Title: Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction
Genre: US Mystery Series
Series: 4
Episodes: 45
Runtime: 45 min
First Transmission: 1997-200

Five stories, some are true and some are pure fiction.


Best Episode [ S3 Ep1 ]

Morning Sickness/The Curse of Hampton Manor/Wax Executioner/Blood Bank/Ring Toss
[1] Morning Sickness – When a woman shows all the signs of pregnancy despite a negative pregnancy test, she undergoes exploratory surgery with some shocking results. 
[2] The Curse of Hampton Manor – A greedy real estate agent sells a house to a couple who are unaware of its haunted history.
[3] Wax Executioner – The patron of a wax museum nearly meets her demise at the hands of the guillotine used in the exhibit re-creating Marie Antoinette’s beheading.
[4] Blood Bank – A nurse suspects that one of her patients could be a vampire.
[5] Ring Toss – A crooked carnival owner gets a taste of his own medicine at a game of ring toss.
15 May 2000


Worst Episode [ S4 Ep12 ]

Witness to Murder/Roulette Wheel/The Phrenologist’s Head/The Bridge/The Cigar Box
[1] Caitlin’s Candle – A necklace hidden inside a candle allows a woman to go to law school.
[2] The Flower Jury – A plant hooked up to a lie detector solves the murder of a flower shop owner.
[3] The Mentor – A pair of brother magicians are cursed when they steal an idea for a magic stunt.
[4] The Old Bike – A note found in an old rusted bike leads two brothers to a long-lost uncle.
[5] The Music Teacher – The spirit of a music teacher helps an old pupil with music-block.

29 August 2002



Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 The Apparition, The Electric Chair, On the Road, Number One With a Bullet & Dream House (1997) –
[1] The Apparition – An apparition in an upstairs mirror saves a woman’s life.
[2] The Electric Chair – A prisoner’s life is reprieved when an electric chair malfunctions.
[3] On the Road – A nightclub singer invites her husband to one of their old haunts, but when he gets there it is closed.
[4] Number One With a Bullet – A man is shot by a bullet that was fired many years ago.
[5] Dream House – A woman sees her perfect home in her dreams. Later she sees it in reality.
#2 The Viewing, The Subway, Kid in the Closet, Justice is Served & The Tractor (1997) –
[1] The Viewing – A boy gets a shock when a dead man visits a funeral parlour.
[2] The Subway – A couple is visited by a mysterious man on a subway train. They realise that someone they know is in danger.
[3] Kid in the Close – Danny insists that there is a monster in his closet. His disbelieving brother, Brian, enters the closet and promptly disappears forever.
[4] Justice is Served – A man on trial for murder is visited by the ghost of the woman he murdered.
[5] The Tractor – A disabled man walks again when the life of his grand-daughter is put in jeopardy.
#3 The Prophecy, Couch Potato, Love Over the Counter, Imaginary Friend & Last Man on Earth (1997) –
[1] The Prophecy – Three girls dabble with a Ouija board only for a malevolent spirit to take one of them away.
[2] Couch Potato – A couch potato has a heart attack and is then revived by his an electric shock from his beloved television set.
[3] Love Over the Counter – A woman invests in the stock market based on signs she believes her deceased husband is leaving.
[4] Imaginary Friend – A girl’s imaginary friend prophesises future events.
[5] Last Man on Earth – A non-existent radio station brings a divorced couple back together.
#4 E-Mail, Cup of Joe, Secret of the Family Tomb, Wheezer & The Unknown Patient (1997) –
[1] E-Mail – With the aid of a deceased man’s e-mail address, a legal secretary uncovers a case of insurance fraud.
[2] Cup of Joe – A billboard saves three students from a deadly mudslide.
[3] Secret of the Family Tomb – Why can a prominent resident’s daughter not rest peacefully in the family’s mausoleum?
[4] Wheezer – An eight year-old boy’s beloved pet dog comes back to life.
[5] The Unknown Patient – A dedicated doctor tries hard to save an unknown patient.
#5 Needle Point, Toy to the Rescue, Mystery Lock, The House on Baker Street & The Train (1997) –
[1] Needle Point – A woman gets revenge on her boss with the help of her doll making hobby.
[2] Toy to the Rescue – A sickly boy is helped by his Teddy bear.
[3] Mystery Lock – A man in trouble with drug dealers puts his aunt’s life in danger.
[4] The House on Baker Street – A young woman relives the life of another when she moves into a new house.
[5] The Train – An actor saves a man’s life. The actor is the brother of John Wilkes Booth. The man he saved is the son of President Lincoln.
#6 The Candlestick; The Diner; From the Agency; The Magic Rose Garden; The Jeep (1997) –
[1] The Candlestick – A man murders his rich wife only to be tripped up by the unlikeliest of witnesses.
[2] The Diner – An elderly couple unwittingly poison their long-lost son.
[3] From the Agency – A jewellery store employee gets help from a temporary bookkeeper.
[4] The Magic Rose Garden – A rose garden gives an elderly woman strange psychic powers.
[5] The Jeep – A bomb refuses to detonate whilst in the vicinity of two men.

