Worst & Best Banshee Episodes

Title: Banshee
Genre: Crime Drama
Series: 4
Episodes: 38
First Transmission: 2013-2016

An ex-con assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff in the small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania, where he tries to deal with some unfinished business.


Episode Rankings

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*The Standard Deviation (SD) of the ratings is a measure of how much spread there is in the numbers. The median represents the middle value of the ratings

The top-rated episode differs from the mean-rated episode by 1.96 standard deviations.

The bottom-rated episode differs from the mean-rated episode by 1.99 standard deviations.


Best Episode #38

Requiem (2016) – Proctor has to deal with an angry brotherhood.

2nd Best Episode #30

We All Pay Eventually (2015) – Proctor heads to Philadelphia to settle a score with Frazier. Bunker vows revenge against his brother.

3rd Best Episode #23

A Fixer of Sorts (2015) – Lucas’ secret is threatened. Tommy organises a second strike against Proctor.

4th Best Episode #25

Tribal (2015) – Chayton and an army of Redbones invade Banshee, looking to avenge Tommy’s death.

5th Best Episode #20

Bullets and Tears (2014) – Proctor gets out of jail. Lucas and Carrie steel themselves for the fight of their lives against a vengeful Rabbit and his merciless soldiers.

Worst Episode #2

The Rave (2013) –  Hanson decides to hold a rave in an Amish barn, selling E pills stolen from Proctor to the Banshee youth.



Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Pilot (2013)
#2 The Rave (2013)
#3 Meet the New Boss (2013)
#4 Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead (2013)
#5 The Kindred (2013)
#6 Wicks (2013)
#7 Behold a Pale Rider (2013)
#8 We Shall Live Forever (2013)
#9 Always the Cowboy (2013)
#10 A Mixture of Madness (2013)
#11 Little Fish (2014)
#12 The Thunder Man (2014)
#13 The Warrior Class (2014)
#14 Bloodlines (2014)
#15 The Truth About Unicorns (2014)
#16 Armies of One (2014)
#17 Ways to Bury a Man (2014)
#18 Evil for Evil (2014)
#19 Homecoming (2014)
#20 Bullets and Tears (2014)
#21 The Fire Trials (2015)
#22 Snakes and Whatnot (2015)
#23 A Fixer of Sorts (2015)
#24 Real Life Is the Nightmare (2015)
#25 Tribal (2015)
#26 We Were All Someone Else Yesterday (2015)
#27 You Can’t Hide from the Dead (2015)
#28 All the Wisdom I Got Left (2015)
#29 Even God Doesn’t Know What to Make of You (2015)
#30 We All Pay Eventually (2015)
#31 Something Out of the Bible (2016)
#32 The Burden of Beauty (2016)
#33 The Book of Job (2016)
#34 Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch (2016)
#35 A Little Late to Grow a Pair (2016)
#36 Only One Way a Dogfight Ends (2016)
#37 Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself (2016)
#38 Requiem (2016)




Short version: I like it. It’s fun not always logical, but fun nether the less. It hits all the checkboxes of a typical male fantasy, which is pretty great. A bit longer version: I like it… But, Do we really need to have so much nudity? I mean,I like breasts as much as the next testosterone filled guy, but much of the nudity here doesn’t fulfil a story advancing role, it’s just nudity for nudity sake. If those scenes were deleted nothing would be lost, storywise… Every time a pointless nude scene starts, I’m rolling my eyes and think:”Come on show, get on with it… If I wanted to see tites I wouldnt be watching you anyways… Theres a whole genre of movies out there dedicated to tites exclusively.”

One of the best shows I’ve ever watched! Raw and simple, yet powerful and so well written. I don’t agree that it’s a men’s show. I think women have a very powerful place in the series and that can inspire many women out there. Also, the plot is so interesting and the characters are so amazing that I’m sure that women with good taste for series and movies will love it! Great great great show! Will be missed!


This is like a live-action graphic novel. Sure, the action is exaggerated and the nudity is at times gratuitous but that’s part of the charm. And it works, really well. The acting (especially from the likes of Ulrich Thomsen, The Wire’s Frankie Faison and The Sopranos’ Matt Servitto) is incredible as are the characters themselves. The storylines are engaging, genuinely edge-of-your-seat stuff. And the overall tone and cinematography of the show is breathtakingly refreshing and rich. Especially in season 2, with an episode featuring cinematography equivalent to the movie Drive. I love what it’s achieved and where it’s going. The attention to detail via unusual means is also a blast with the evolving title sequence including clues for what’s to come and the post-credit scenes that add a touch more insight into the character’s lives. This is honestly one of my all-time favourite shows. Very much worth the watch and a well deserved 10/10.

Favorite show of all time. The most intense, violent, fun, insane characters I’ve ever seen. While it is an action show, it delves deep in the richly developed histories of the characters and situations. It’s masterfully executed raunchy pulp that stomps your teeth down your throat. Fantastic. Nothing comes close.