus from a research centre.
#24 Noose of Ice (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons target an Arctic mine, the metal of which is to be used to construct a new Earth space fleet.
#25 Expo 2068 (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to obliterate the entire Atlantic Seaboard of North America.
#26 The Launching (1968) [25m]-
Are the Mysterons plans to assassinate the President of the USA a deflection tactic?
#27 Codename Europa (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to destroy the three most powerful men on Earth.
#28 Inferno (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to destroy an irrigation complex in South America.
#29 Traitor (1968) [25m]-
Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue investigate a traitor in the organisation.
#30 Flight to Atlantica (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons threaten to destroy the World Navy Complex at Atlantica.
#31 Attack on Cloudbase (1968) [25m]-
The Mysterons arrive on Earth to destroy Cloudbase – or do they?
#32 The Inquisition (1968) [25m]-
Clip Show: Captain Blue is drugged and wakes up three months later facing questioning from a man claiming to be from Spectrum Intelligence.