Series Two

#7 The Plane, The Gun, The Portrait, The Pass & The Caller (1998) –
[1] The Plane – A pilot is kept alive by his late father’s spirit.
[2] The Gun – A man tells his wife that the gun she has only shoots bad people.
[3] The Portrait – A portrait painter discovers that he has the gift of ending his ill clients suffering.
[4] The Pass– A young man and his hospital roommate get a pass to the morgue and receive a shocking surprise.
[5] The Caller – A radio disc-jockey gets a call from his dead son.
#8 Firestation 32, The Computer, The Girl Next Door, The Wallet & The Woods (1998) –
[1] Firestation 32 – A young boy gets his dream wish of becoming a firefighter.
[2] The Computer – A babysitter gets saved in the nick of time.
[3] The Girl Next Door – A womaniser gets a lesson in love when he falls for a woman who is too good to be true.
[4] The wallet – With the help of a lost wallet, a young man discovers that he is heir to a long lost fortune.
[5] The Woods – A hurt boy camping in the woods gets help from a dead quadriplegic doctor.
#9 The Wall, The Chalkboard, The Getaway, The Prescription & Summer Camp (1998) –
[1] The Wall – A brutal police officer gets his comeuppance when a bloody handprint appears on the wall.
[2] The Chalkboard – An injured man’s cries become audible when students write on a chalkboard.
[3] The Getaway – A woman executive’s getaway proves to be a heavenly one.
[4] The Prescription – An ambitious young pharmacist is tripped up by a missing prescription.
[5] Summer Camp – A boy’s out-of-the-body experience helps to save two kids.
#10 The Wrestler; The Escape; Dead Friday; Ghost Visitor; The Lady in a Black Dress (1998) –
[1] The Wrestler – A professional wrestler finally wins, but his opponent was quite literally dead weight during the bout.
[2] The Escape – A man escapes from prison, but a nasty surprise awaits him at his destination.
[3] Dead Friday – A young woman sees images from the future on a television screen.
[4] Ghost Visitor – A corrupt insurance boss is scared to death
[5] The Lady in a Black Dress – A woman sees her dead Aunt Lilian in a dress shop wearing a black dress. Is she prophesising her own death?
#11 The Land, Titan, The Diary, Town of Remembrance & The House on Barry Avenue (1998) –
[1] The Land – To keep his land fertile in the future for his family, a farmer makes the ultimate bargain.
[2] Titan – Fourteen years before the Titanic disaster, a writer creates a short story about an unsinkable ship which is eerily similar.
[3] The Diary – A high school student writes a computer diary that prophesises the future. Two other students read it and discover that it predicts that they will die in a car accident.
[4] Town of Remembrance – A woman who has lost her memory discovers a town that she finds eerily familiar. A gravestone carries a photograph that resembles her.
[5] The House on Barry Avenue – Mysterious fires break out in a house without explanation. Eventually, the house is destroyed and in the ashes, a scrapbook is discovered pointing to the cause.
#12 Bright Light, Magic Mighty Man, The Student, Scribbles & Count Mystery (1998) –
[1] Bright Lights – A woman is pushed off the road. The man is brandishing a shotgun; is she about to be attacked?
[2] Magic Mightyman – A superhero costume gives a man super strength.
[3] The Student – The spirit of a dead student saves the life of a teacher.
[4] Scribbles – A dead husband’s missing insurance policy is found with the help of a child’s drawing.
[5] Count Mystery – A psychic horse helps to find a missing boy.
#13 The Mummy, The Perfect Record, Grave Sitting, Murder on the Second Floor & They Towed My Car (1998) –
[1] The Mummy – A mummy in a new museum causes sightings of a female ghost.
[2] The Perfect Record – A security guard has a perfect record, but the new guard he is training is an inside man. Will his perfect record be sullied?
[3] Grave Sitting – A young woman spends two hours at the grave of a serial killer as part of a bet. She is later found dead.
[4] Murder on the Second Floor – A detective investigates a murder. The killer is believed to be eighteen feet tall.
