Title: A Touch of Frost
Genre: UK Crime Drama
Series: 15
Episodes: 42
First Transmission: 1992-2010

Detective Inspector William Edward “Jack” Frost is an experienced and dedicated detective who frequently clashes with his superiors.


Best Episode [ S5 Ep4 ]

No Other Love – Frost investigates the brutal murder of Peter Lawson and unearths some shocking secrets.
2 March 1997


Worst Episode [ S2 Ep1 ]

A Minority of One – While Frost is investigating a series of burglaries in a black area of Denton, one of his informants, a single mother, is murdered as Mullett worries about bad press.
9 January 1994




Full Episode Guide

Blue episodes rated above par.
Brown episodes rated below par.

Series One

#1 Care and Protection (1992) –
DI Jack Frost has to cope with the impending death of his wife while investigating the disappearance of a young girl.
#2 Not with Kindness (1992) –
Frost investigates a missing paper-girl.
#3 Conclusions (1992) –
Frost copes with an unhappy new partner as he investigates a series of crimes.

Series Two

#4 A Minority of One (1994) –
While investigating a series of burglaries, one of Frost’s informants is murdered.
#5 Widows and Orphans (1994) –
Frost investigates two serial criminals preying on senior women.
#6 Nothing to Hide (1994) –
A young addict is found in a public toilet beaten to death.
#7 Stranger in the House (1994) –
Frost is finding it hard to find a serial rapist.

Series Three

#8 Appropriate Adults (1995) –
When an 8-year-old girl disappears near the local woods, circumstances point to a seemingly harmless 20-year-old with Down’s Syndrome.
#9 Quarry (1995) –
Two animal rights activists are murdered following a protest of a fox hunt.
#10 Dead Male One (1995) –
Frost investigates a body floating in a river and the drug-related death of a footballer who dies after a kick in the head.
#11 No Refuge (1995) –
Although the three armed robbers who held up a glass factory are caught, there is no trace of the 15 thousand pounds they stole.

Series Four

#12 Paying the Price (1996) –
A ruthless kidnapper tests Frost’s talents to the limit.
#13 Unknown Soldiers (1996) –
#14 The Things We Do for Love (1996) –
When a beautiful therapist is found stabbed to death 18 times in a parking lot, Frost suspects one of her clients.
#15 Fun Time for Swingers (1996) –
A woman commits suicide, and Frost later finds her death connected with that of a gigolo.
#16 Deep Waters (1996) –
A sub-postmistress is fatally stabbed in a small-scale robbery and Frost links it with the death of a young girl swimmer two years earlier, in another town.

Series Five

#17 Penny for the Guy (1997) –
A ruthless kidnapper holds a supermarket chain to ransom by threatening the life of a young boy.
#18 House Calls (1997) –
There is a spate of break-ins where the intruder gives the sleeping children injections, which reminds Frost of a similar series a few years earlier. 
#19 True Confessions (1997) –
A man’s church confession gives a pointer to a straightforward murder.
#20 No Other Love (1997) –
Frost investigates the brutal murder of Peter Lawson and unearths some shocking secrets.

Series Six

#21 Appendix Man (1999) –
An unsolved case returns to haunt Frost when a man is found hanged at home.
#22 One Man’s Meat (1999) –
A dismembered arm washes up in the Humber Estuary.
#23 Private Lives (1999) –
A woman is found in a critical condition in a quiet village, a victim of an apparent hit-and-run incident.
#24 Keys to the Car (1999) –
Frost has to investigate a confidence trickster, who has lest behind a trail of satisfied golfing widows, unpaid bar bills and stolen cars.

Series Seven

#25 Line of Fire: Part 1 (1999) –
A local power station worker falls to his death in a mysterious accident and then a young police detective is murdered.
#26 Line of Fire: Part 2 (2000) –
Frost’s pursuit leads to a confrontation high above a power station.

Series Eight

#27 Benefit of the Doubt: Part 1 (2001) –
A woman is found dead by the railroad and then a disliked surgeon goes missing and turns up deceased.
#28 Benefit of the Doubt: Part 2 (2001) –
The railroad murder is solved and now Frost has to solve the death of the surgeon.

Series Nine

#29 Mistaken Identity: Part 1 (2002) –
A body with no identification is found in a local reservoir and the brutal murder of a couple leads to a worker in their home.
#30 Mistaken Identity: Part 2 (2002) –
Frost believes the man they have in custody is not the killer.

Series Ten

#31 Hidden Truth (2003) –
A vital witness to a gangland killing goes missing before she can give evidence in court.
#32 Close Encounters (2003) –
Frost investigates the murder of a security guard at a quarry with an autistic teenager the only witness.
#33 Held in Trust (2003) –
A young boy is reported missing.

Series Eleven

#34 Another Life (2003) –
Frost unravels the mystery of a missing dance partner after a body is found in the canal.
#35 Dancing in the Dark (2004) –
Frost must deal with a corpse found in a recycling dump.

Series Twelve

#36 Near Death Experience (2005) –
A beautiful forensic psychologist is recruited to assist Frost in profiling a serial murderer who targets women at home.

Series Thirteen

#37 Endangered Species (2006) –
When a couple return from holiday, they find a body in their bed.

Series Fourteen

#38 Mind Games (2008) –
Frost has to deal with a desperate mother and solve a 20-year-old missing person case following the discovery of a teenage girl’s remains.
#39 Dead End (2008) –
Frost investigates the kidnapping of two bus drivers and the death of a clown.
#40In the Public Interest (2008) –
A shallow grave is uncovered and three bodies are discovered. Could this be a ritual killing?

Series Fifteen

#41 If Dogs Run Free: Part 1 (2010) –
A small-time hood who sponsors illegal dogfighting tries to intimidate the RSPCA officer who witnessed a murder committed by his son.
#42 If Dogs Run Free: Part 2 (2010) –
Frost becomes engaged to Christine Moorehead while trying to put crime kingpin Gerry Berland behind bars.