Websites You Might Like

The websites on this page are unofficial sites created by fans –


UK Sites –

Website dedicated to the hit BBC comedy series ‘Dad’s Army’ which ran for nine years from 1968 until 1977. – 

The British Phil Silvers appreciation society. –

Website dedicated to the sixties television series Danger Man also known as Secret Agent Man in America. –

Remembering the classic 1970s comedy ON THE BUSES. –

The unofficial homepage of the BBC 1970s TV comedy Porridge and its sequel, Going Straight. –

The Original & Definitive Guide To Filming Locations of the 1980s Series. – 

An online resource celebrating the legendary Perry and Croft sit-com which ran for an amazing 58 episodes between 1980 and 1988.



US Sites –

Homage to 1960s series, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants and The Time Tunnel. –

All about the 1960s us tv series. –

Great Laurel & Hardy Magazine site. –

The Twilight Zone Archives, serving man for 22 years. –

Rod Serling’s Night Gallery from the 1970s. –

Welcome to Frasier Online – your one-stop shop for all things ‘Frasier’ –

The complete Buffy episode guide.



Other Sites of Interest – 

Reviews, histories, biographies. – 

Get your fix of nostalgia from the 1980s.