[5] They Towed My Car – A man with a torn suit wanders a town repeating “They towed my car”. A young boy helps him find his car.
#14 Kirby, Dust, Malibu Cop, A Joyful Noise & The Hooded Chair (1998) –
[1] Kirby – A mechanical gorilla with a mind of its own goes on a murderous rampage.
[2] Dust – A young girl disappears from a house which is now abandoned and full of dust.
[3] Malibu Cop – A detective probing a murder case discovers that the culprit is himself!
[4] A Joyful Noise – A series of fortunate coincidences keeps the members of a church choir safe from a serious explosion. 
[5] The Hooded Chair – An antique collector learns that his latest acquisition, owned by Napoleon himself, is cursed.
#15 Rock and Roll Ears, The Bucket, The Bridesmaid, Voice from the Grave & The Chess Game (1998) –
[1] Rock and Roll Ears – Two young rockers are taught a lesson on playing their music too loud. 
[2] The Bucket – A farmer and his family fear that their elderly neighbour is in danger when their milk bucket starts acting strangely. 
[3] The Bridesmaid – A woman meets a man in an online chat room who acts suspiciously like her brother-in-law.
[4] Voice from the Grave – A dead nurse helps the police catch the man who murdered her.
[5] The Chess Game – An elderly man plays chess with his friend after his death.
#16 The Motorcycle, Blind Man’s Dog, Deer Hunters, Tribal Curse & The Card Game (1998) –
[1] The Motorcycle – A young man receives some help from his grandfather’s favourite horse and manages to save the family farm from foreclosure. 
[2] Blind Mans Dog – A dog howls an hour before each tenant dies in an apartment building. 
[3] Deer Hunters – Two deer hunters learn to respect boundaries when they trespass on Indian land.
[4] Tribal Curse – A college student writing a thesis on Brazilian tribal cultures in South America pays the ultimate price when burial practises are disregarded. 
[5] The Card Game – A group of dishonest card players is taught a lesson in playing fair by the ghost of a notorious hanging judge.
#17 Bon Voyage, The Man in the Model T, The Scoop, Angel on Board & Buenos Dias (1998) –
[1] Bon Voyage – A couple celebrates their honeymoon on the Hindenburg after missing their departure time on the Lusitania.
[2] The Man in the Model T – A mother and her daughter get unexpected help from a fellow seller in a Model-T. 
[3] The Scoop – A 19th-century newspaper reporter gets a scoop for a big story through a dream. 
[4] Angel on Board – A woman is surrounded by angels when a freak accident rips a hole in the side of her plane en route to Tahiti.
[5] Buenos Dias – When a tornado tears through the town, rescue workers are aided by a parrot in saving a young girl.
#18 Merry-Go-Round; Red-Eyed Creature; Used Car Salesman; Surveillance Camera; Graffiti (1998) –
[1] Merry-Go-Round – A young woman and her boyfriend plan on re-opening her father’s merry-go-round in the everglades, even though the locals insist that it is haunted.
[2] Red-Eyed Creature – A couple’s young son is frightened by a red-eyed creature reputed to haunt the house they have just moved into. 
[3] Used Car Salesman – A dishonest used car salesman gets a taste of his own medicine.
[4] Surveillance Camera – A convenience store owner is saved by the spirit of the previous owner when he gets held up by a pair of robbers.
[5] Graffiti – A high school principal suspects the school’s delinquent to be responsible for graffiti around the campus with the words “Remember Pearl Harbor.”
#19 The Warning; Bus Stop; The Cure; The Guardian; The Gift (1998) –
[1] The Warning – An ominous surprise awaits a couple when they go to a special estate planning seminar at a nearby hotel. 
[2] Bus Stop – A ghost plays matchmaker. 
[3] The Cure – A young pre-med student unknowingly saves the father of his girlfriend at the restaurant he works.
[4] The Guardian – A young man at a basketball court gets saved from a pair of gang members with the help of a neighbour.
[5] The Gift – A young nurse at a hospice gets a wedding gift from a dying patient.

