Title: Absolutely Fabulous
Genre: British Sitcom
Series: 5
Episodes: 39
Runtime: 30-70min
First Transmission: 1992-2011
Channel: BBC

The wild misadventures of Edina “Eddy” Monsoon and her best friend Patsy Stone.


Best Episode [ S3 Ep3 ]

Sex – After encouraging Edina to explore her sexuality, Patsy is horrified to discover that a compromising video from the pair’s youth has been accidentally switched with Saffron’s university science video.
20 April 1995


Worst Episode [ S6 Ep3 ]

Olympics – Returning from Africa, where she spends half the year with her husband and daughter, Saffy finds that Edina has let the house to film star Michael Douglas for the Olympic Games but has …
23 July 2012


Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Fashion (1992) [30m]-
Eddy Monsoon wakes up with yet another hangover, and then her best friend Patsy turns up.
#2 Fat (1992) [30m]-
Eddy becomes obsessed with dieting after discovering she has gained weight.
#3 France (1992) [30m]-
Eddy and Patsy take a trip to the south of France, which inevitably turns disastrous.
#4 Iso Tank (1992) [30m]-
To spite her daughter, Saffron, Eddy threatens to adopt a Romanian baby.
#5 Birthday (1992) [30m]-
Eddy reaches the dreaded milestone of her 40th birthday.
#6 Magazine (1992) [30m]-
Patsy is roped into appearing on television in a makeover section.

Series Two

#7 Hospital (1994) [30m]-
When an indiscretion with a married MP leads to unwanted press attention, Patsy and Eddy admit themselves to hospital.
#8 Death (1994) [30m]-
When Eddy’s father passes away, she shows little concern except for her own mortality.
#9 Morocco (1994) [30m]-
Eddy and Patsy travel to Marrakech for work and reluctantly take Saffron along.
#10 New Best Friend (1994) [30m]-
Patsy finds herself a new best friend.
#11 Poor (1994) [30m]-
Eddy and Patsy try to adjust to a more frugal lifestyle.
#12 Birth (1994) [30m]-
Patsy accidentally sets the kitchen on fire, causing tensions to rise.

Series Three

#13 Door Handle (1995) [30m]-
Eddy agrees to have the kitchen redecorated, but plans change when Edina and Patsy take a massive detour during a shopping trip.
#14 Happy New Year (1995) [30m]-
Eddy’s New Year’s Eve plans are ruined by the arrival of Patsy’s acid-tongued sister, Jackie.
#15 Sex (1995) [30m]-
A compromising video starring Eddy and Patsy becomes switched with Saffy’s university science video.
#16 Jealous (1995) [30m]-
Eddy is devastated after losing an award at a PR event.
#17 Fear (1995) [30m]-
Eddy is lonely when Saffy moves out to attend university.
#18 The End (1995) [30m]-
Separate for the first time in years, Edina and Patsy find it difficult to adjust to their new lives.
#19 The Last Shout: Part 1 (1996) [30m]-
Eddy and Patsy go on a skiing holiday.
#20 The Last Shout: Part 2 (1996) [30m]-
Saffy’s wedding day arrives.

Series  Four

#21 Parralox (2001) [30m]-
Eddy is injected with Parralox, a do-it-yourself Botox, and paralyses her face.
#22 Fish Farm (2001) [30m]-
Gold-digging Eddy wastes no time in trying to seduce Jago, the new gardener.
#23 Paris (2001) [30m]-
Patsy gets the chance to relive her days as a model on a photoshoot in Paris but not all goes to plan.
#24 Donkey (2001) [30m]-
Eddy goes on a punishing diet-and-exercise regimen to lose weight.
#25 Small Opening (2001) [30m]-
Saffy finishes writing her play, ‘Self-Raising Flower,’ about her oppressive life with Eddy and Patsy.
#26 Menopause (2001) [30m]-
Saffy encourages Eddy to attend Menopausal Anonymous with Patsy, who has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. 
#27 Gay (2001) [30m]-
Eddy finds out that her long-lost son, Serge, is gay.

Series Five

#28 Cleanin’ (2003) [30m]-
Eddy and Patsy clean the house.
#29 Book Clubbin’ (2003) [30m]-
Eddy and Patsy decide to focus on their celebrity book club.
#30 Panickin’ (2003) [30m]-
Eddy has a panic room attached to her house.
#31 Huntin’ Shootin’ & Fishin’ (2003) [30m]-
Eddy and Patsy take up rural pursuits in an attempt to infiltrate the gentry.
#32 Birthin’ (2003) [30m]-
Saffy is preparing for her home birth.
#33 Schmoozin’ (2003) [30m]-
Eddy host a party to showcase some lost Beatles tapes.
#34 Exploitin’ (2003) [30m]-
Patsy and Eddy babysit, taking the baby to a glamorous photoshoot with Jean-Paul Gaultier.
#35 Cold Turkey (2003) [35m]-
Eddy plans her first Christmas with the family.
#36 White Box (2004) [70m]-
Eddy has a vision for her new kitchen.
#37 Identity (2011) [30m]-
A frightening visitor forces Patsy to find out who she really is. 
#38 Job (2011) [30m]-
Has Eddy still got what it takes?
#39 Olympics (2011) [30m]-
Eddy forgets that the Olympics are taking place until it gets her closer to her idol.