Title: Big Little Lies
Series: 2
Episodes: 14
First Transmission: 2017

In the tranquil seaside town of Monterey, California, nothing is quite as it seems. Doting moms, successful husbands, adorable children, beautiful homes: What lies will be told to keep their perfect worlds from unraveling?Told through the eyes of three mothers – Madeline, Celeste and Jane – Big Little Lies paints a picture of a town fueled by rumors and divided into the haves and have-nots, exposing the conflicts, secrets and betrayals that compromise relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, and friends and neighbors.

Best Episode

You Get What You Need (2017) – In the Season 1 finale, Celeste makes a bold move after another fight; Madeline deals with fallout from her past before the school’s fall fund-raiser; and Jane learns who’s really been hurting Amabella at school.

Worst Episode

Somebody’s Dead (2017) – In an affluent community, a suspicious death at an elementary school fundraiser draws attention to the friction amongst some of the mothers; Madeline and Celeste welcome Jane into their inner circle; battle lines are drawn after an incident.


Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Somebody’s Dead (2017)
#2 Serious Mothering (2017)
#3 Living the Dream (2017)
#4 Push Comes to Shove (2017)
#5 Once Bitten (2017)
#6 Burning Love (2017)
#7 You Get What You Need (2017)
#8 What Have They Done? (2019)
#9 Tell-Tale Hearts (2019)
#10 The End of the World (2019)
#11 She Knows (2019)
#12 Kill Me (2019)
#13 The Bad Mother (2019)
#14 I Want to Know (2019)