Series Three

#20 Morning Sickness; The Curse of Hampton Manor; Wax Executioner; Blood Bank; Ring Toss (2000) –
[1] Morning Sickness – When a woman shows all the signs of pregnancy despite a negative pregnancy test, she undergoes exploratory surgery with some shocking results. 
[2] The Curse of Hampton Manor – A greedy real estate agent sells a house to a couple who are unaware of its haunted history.
[3] Wax Executioner – The patron of a wax museum nearly meets her demise at the hands of the guillotine used in the exhibit re-creating Marie Antoinette’s beheading.
[4] Blood Bank – A nurse suspects that one of her patients could be a vampire.
[5] Ring Toss – A crooked carnival owner gets a taste of his own medicine at a game of ring toss.
#21 One for the Road, The Music Box, Two to One, Damsel & The Horn (2000) –
[1] One for the Road – A ghostly encounter at a truck stop forces a trucker to change his priorities. 
[2] The Music Box – A trip to an antique shop reminds a woman of an old flame and ultimately leads to an unexpected surprise.
[3] Two to One – A mild-mannered young man considers using criminal methods to get his watch back from a pawn shop owner.
[4] Damsel – After an encounter with a fortune teller, a woman is put in a perilous situation with a hitchhiker that leads to her meeting the man of her dreams.
[5] The Horn – An antique dealer makes a friendly bet that he can sell a mysterious horn in less than a week.
#22 The Find, The Golden Cue, The FBI Story, The Gravedigger’s Nemesis & Last Rites (2000) –
[1] The Find – On their honeymoon, a couple find an old motorcycle with a haunted history attached.
[2] The Golden Cue – An old man wins back his pool hall with the help of an old blind pool player.
[3] The FBI Story – A young man with aspirations of becoming an FBI agent exacts revenge on his killer.
[4] The Gravedigger’s Nemesis – An old gravedigger is taught a lesson in humanity from the spirit of an old woman.
[5] Last Rites – A single mother gets a surprise inheritance from a wealthy man’s estate.
#23 E-Mail, Blood Donor, Epitaph, Stitches in Time & The Soldier (2000) –
[1] E-Mail – After getting a used computer as a birthday gift. a man gets unexpected e-mails from the former owner who is apparently trapped in an Egyptian tomb.
[2] Blood Donor – After receiving a blood transfusion, a man starts to have visions of attacking women.
[3] Epitaph – A selfish widow gets a big surprise when she sees the expensive headstone ordered by her dead husband’s spirit.
[4] Stitches in Time – A widow and her daughter have to move into a small apartment. However, after having a dream, the widow gets a surprise when she finds a special gift in the quilt her mother made for her wedding. 
[5] Soldier – A young soldier’s life is saved by the spirit of his father, who went missing in action years before.
#24 The Nightmare, The Stalker, The Impossible Car Dream, The Dresser & The Burial (2000) –
[1] The Nightmare – A woman’s nightmare about her husband’s murder comes true.
[2] The Stalker – A mother and daughter are saved from an abusive ex-boyfriend by the mother’s dead husband.
[3] The Impossible Car Dream – A teenage boy has a vivid dream about a classic car being sold for just one dollar. 
[4] The Dresser – A young fashion designer discovers that the mannequins at a department store are possessed.
[5] The Burial – The premature burial of a young bride leads to a shocking medical discovery.
#25 Red Line, Two Sisters, Eclipse, The Ice Box & The Gathering (2000) –
[1] Red Line – A racing driver’s life is saved by the spirit of his crew chief’s grandfather.
[2] Two Sisters – A vindictive woman plans a way to marry her late sister’s husband.
[3] Eclipse – A man in a mental hospital seeks help from his doctor in staying alive during an upcoming lunar eclipse.
[4] The Ice Box – A doctor becomes able to save the life of an antique store owner’s son after reminiscing about his grandmother’s icebox. 
[5] The Gathering – A burglar has a scary encounter with four elderly women when he breaks into their home.
#26 Connie, Positive I.D., Trucker, Cook-Out & The New House (2000) –
[1] Connie – A widower discovers that his wife’s spirit lives on in a new woman.
[2] Positive I.D. – A journalist is accused of robbing a convenience store only to discover that the real culprit is his long-lost twin.
[3] Trucker – A hitchhiker is taken on an eerie ride by a truck driver and learns a lesson about life.
