Title: Amazing Stories
Genre: US Anthology Series
Series: 2
Episodes: 45
First Transmission: 1985-1987

Amazing Stories is a horror, fantasy and science fiction anthology series created by Steven Spielberg.


Best Episode [ S2 Ep16 ]

Family dog – This is the only animated episode of the show. It has three segments: A family takes out their frustrations on their poor dog, watches their Christmas home movie, and sends the dog to guard dog school after a burglary.
16 February 1987

Worst Episode [ S1 Ep7 ]

Fine Tuning – Three high-school kids build an antenna that can receive signals from outer space. They learn that the aliens are big fans of 1950s American television and are coming to Hollywood to meet some of their favorite Earthstars.
10 November 1985




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Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Ghost Train (1985) –
A son builds his country home on the site of a past train accident, but his grandfather disapproves.
#2 The Main Attraction (1985) –
A high school jock develops a “magnetic” personality.
#3 Alamo Jobe (1985) –
A young man travels through time to 20th-century San Antonio.
#4 Mummy, Daddy (1985) –
An actor cast as a mummy rushes to be with his wife when she goes into labour.
#5 The Mission (1985) –
A gunner is trapped in the compartment of a WWII bomber.
#6 The Amazing Falsworth (1985) –
A magician sees visions of two murders.
#7 Fine Tuning (1985) –
A science-project receiver picks up transmissions of aliens imitating classic TV characters.
#8 Mr. Magic (1985) –
An illusionist starts to use an old deck of cards to stay at the top.
#9 Guilt Trip (1985) –
The personification of Guilt takes a cruise where he meets the personification of Love.
#10 Remote Control Man (1985) –
A man purchases a remote control that brings tv characters to life.
#11 Santa ’85 (1985) –
When Santa Claus is sent to prison on Christmas Eve, a boy tries to restore the Christmas spirit in a sheriff.
#12 Vanessa in the Garden (1985) –
A young artist plans to bring his dead wife back through his art.
#13 The Sitter (1986) –
A babysitter tries voodoo to keep two boys in order.
#14 No Day at the Beach (1986) –
A GI tries to be a hero during a World War II assault on Italy.
#15 One for the Road (1986)  –
A barfly is tricked into signing an insurance policy, so the regulars can collect on it.
#16 Gather Ye Acorns (1986) –
A tree troll encourages a young man to follow his dreams.
#17 Boo! (1986) –
A porno star and her husband move into a house haunted by its previous owners.
#18 Dorothy and Ben (1986) –
A man wakes up from a 40-year coma and communicates with another comatose patient.
#19 Mirror, Mirror (1986) –
A horror novelist becomes haunted by a figure in a mirror.
#20 Secret Cinema (1986) –
Jane is convinced that someone is recording and influencing her everyday life.
#21 Hell Toupee (1986) –
A bald man gets a wig that compels him to murder a lawyer.
#22 The Doll (1986) –
A special handmade doll rejected by a lonely man’s niece leads him instead to an equally lonely teacher.
#23 One for the Books (1986) –
A janitor finds that he can master any subject in the classroom he cleans.
#24 Grandpa’s Ghost (1986) –
Grandpa is hanging around even though he died last night.

Series Two

#25 The Wedding Ring (1986) –
A wax-museum dresser takes a ring from a statue that turns his wife into a seductress.
#26 Miscalculation (1986) –
A college student brings a picture of a puppy alive with a chemical – then he tries it on his porn mags.
#27 Magic Saturday (1986) –
A 10-year-old boy uses a magic spell to swap bodies with his grandfather.
#28 Welcome to My Nightmare (1986) –
A horror obsessed teenager steps into a scene from “Psycho.”
#29 You Gotta Believe Me (1986) –
A man tries to prevent a plane crash he saw in a dream.
#30 The Greibble (1986) –
A housewife encounters a creature with a taste for inanimate objects after a storm.
#31 Life on Death Row (1986) –
A death-row inmate is struck by lightning and given miraculous healing powers.
#32 Go to the Head of the Class (1986) –
Two students cast a spell on their loathsome English teacher.
#33 Thanksgiving (1986) –
A man and his stepdaughter find treasure in a bottomless well.
#34 The Pumpkin Competition (1986) –
A miser gains a mysterious botanist’s secret to win a pumpkin contest.
#35 What If…? (1986) –
A lonely boy starts to see things disappearing.
#36 The Eternal Mind (1986) –
A dying scientist transfers his mind into a computer.
#37 Lane Change (1987) –
A divorced woman gets a glimpse of her past when she picks up a stranded driver.
#38 Blue Man Down (1987) –
A guilt-ridden police officer is teamed with a young partner who seems invisible to everyone else.
#39 The 21 Inch Sun (1987) –
A sitcom writer writes a script thanks to a spider plant that absorbs TV rays.
#40 The Family Dog (1987) –
Animated episode of a dog’s life with his family.
#41 Gershwin’s Trunk (1987) –
A songwriter seeks inspiration from the spirit of George Gershwin.
#42 Such Interesting Neighbors (1987) –
A family suspects their new neighbours are causing time to repeat.
#43 Without Diana (1987) –
A man and his dying wife are comforted by the daughter they lost 40 years ago.
#44 Moving Day (1987) –
A teenager learns that he and his family are moving to another planet.
#45 Miss Stardust (1987) –
An alien threatens to destroy Earth if the Miss Stardust beauty pageant doesn’t allow contestants from other worlds.