Title: Alien Nation
Series: 1
Episodes: 21
First Transmission: 1989

As Newcomers — fugitive slaves from the planet Tencton — Detective George Francisco and his family face prejudice and intolerance as they struggle to assimilate to life on their adopted planet. Together with his human partner, hard-edged Detective Matt Sikes, George walks the beat in Slagtown, Los Angeles, a Newcomer slum teeming with vice and corruption. More than just another cop show or science fiction show, Alien Nation utilizes a unique and exciting blend of action, suspense, humor, and social drama to explore the sociology of what it means to be an outsider striving to fit in.

Best Episode

Green Eyes (1990) – The mysterious death of a Newcomer judge points to a lethal bacterium being used as a weapon.

Worst Episode

Fifteen with Wanda (1989) – Sikes and Francisco must deal with their own problem children whilst also keeping a witness safe from a mob hit man.


Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Fountain of Youth (1989)
#2 Little Lost Lamb (1989)
#3 Fifteen with Wanda (1989)
#4 The Takeover (1989)
#5 The First Cigar (1989)
#6 The Night of the Screams (1989)
#7 Contact (1989)
#8 Three to Tango (1989)
#9 The Game (1989)
#10 Chains of Love (1989)
#11 The Red Room (1989)
#12 Spirit of ’95 (1990)
#13 Generation to Generation (1990)
#14 Eyewitness News (1990)
#15 Partners (1990)
#16 Real Men (1990)
#17 Crossing the Line (1990)
#18 Rebirth (1990)
#19 Gimme, Gimme (1990)
#20 The Touch (1990)
#21 Green Eyes (1990)