[4] Cook Out – The spirit of a beloved uncle is looking out for his family at a cook-out
[5] The New House – The previous owner of a house is looking after its new occupants thanks to the seascape she painted before her death.
#27 Creepy Comics, Louie the Dip, The Wailing, The Landlady & Curse (2000) –[1] Creepy comics – A comic book writer plans to get revenge on his aggressive boss.
[2] Louie the Dip – A pickpocket makes the score of a lifetime and then manages to lose it.
[3] The Wailing – The owner of a new home discovers that it comes with a secret room and a curse.
[4] The Landlady – An uncaring landlady becomes haunted when she hears the footsteps of a deceased man that she had previously evicted.
[5] Curse – A teenage girl with an interest in witchcraft is tricked into joining a coven of good witches.
#28 For the Record, Halloween, Precious, Get Your Kicks at Motel 66 & Phantom Drifter (2000) –
[1] For the Record – A couple, just about to be married, are shocked to discover that they were switched at birth. 
[2] Halloween – A farmer with a hatred of Halloween is nearly scared to death by a young prankster dressed as the Grim Reaper. 
[3] Precious – A young girl’s parents and psychologist are in for a surprise when they try to convince the girl that her cat is deceased. 
[4] Get Your Kicks at Motel 66 – A suspended police officer has a run-in with the spirit of Billy the Kid while on vacation with his wife. 
[5] Phantom Drifter – A bickering couple receive some friendly advice from a hitchhiking drifter.
#29 Devil’s Tattoo; Static Man; The Bloody Hand; Where Have All the Heroes Gone; War  Surplus (2000) –
[1] Devil’s Tattoo – A bad boy gets his comeuppance when he tries to get his girlfriend to pick a tattoo that has been linked to the disappearance of several girls before her.
[2] Static Man – A businessman whose company plan to destroy a nearby rainforest has a curse put on him by an Indian Medicine man to make him see the error of his ways.
[3] The Bloody Hand – A pair of police detectives are summoned to a mortuary in an attempt to solve the murder of a man mourning the death of his wealthy wife.
[4] Where have all the Heroes Gone – Two young men receive a lesson in right and wrong from the spirit of a tv cowboy. 
[5] War Surplus – While driving by a war surplus store, a struggling college student gets a vision of his dead father. When he investigates, the young man is in for a surprise as he finds a way to help pay for his education.
#30 Deadbeat Dad, Ghost Town, The Sewing Machine, The Sleepwalker & Money Laundry (2000) –
[1] Dead Beat Dad – A cheating gambler gets a taste of his own medicine from a mysterious woman when he refuses to pay child support. 
[2] Ghost Town – While on a photoshoot, a young photographer suffering from heat exhaustion finds himself back in time.
[3] The Sewing Machine – A young couple facing financial disaster get unexpected help from a sewing machine.
[4] The Sleepwalker – A man cursed to sleepwalk for eternity vanishes one night, only to return in the form of a doll in his daughter’s dollhouse. 
[5] Money Laundry – A deeply religious woman, struggling to keep her Laundromat business in operation, gets an unexpected turn of fortune.
#31 The Handyman, Anatole, Makeup Magic, Screwdriver & Charlie (2000) –[1] The Handyman – A two-timing handyman takes advantage of a widow.
[2] Anatole – From a prison cell, an old man named Anatole exacts revenge on the man who killed his son months earlier. 
[3] Makeup Magic – A woman with low self-esteem gets a life-changing makeover from a mysterious woman.
[4] Screwdriver – A forgetful young man leaving for college gets his life saved on a cold night when his father has an apparent out of the body experience.
[5] Charlie – A man who has been having a bad year looks to have his luck turn around with the help of a men’s room attendant at a restaurant.
#32 The Dealer, Gratuity, The Cake, 1st Time Offender & The Mirror of Truth (2000) –
[1] The Dealer – A dealer at an underground night club has his shady past come back to haunt him.
[2] Gratuity – A cab driver with a penchant for insulting poor tippers picks up a dangerous fare.
[3] The Cake – A baker has second thoughts when he has to bake a cake for a reputed crime boss.
[4] 1st Time Offender – A young man finds that his lucky medallion isn’t so lucky after he is arrested and taken to court. 
[5] The Mirror of Truth – A morally shallow woman is cursed by a gypsy after refusing to pay for a facial at a local beauty parlour.

