Worst & Best After Life Episodes

Title: After Life
Genre: Sitcom
Series: 2
Episodes: 12
First Transmission: 2019-2020

After Tony’s wife dies, his life becomes changed out of all recognition.


Episode Rankings

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*The Standard Deviation (SD) of the ratings is a measure of how much spread there is in the numbers. The median represents the middle value of the ratings

The top-rated episode differs from the mean-rated episode by 2.04 standard deviations.

The bottom-rated episode differs from the mean-rated episode by 1.33 standard deviations.


Best Episode #12

Episode #2.6 (2020) – After losing his father, Tony asks his friends and co-workers for space, not sympathy. Later, he wrestles with what it means to move on.

2nd Best Episode #6

Episode #1.6 (2019) –  Tony is trying really hard to be happy – or at least not miserable. He also gives some long-overdue recognition to those who have stood by him.

3rd Best Episode #5

Episode #1.5 (2019) – Brian finally convinces Tony and company to visit his apartment for a story. Meanwhile, Matt receives a distressing call from his son’s school.

Worst Episode #1

Episode #1.1 (2019) – Tony’s miserable mood – he calls it a superpower – is taking a toll on his co-workers. Meanwhile Sandy, a new writer starts at The Tambury Gazette.


Full Episode List

Key:-Blue episodes rated above par. Brown episodes rated below par.

#1 Episode 1 (2019) –
Tony’s dark mood takes its toll on his co-workers.
#2 Episode 2 (2019) –
Tony contemplates trying heroin and babysits his nephew. 
#3 Episode 3 (2019) –
Tony hires a sex worker for cleaning and takes a trip to a comedy club.
#4 Episode 4 (2019) –
Tony is reluctant to go on a blind date.
#5 Episode 5 (2019) –
Tony and company to visit Brian’s apartment for a story. 
#6 Episode 6 (2019) –
Tony gives some recognition to those who have stood by him.
#7 Episode 1 (2020) –
Tony attends a Zen meditation course.
#8 Episode 2 (2020) –
Lenny’s girlfriend’s son takes a position at the Gazette.
#9 Episode 3 (2020) –
The paper may be closed down.
#10 Episode 4 (2020) –
Tony interviews a local woman addicted to corrective surgery.
#11 Episode 5 (2020) –
Tony receives devastating news.
#12 Episode 6 (2020) –
Tony grieves over another loss.