Worst & Best Agatha Christie’s Marple (2004) Episodes

Title: Miss Marple (2004)
Genre: British Detective Series
Series: 6
Episodes: 23
First Transmission: 2004-2013

Miss Marple is a tenacious amateur sleuth.


Best Episode [ S6 Ep2 ]

Greenshaw’s Folly – Miss Marple aids a young mother and son by spiriting them away to the estate of an eccentric botanist, not knowing that it will soon become the scene of murder.
23 June 2013


Worst Episode [ S4 Ep4 ]

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans – The cryptic final words of a dying man lead Miss Marple and two young adventurers to a dysfunctional family harboring dark secrets.
15 June 2011



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Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 The Body in the Library (2004) –
The strangled corpse of an unknown blonde girl is found in the library of her home, Gossington Hall.
#2 The Murder at the Vicarage (2004) –
Colonel Protheroe is found murdered in the local vicarage and then his widow admits guilt.
#3 4.50 from Paddington (2004) –
Miss Marple’s friend witnesses a brutal murder on a passing train.
#4 A Murder is Announced (2004) –
The villagers of Chipping Cleghorn are summoned by a newspaper notice to the house of Letitia Blacklock and then someone is shot dead.

Series Two

#5 Sleeping Murder (2006) –
A wealthy young Englishwoman recently emigrated from India buys a seaside manor house, where she re-experiences a murder.
#6 The Moving Finger (2006) –
War veteran Jerry Burton and his sister Joanna rent a cottage in a tranquil English village which is then plagued by a spate of poison pen letters… and murder.
#7 By the Pricking of My Thumbs (2006) –
Miss Marple joins forces with Tommy and Tuppence to find the murderer of Tommy’s Aunt Ada.
#8 The Sittaford Mystery (2006) –
At a seance, the murder of a future prime minister is predicted who then dies the next morning.

Series Three

#9 At Bertram’s Hotel (2007) –
At a luxurious London hotel a clergyman and commissionaire are murdered.
#10 Ordeal by Innocence (2007) –
A man suddenly turns up from abroad and claims that the black sheep of the Argyle family could not have murdered its matriarch.
#11 Towards Zero (2008) –
A wealthy woman holds a party at her estate only for a solicitor and the hostess to be murdered.
#12 Nemesis (2009) –
Raymond West and Miss Marple tour English houses in a coach with other people who have knowledge of an unsolved murder.

Series Four

#13 A Pocket Full of Rye (2009) –
A businessman is murdered and rye found in his pockets. soon after, others die according to a popular nursery rhyme.
#14 Murder is Easy (2009) –
A village is plagued with a spate of accidental deaths – but Miss Marple knows better.
#15 They Do It with Mirrors (2010) –
A reformatory for delinquent boys becomes a scene of murder.
#16 Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (2011) –
The cryptic words of a dying man lead Miss Marple on an adventure.

Series Five

#17 The Pale Horse (2010) –
A priest is battered to death after visiting a dying woman, leading Miss Marple to an inn run by witches.
#18 The Secret of Chimneys (2010) –
An Austrian diplomat is shot dead decades after a priceless diamond goes missing.
#19 The Blue Geranium (2010) –
A woman apparently dies of fright after her fate is foretold by a medium.
#20 The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side (2011) –
The fan of a Hollywood star is poisoned during a garden fete.

Series Six

#21 A Caribbean Mystery (2013) –
A Major who bragged of owning a photo of a murderer dies under mysterious circumstances.
#22 Greenshaw’s Folly (2013) –
A murder occurs at the estate of an eccentric botanist.
#23 Endless Night (2013) –
A young couple meet their downfall after ignoring the warnings of a gypsy.