Series Four

#33 The Devil’s Autograph; Mail Order Degree; The News Stand; The Murder of Roy Hennessey; Mysterious Strangers (2002) –
[1] The Devil’s Autograph – A man is found not guilty of murdering his wife, but admits it after the trial. Karma is about to be served.
[2] Mail Order degree – A crooked businessman is plagued by voodoo after scamming people’s money with a mail-order degree scheme.
[3] The News Stand – When a homeless teenager finds a vintage comic book, he crosses paths with his long-lost father.
[4] The Murder of Roy Hennessey – Two girls working on a project in the local cemetery manage to solve the murder of a wealthy businessman with some help from his ghost.
[5] Mysterious Strangers – An elderly widow sees the softer sides of notorious criminal Frank and Jesse James when their paths cross.
#34 Writer’s Agent; Crypt Ghost; The Doll; Hubert’s Curse; Shared Vision (2002) –
[1] Writers Agent – A writer gets revenge from beyond the grave after a man kills her then steals her manuscript.
[2] Crypt Ghost – A boy’s hand is slammed and trapped when he attempts to take the sword of a dead vietnam soldier out of his crypt.
[3] The Doll – A reincarnated girl wants her doll back from her teacher.
[4] Hubert’s Curse – A curse saves a workman’s life.
[5] Shared Vision – A mysterious fill-in nurse diagnoses a woman’s brain tumour.
#35 Out of Service; When I Was Big; The Greedy Investor; Seven Hours of Bad Luck; The Secret of the Coins (2002) –
[1] Out of Service – A man’s spirit leaves his body to go for help.
[2] When I Was Big – A boy tells a counsellor that he used to be a book fixer called Henry Chaffee before he died. 
[3] The Greedy Investor – Two investors find it impossible to sell a house after they kick an old woman out of it.
[4] Seven Hours of Bad Luck – A woman gets seven hours of bad luck when she breaks a mirror.
[5] The Secret of the Coins – A pizza delivery boy gets a surprise when he opens the back of a picture.
#36 Second Sight; The Fine Line; The Wrong Turn; Who Was I; You Are Next (2002) –
[1] Second Sight – When a woman receives some cornea implants, she becomes unknowingly drawn to her donor’s killer.
[2] The Fine Line – A girl saves her twin’s life from a car accident after having a premonition.
[3] The Wrong Turn – A delivery driver saves the life of a little boy when he takes a wrong turn.
[4] Who Was I – While trying to discover the cause of his claustrophobia, a man discovers how he died in a past life.
[5] You Are Next – A man with large debts contemplates killing his wife in order to collect on her life insurance, but he decides against it at the last minute.
#37 House of Shadows; One Hand in the Till; Teasdale’s Motor Car; The Vision; The Grave (2002) –
[1] House of Shadows – A young woman who is house-sitting gets more than she bargained for when what she thinks is an odd television show shows a man preparing to kill his wife.
[2] One Hand in the Till – After experiencing car trouble on his way back to college, a student has a strange run-in with a vision of his father.
[3] Teasdale’s Motor Car – A wealthy man with a passion for antique luxury cars gets a shock when he tricks a widow into selling her husband’s Packard. 
[4] The Vision – A bus driver’s dream of doom saves the lives of the passengers.
[5] The Grave – A businessman seeks revenge from beyond the grave after being framed by his wife and crooked partner for embezzlement.
#38 The Dorm; The Child Artist; The Weatherman; Sit-Down Comic; Room 245 (2002) –
[1] The Dorm – A college student finds that she has a guardian angel – the spirit of the previous dorm room resident.
[2] The Child Artist – A child saves the life of her ill mother with a chalkboard purchased by her grandmother.
[3] The Weatherman – A weatherman just in the process of being sacked becomes a victim of his own false prediction.
[4] Sit-Down Comedian – A comedy manager is given the courage of becoming a comic after a freak accident.
[5] Room 245 – While on vacation, a woman is propelled into a nightmare when her mother gets sick and disappears from their hotel room.
#39 The Wreath, Terror Night, Tants, The Candidate; The Ring (2002) –
[1] The Wreath – A hit-and-run driver gets his just desserts.
[2] Terror Night – A woman having a heart attack manages to send a message through her mind.
[3] Tants – After an artist paints a portrait of an old lady named Tants, the artist’s mother discovers that Tants is her mother and the artist’s grandmother.
[4] The Candidate – Abraham Lincoln makes the candidate in an election tell the truth instead of lies to win the election.
[5] The Ring – A ring turns the tables on a would-be murderess.
#40 Caitlin’s Candle; The Flower Jury; The Mentor; The Old Bike; The Music Teacher (2002) –
[1] Caitlin’s Candle – A necklace hidden inside a candle allows a woman to go to law school.
[2] The Flower Jury – A plant hooked up to a lie detector solves the murder of a flower shop owner.
[3] The Mentor – A pair of brother magicians are cursed when they steal an idea for a magic stunt.
[4] The Old Bike – A note found in an old rusted bike leads two brothers to a long-lost uncle.
[5] The Music Teacher – The spirit of a music teacher helps an old pupil with music-block.
#41 The Wealthy Widow; The Witness; The Accident; Bad Dreams; Mental (2002) –
[1] The Wealthy Widow – A gold-digger gets his just desserts.
[2] The Witness – Three best-friends perform a seance to find the killer of their late mutual friend.
[3] The Accident – A man saves another man from a flaming truck. Five years later their positions are reversed.
[4] Bad Dreams – A woman has a recurring dream that she will die on her thirtieth birthday. Will it come true?
[5] Mental – A woman uses her telekinetic powers to foil a robbery.
#42 Moonstruck Beach, Healing Hands, Aspen Sunny Side, Night Walker; Hot Car (2002) –
[1] Moonstruck Beach – When a struggling writer rents a beach cabin, she is contacted by the spirit of a dead murder victim who had supposedly committed suicide. 
[2] Healing Hands – A woman in hospital gets a visit from her late husband.
[3] Aspen Sunny Side – A young man uses astral projection to save his father after he had a bicycle accident.
[4] Night Walker – A scam-artist finds the tables turned against him by his vampire neighbours. 
[5] Hot Car – A murderess is caught many years after her crime.
#43 The Mystery of Douglas Hibbard; Wheelchair Man; The Vigil; The Mandarin’s Bowl; Ghost Writer (2002) –
[1] The Mystery of Douglas Hibbard – A man gives his wife the gift she’s always wanted from beyond the grave.
[2] Wheelchair Man – A man in a wheelchair suddenly gets psychic powers when two criminals brush against him.
[3] The Vigil – A young man refuses to give up when his girlfriend is put in a coma after a car accident. Then he gets a telepathic message from her.
[4] The Mandarin’s Bowl – A young boy is inhabited by the spirit of a dead Chinese man when he visits Chinatown on a vacation.
[5] Ghost Writer – A cruel businessman changes his ways after a stroke.
#44 Witness to Murder; Roulette Wheel; The Phrenologist’s Head; The Bridge; The Cigar Box (2002) –
[1] Witness to Murder – A film crew investigating an old murder get more than they bargained for.
[2] Roulette Wheel – An electric shock gives an inveterate gambler amazing powers of prediction.
[3] The Phrenologist’s Head – A phrenologist’s head saves a woman from a useless operation.
[4] The Bridge – A young woman’s dead mother rescues her from a bridge before it collapses
[5] Cigar Box – A little girl buys a cigar box for a dollar. Later, the box starts to shake and presently a man appears wanting something from the box.
#45 The Hand; The Battered Doll; Poker Justice; Above the Clouds; Screen Saver (2002) –
[1] The Hand – In a bar called the Bloody Hand, whose name was coined from the brutal murder of a woman whose only remains found were her bloody hand, a drifter finds the hand – which is kept in a jar – is pointing at him. Is it a practical joke or is he the killer?
[2] The Battered Doll – A maid kills her employers, and a doll belonging to her mistress is about to reveal the truth.
[3] Poker Justice – A good boy plays an amazing game of poker, but is he a cheat?
[4] Above the Clouds – A woman has a recurring dream about being trapped in an elevator. One day the terrifying dream comes true!
[5] Screen Saver – A woman repairs her computer only to find an old screen saver of her and her old boyfriend. Is this a sign?